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I bought this phone because of my past experience with Kyocera phones. I have had it over a year now and it has been great. It has a ton of special features, great reception, and it is tough. When we were on vacation in the mountains I was getting reception where no one else was, and we were all with the same carrier. I dropped it in a sinkful of water and an hour later it was fine. It has bounced on concrete, been stepped on, and chewed by my cat. It finally met its demise a couple of nights ago when it fell out of my pocket and my husband ran over with an Oldsmobile. It still works, but my LCD screen cracked. I can't get the same phone again through my cell phone company, so I am on here bidding on a new screen because I do not want to switch phones. I swear by Kyocera and really am fond of this model.

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