Limited functionality for a167 owners!


I picked up an a167 after my iPhone broke and I needed an interim cheap phone before the new model came out. Rather than key in all my contacts through the handset, I thought I'd grab a USB cable and add them with a bit more ease. Ordered this cable, it arrived promptly, and fits the phone, and charges it. It does not however enable you to do any kind of data transfer... Not the sellers fault, hence the 4 stars -- (although you rather assume a USB "Data Sync cable" is going to allow data sync...) after much digging Samsung says on their a167 FAQ:

How Do I Use My SGH-A167 As A Modem Or Transfer Data Between It And My Computer?

Samsung does not offer a Data Kit software package, for the purpose of transferring data between the handset and a personal computer or for using the SGH-A167 handset as a modem for a personal computer. Likewise, there are no accessories available to connect the SGH-A167 to a computer for the purposes of utilziing it as a modem.

Nice.... I do have to ask WTF its 2010 and you release a product that cannot provide this simple connectivity I had on a Motorola phone 8 years ago? Well anyway, I digress. Cable is fine, for charging, just don't expect to use it for anything else if you're an a167 owner.

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