Olloclip Iphone 4 Camera 3 in 1 Lens System - RED

Specs / Features

3-in-1 Camera Lens for the iPhone 4G and 4S - RED | Lens 1: Fish Eye | Lens 2: Wide Angle Lens | Lens 3: Macro Lens | Small, Fun and Creative!

3 x 2 cm (1.2 x 0.8 in)

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For the money, the Olloclip can't be beat

from The Wirecutter (2 years ago)

The Olloclip slips on over the iPhone’s corner and, depending on which direction it’s turned, gives a fish-eye, macro, or wide-angle effect to your shots. The simplicity and sturdiness of its design trumps other lens options that are obtrusive, flimsy and inconvenient by comparison.

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