Cellphones That See Thru Clothes!

Branden S 11 years ago

According to Indian newspaper Rediff, "the pervert's dream has come true." A Japanese company has developed a camera attachement for cell phones capable of seeing through clothes.

The 'X-ray mobile camera attachment' allows Peeping Toms to see through clothes -- skirts, trousers, shirts and blouses -- and is said to be particularly effective on dark bikinis.

The cameras give users a high-end function like 'night vision' by picking up on heat radiation to create outline pictures. Because bodies are hotter than clothes, the pictures produce an image of the body without the clothes, thus making these cameras a voyeur's delight.

Originally designed to help people take pictures at night, the �100 (US $183, CDN $225) attachment is finding a market among voyeurs who are snapping up the device online.

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  • Krusty Crunch 11 years ago

    excellent. where do I pick one of these up? cellphones.ca should start selling these. you make a killing.

  • Krusty Crunch 11 years ago

    I've played with the Sony Handicam version of this--you can see through clothes. You need to get the Handicam with the night vision feature.

  • 11 years ago

    thats so gross why do people actually meed these. they should not sell them. its unnessary

  • Krusty Crunch 11 years ago

    In fact, it is necessary. I've been studying a variety of bats in the Pacific Northwest and find the Sony Handicam an incredibly useful tool in my research. Of course, this is not the only infra-red camera I use; however, for its portability and price it cannot be beat. Now I see there's a phone version of this same technology. I can already see ways I can use this phone, but I'm not too sure how young people might use this feature. Perhaps it's good for party shots, or any low light situation, legal and otherwise. However, saying we should ban the technology because of dubious usage is akin to dark ages thinking.

  • steiner 11 years ago

    Just when I thought the world could not get any more sick, they come out with ridiculous technology like this. What happened to privacy. If they spent half the time and money to find cures for life threatening deseases instead of useless gimicks like this one the world would be alot better place.

  • avles 11 years ago

    the world definitely doesn't require a technology like this. this must be banned.its better if people channelise their energy into some useful research.The future is not looking good...

  • Josh 11 years ago

    Awesome! this would be wery useful to catch thieves in stores etc. see through clothes to see who the robbers are and catch a person hiding something to bring out of the store unnoticed. It's a very neccesary thing to use if u are at a scene of an accident, u can see through the clothes to find out where the person is injured if the person is unconcious. It can be used for many good purposes, just like a knife can be used for almost everything. The camera will not injure anybody, so this is a must-have and very neccesary tool to use in everyday life.

  • eddie_73338 8 years ago

    where can i buy a phone like that. let me know asap

  • robert_65240 7 years ago

    if u know of the type of phone that can do just this LET ME KNOW RIGHT AWAY roblegroulx@live.ca

  • Von 7 years ago

    Where can I but one?

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