Nokia E75 New Images, Details Emerge

Allan Reyes 7 years ago

The first time we caught sight of the E75 was way back in September when it was leaked along with what we now know as the E63 (formerly referred to as the E72). While the E63 has been made official already, we have yet to hear about the E75.

However, as evidenced by these new set of leaked images and details, it seems that we might finally see this QWERTY-equipped slider phone get the go signal from Nokia, and the World Mobile Congress is just the perfect venue for its grand announcement. Based on the new info provided, the Nokia E75 will come with a 2.4-inch display, 3.2-megapixel camera, HSDPA and WiFi. Looking closely at the images, a flash, secondary camera and light sensor also seems to be present.

Granted that the World Mobile Congress is just a couple of weeks away, we’ll probably get more details regarding its price, specs and market availability soon enough.


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  • K Setiabudi 6 years ago

    Please inform me which one is the best: E75, E71 or E55? thanks

  • Allan Reyes 6 years ago

    @K Setiabudi It's hard to compare the three since the E71 is so far the only one available in the market. The E55 looks like a pretty interesting smartphone, but it's actual performance is still subject to scrutiny since it has yet to hit the market. I personally don't like sliders that much so I have a bias against the E75.

  • Well 6 years ago

    Well i have actually tested E71 and tom i am getting E75. E71 is a very good phone but as many nokia smartphones nowadays has software glitches

  • Sagar Aggarwal 5 years ago

    i had this phone and it soon became my favorite but unfortunately i lost it can anyone suggest me how to track it..i've tried a lot but in vain...kindly help.

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