LG Vantage 830 for Bell Now Available

Branden S 7 years ago

It's a bit behind schedule but the LG Vantage 830 is now officially available if you want to head on over to the Bell Mobility website. The Vantage, also known in some circles as the Glimmer, looks remarkably like the LG Shine Slider (without the shiny metal housing - the Vantage is plastic).

lg vantage 830 bell mobility

Dual mode 1.9GHz & 800MHz, the Vantage features a touchscreen, 2 megapixel shooter, Bluetooth, GPS and a microSD slot with 4GB capacity. It can be yours now for $199.95 with a 3-year contract or $424.95 if you're afraid of commitment (prepaid).

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  • Dylan_2945 7 years ago

    I LOVE MY NEW VANTAGE!!!!! Its so fun to use and its a awesome design. Theres only 2 negitives that i can find. 1. Its hard to scroll through contacts (But its an easy fix...DONT SCROLL, theres a search bar!!) 2. I wish the ringer could go just a bit louder. Other than that its a GREAT PHONE!!! Buy It Now!!

  • Branden S 7 years ago

    awesome. thanks for sharing your feedback dylan. appreciated. also..if you have a few moments, you can post a user review here: rate it

  • niki_44694 7 years ago

    k well i love my vantage i just got it but i can't figure out how to download music to it. i use itunes if you know tell me??!!! please

  • Promise 7 years ago

    how do I delete all my text messages @ once?

  • Promise 7 years ago

    I also wish the ringer was louder!!!

  • Scot Cerullo 7 years ago

    Promise, if you ever have a question about an LG product, ANY product they make, just visit: http://www.fixya.com/lpgetsolution2.aspx?brdid=474&cmpid=5160608012577&gclid=CLOumcCpuJQCFQRJFQodSB2VUQ It's a site called Fixya and they will be able to give you the information you need. Good luck. Scot

  • Scot Cerullo 7 years ago

    Hi Promise, Scot here again. Regarding ringer volume, I have always found ringers to be too quiet for my taste, too. But I have discovered that different ringtones are louder than others, and have always managed to find one that can wake the neighbors, if you know what I mean. So play around with the free ringtones in your phone. Audition them until you find one you like. Worse case, buy a ringtone from your carrier. Good luck! Scot

  • Scot Cerullo 7 years ago

    Hi Niki, I meant to add that you use a USB cable along with Windows Media 10 or higher. If you aren't sure how to do this have a friend walk you through a song. You'll find it's really quite easy! Scot

  • bill A 7 years ago

    I love my Lg 830 buteven though the ringer is set to 5 incoming calls ring at about 2 and won't increase. Any fix?

  • Promise 7 years ago

    I am having trouble sending pictures:( what do I do!

  • Scot Cerullo 7 years ago

    Hi Bill A: There are two parts to getting your phone to ring louder. The first part is having it on the highest setting; and you have done that. The second part is to 'find' a ringtone that is just plain loud. For some reason not all ringtones are created equal when heard on the same volume setting. Each time I get a new phone I hunt around for a ringtone that works for me. Even if you have to purchase one it will be worth it if it keeps you from missing calls! Good luck!

  • D_59371 7 years ago

    niki: Did you ever find out how to dl itunes onto your cell? I am STILL having the exact same problem!

  • Promise 7 years ago

    why cant i open pictures or send pictures!! and i still cant find a ringtone i can hear, it sucks!

  • Jaclyn_77336 7 years ago

    Hey, yeah i cant open pictures or send pics either... it says it needs a password.... and i duno what it is. maybe i have to register at the phone companie?

  • Promise 7 years ago

    yah thats what im thinkin, so i hope to get into bell soon here! do u also find u cant get a ringtone that is very loud??

  • Gomer 7 years ago

    About uploading pictures, I had to call the carrier and they sent me a txt msg with my password.

  • Meag 7 years ago

    i just got my vantage and i love it! the touch screan was a little hard to get used too. i also cant put music on my phone using itunes. plz help!

  • Promise 7 years ago

    I love the phone as well, and the touch is awesome! i find that i usually text on the screen not the keypad..anyone else? lol

  • rawr 7 years ago

    does anyone know if programs like bitpim work with the vantage to convert mp3 to ringtones that can be used by the phone? I really don't wanna pay $3.50 + download fee just for ringtones lol

  • Rick_19367 7 years ago

    Promise, To delete multiple text messages, you have to scroll down on the delete screen, it's kinda hidden. But it's do-able!

  • Jo_82784 7 years ago

    Hey All, if you are having trouble with getting your itunes music on your phone like i was, all i had to do was scrap the usb cable, and take the memory card out of the phone and put it into the mirco SD adapter that you get with the phone, all you need is a simple card reader that plugs into your usb port and you can copy and paste, or drag and drop, files into the MUSIC folder on the card. Pop it back into your phone and there you go! Do any of you know if and how you can set your own music (not downloaded) as your ringtone?

  • Stefan_8773 7 years ago

    I don't understand how you put music onto the phone. I connected the usb cable to the phone but nothing happens.

  • Jo_82784 7 years ago

    The same thing happened to me Stefan, check out my instructions above.

  • Stefan_8773 7 years ago

    Theres also another way to do it. I simply didn't read about the phone. The only thing you have to do when you connect the usb to your phone is go to usb mode and click mass storage. When you do that just drag the songs you want into the Removable Disk (usually the E drive) which is your phone and the songs will just go onto our phone.

  • jer_99906 7 years ago

    my ringer is set at level 5, my alarm and ringer are set to the same tone,the alarm is loud but when i get a call it rings low,why is the alarm able to ring louder at the same level as my ringer with the same tone.

  • Promise 7 years ago

    yah my alarm scares the crap outta me...its soo loud but i want a song as my ringer and its sooo quiet! HELP

  • Robbie_19911 7 years ago

    yeah my ringtone doesnt go loud either, and it doesnt connect to the internet, apparently if yours doesnt connect to the internet you have to get it sent in so it can get new hardware

  • shelbs 7 years ago

    im cheaking out the phone and am going to go a buy it tommarow i was just wondering how the call tone and audio are ? is it loaud and clear or quiet and difficult to make out? plz help

  • Nicole_79539 7 years ago

    Hi Stefan, I was wondering if you can tell me where to find USB mode.. still having touble getting music on this vantage! Thanks

  • Jordan_29342 7 years ago

    Hi, the phone is great. But the problem I am having at the moment is how to get pictures off of the phone. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Cath_72506 7 years ago

    hey, so does any body know how to use your own music as a ringtone? I've already downloaded my music on my phone but I would like to use it as ringtones... Plz help? =)

  • Branden S 7 years ago

    best way for me is use a micro SD card to USB adaptor, works for music too. I haven't figured out how to connect the phone directly apparently it becomes your E drive

  • Hunter_62128 7 years ago

    hsould i get the vantage r no? how much is it?

  • sara_47662 7 years ago

    hey Cath, how did you get your music on your phone? i've read the different ways but im not sure which one actually works, i can't get the usb cable way to work at all tho

  • Cath_72506 7 years ago

    hey sara, the only way is to take your memory card which is on the top right side under the back plate of the phone.. so where you can take the battery off, you should see a small memory card than take it and insert it in your SD adapter. After you only have to put that adapter in your computer and directions should pop up to help you drag your music into the memory card. Hope i helped you!

  • Cath_72506 7 years ago

    hey sara, just use the memory card that is located on the top right of your phone where the batterie is it says micro sd thenyou insert that memory card in the SD adapter that you got with the phone. You insert the adapter in your computer and directions should pop up you can put about 85 songs on this phone. Hope i was able to help you!

  • D_59371 7 years ago

    You have to purchase a card reader in order to get your music on your phone...then things "should" run along smoothly~!

  • Geoff_94947 7 years ago

    There is no way to use your own music as a ringtone, however there is a clever process into tricking your phone into thinking an MP3 file is a video file, and than being able to use it as ringer..a detail explanation can be found here http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php?s=0efe8daaee95738ed23182ac612d5e1a&t=1391910&page=2&pp=15

  • Taylor17 7 years ago

    hi there, I have the LG vantage and I also have a mac. So I was wondering....how would i get music onto my phone with a mac ?

  • sara_47662 7 years ago

    Hey cath, Thanks but when i put it into my computer no directions actually show up. Is there another way to get it to open?

  • dane_8984 7 years ago

    texting isss ssooo slow? anyone have the same problem?

  • Julie_1716 7 years ago

    I have had the same ringtone problem as everyone else with the LG 830. The thing is, when you listen to the free ring tones included with the phone, they ring quite loudly. It's not the ring tone. When someone calls, they are very quiet. I ended up buying a ring tone in the hopes that it would be louder and it was. My advice is to try that. Your cell phone provider may even give it to you for free if you ask nicely and tell them why. Now I need help with pictures and music. I've plugged the usb cable in but I can't do anything at all with it. It seems completely useless. Is there a use for it with this phone? I can't use the adaptor because I don't have a compatible drive in my computer to use it. Any ideas?

  • becca_84155 7 years ago

    umm to send and receive pictures if yaz still need too know how to do it just cal the aliant thing or whatever ccompany yer with and they well makew you a pass. and text you it (:

  • Mick_96665 7 years ago

    Hi all, A few ways to connect the phone that worked for me: As suggested by Stefan, connect the USB, then in your phone options, touch USB Mode, touch mass storage. My PC wanted to look for drivers, but I just ignored it. Right click on your selection of songs & choose send to Storage drive (E: depending on your computer setup). The storage drive appeared empty in my computer, but the songs are in the phone, I'm playing them now! I also transfered pictures to a Mac using the Blutooth connection! Turn on bluetooth on your computer & phone. You can then search for devices using your computer & it should find the phone. When connecting for the first time, the computer displays a password that needs to be typed in the phone (for security). Then it's just drag & drop. Enjoy!

  • Jake_95524 7 years ago

    Whats the Favorite part of your phone.. i want to find the benefits of my vantage. so far mine is texting, for connecting with friends obviously but i know there are alot more things to do, like e-mailing, games, and stuff let me know.

  • Tannis_24776 7 years ago

    I've downloaded some ringtones and they are in my music file, I can play them but not add them as ringtones, can anyone help?

  • Michael_38361 7 years ago

    how do I delete all my text messages @ once?

  • B_47990 7 years ago

    Hey, so i tried a way of uploading songs by draging and droppin onto the E drive... but dont think that worked...but mainly would like to kno, why when i open, media player, or music..it take me to a site...do i pay while these open?

  • alexsandra 7 years ago

    i gott my vantagee today and i loveee itt but i was thinkin i out my music in rigthh and i have to go to musicc wiht bring me to this music store or somthingg doo i havee to payyy for thatt cause isnt it like internet or somthingg doo i have to payy to go on my midia thing ro my music thing to listen to my music

  • MaryAnne 7 years ago

    I have had my vantage for about a month now and i was wondering if there is a way to put ringtones on the phone through my usb cord.. i was told that this is possible, i just don't know which folder and format it has to be in .

  • Jason_21595 7 years ago

    Julie: To send pics from the phone to the PC via USB should not require any drivers for Windows XP, Select 5. PictBridge Print from the Pic/Video menu item. You should see a camera icon apear in Windows file explorer ( use widnow key + E to get to file explorer) You have to be quick because the phone will only try to print for about two minuets. Click the camera icon and it should give you the option to import your pictures (they are ussualy copied to My Pictures). It doesn't work every time. You usually have to try three or four times to get the camera icon.

  • vantagefan 7 years ago

    i am having trouble.....when i take a picture with the camera and try to put it as my screen saver, the picture is only 1" high on the main display......what can i do to make it fullscreen?

  • Rick_19367 7 years ago

    Vantagefan, Take a picture with in portrait position, not widescreen (turn the phone sideways) and then open that picture you took, edit it by rotating 90 degrees. This will resave it. Now assign it as screensaver. I forget what resolution to take the picture at (it makes a difference). I don't have my phone right now as it is in for warranty repair.

  • Franz 7 years ago

    I've uploaded pictures from my computer onto my phone, but I don't know how to make these pictures my "screen saver". Can anyone help? Thanks.

  • kait_59983 7 years ago

    hey! im getting a new cell tomorrow and i was doing some reserch on the vantage,, is it worth getting? anything i should know about it thanks.

  • matthew_16437 7 years ago

    i like the phone im just having one problem, when i pair phones using bluetooth so i can get a song sent to my phone, when its done it says completed but where is the song stored because ive been looking everywhere in the phone but i cant find it, ive tried it a couple times incase it never sent but it still says it sent but its not in my phone, if someone can help me out i will appritate it

  • larry_72657 6 years ago

    I can't find the driver How can I store incoming call number ? THanks

  • Donald_7174 6 years ago

    I've been considerring this phone since Bell now offers NHL Centre Ice package on select cell phones like the Vantage. Has anyone tried the free trial yet? How's the quality?

  • Shane_87535 6 years ago

    To Add music to your Phone. 1. Plug in USB cable to PC and Phone 2. On your phone go to: Settings > USB Mode 3. Press Mass Storage 4.It Will Connect to your PC After you Press "Yes" (Pressing yes will disable any incoming calls while you are connected" 5. Open up the Folder for your Phone - My Computer > Removable Disk > MUSIC 6. Copy Music of your choice to the "Music" Folder 7. And Away you go :)

  • Shane_87535 6 years ago

    Making Uploaded Pictures from your PC to be your ScreenSaver. 1. Plug in USB cable to PC and Phone 2. On your phone go to: Settings > USB Mode 3. Press Mass Storage 4.It Will Connect to your PC After you Press “Yes” (Pressing yes will disable any incoming calls while you are connected” 5. Open up the Folder for your Phone - My Computer > Removable Disk > DCIM >100LGDCF 6. Copy Pictures that you want on your phone into the 100LGDCF Folder, That is the folder that your phone stores your Camera pictures, And if you can set your camera pictures as your screensaver, the files in here should also be able to be set as your Screensaver :)

  • jeff_64825 6 years ago

    Regarding in-phone rotation of images for use as a "screen saver" (aka background or wallpaper in my world). The resolution of the image must 640x480 or lower. You can then select the photo, select the Detail/Edit menu option then the Rotate option. This will create a duplicate of the image with the desired orientation. For images w/ a higher resolution, you will need to take the images off the phone and change the resolution On a related note... the phone sports a 2MP camera - the software should offer support accordingly. It's not that hard to support rotation of a 1.3MP or 2.0MP image. My biggest complaint is that the Google GMail App isn't supported on my phone despite meeting all of the requirements I can find published on Google's support site(s). I have no idea if this is an issue with Bell, Google or LG. As a result, I canceled the mobile browser service.

  • MaryAnne 6 years ago

    Has anyone else had the problem with the camcorder saying recording is failed no matter which optioon you select?

  • BOB_71203 6 years ago

    Can anyone tell me if they get anoyed by the noise when u touch the screen and select somthing... this bothers me alot.. does anyone know how to turn te nosie off? but not by putting it on vibrate or silent? im new to this.

  • Branden S 6 years ago

    Hey Bob. A reader named William Anderson wrote me to say: "Go to tools > sound and touch > keytones + touch screen feedback and adjust" Maybe that will work. Thanks William!

  • mark_39037 6 years ago

    hi im thinking about switching from my blackberry pearl to the vantage for a number of reasons and im wondering if the vantage can play videos if theyre on the memory card and if there is a instant messaging thing similar to the blackberry messenger?

  • MaryAnne 6 years ago

    There is no messenger feature I think that would be a great idea. Yes it can play video from memory card.

  • Angelica_40830 6 years ago

    This phone is an absolute nightmare! I have had this phone for less than 1 year and am in a 3 year contract with Bell. I have had problems with phone calls not coming through, texts not being received, the speaker being broken, and the phone freezing and lagging! Also, I get numerous of duplicated text messages which are starting to become really annoying! I thought I was alone on this problem but I found a friend with the same phone experiencing the same things along with other LG phone users (not specifically the Vantage). Both of my options are not ideal - either stick with the phone until the contract ends or pay for another phone and I might add the Vantage was not a cheap phone.

  • Stacey_30870 6 years ago

    Hi, I have an LG vantage phone and I was wondering how I could put my songs as a ring tone. I know how to put the songs on my phone but there is no option where i could set the song as my ring tone. I'd appreciate your help!. Thanks.

  • Laura_56788 6 years ago

    So I've had my phone for about a year....have purchased many ringtones that are songs but u can't hear any of them. I went to Bell they said it's not the phone that it's the ringtone....but I've even tested them on the website before purchasing and when they play on my phone its almost inaudible. Anyone have this problem?

  • Jennifer_28378 6 years ago

    I have the vantage and i totally love it however i was wondering if it is possible at all to put the ringtones on my micro sd card to back them up??

  • Dissatisfied_1610 6 years ago

    I have had this phone for 13months. Loved it initially. 11.5 months into my one year warranty I noticed my screen would freeze. happened only once or twice. Now 13months after paying $400 for it...I have no use of it. The touch screen will not work at all. the only thing you can access is the keypad to direct dial a call. No text, no browser....no NOTHING! And good luck getting any satisfaction from Bell. I purchased the extended warranty...which they slyly cancelled in Oct....all customers previously with Aliant. But were never refunded. The phones a dud. Don't waste your time or money with LG or BEll. Neither are willing to help....AT ALL!!!!

  • matt_14596 6 years ago

    i got this phone in july 2008, and initially i loved the phone. looks nice, the 2.5 inch touch display. call quality is pretty decent, pictures are also decent for being a cell phone. however, recently my phone has not been getting good reception at all. there is just constantly 1 bar, or lower of service. my phone calls are constantly being dropped now, occasionally when i press the number 5, my phone will shut down. texting on the phone on the touch screen can be a pain, you actually have to look at the screen when texting which i dont like. the razr like buttons are cool, but are very hard to text on because of their confined space. also sometimes when i try to make calls, it connects to the calls, but you can't hear anything on the other end! just dead silence, when that happens i have to restart my phone, which is a pain. i have downloaded over 15 ringtunes and only 2 of the ringtunes that i pay $3.50 each for have a decently loud sound to them. the other ones are not loud at all, and sound tinny. duplicate text messages, and delayed text messages are pretty much a given. yesterday i sent my dad a text at 3:46, he responded back at 3:49, but i didnt recieve the text message until 5:13! i would not reccomend getting this phone

  • simon_55634 6 years ago

    RINGVOLUME. There is something wrong with the ring volume on this phone. The RINGVOLUME setting NEVER is never matched when you actually get a call. It has gone back to LG 3 times and the problem has not been fixed. This is a very BASIC REQUIREMENT of a PHONE. Do not buy this phone. I will never buy an LG product again unless I only want a nice looking screen and no sound. I am taking this up with the "New and Improved" Bell Canaduh.

  • steph_40217 6 years ago

    I lost my USB cable, what cable, if any, can I buy for this phone?

  • Sammy_96494 6 years ago

    Thats probably because you guys don't know how to take care of it, me and my friend had ours for 2 years and it still works like a charm:) I recommend this phone

  • AJB 6 years ago

    I've had this Bell LG 830 for 16 months now (20 more to go, arrrg) and have hated it almost from the getgo. The touch screen was a novelty at first but soon became a real pain to use. Call quality was quite good if you can get a signal. I live in Niagara Falls and can't use my phone in the house. WTF? The alarm is unreliable to the point of being totally useless. Missed calls are common and super annoying. The ringer with its gradual volume increase is a very stupid set up ! By the time it gets loud enough to hear it (4 rings), too late you've missed a call, again! I've tried every ring tone. With all these ringer complaints you'd think Bell would have a fix for it. NEVER again LG or BELL !!!!

  • julie_52683 6 years ago

    how do i unlock my VANTAGE? my friend went on a trip overseas and lost it at the airport, so.... i need some help. i have never used it befor!!! HELP

  • Cody_71435 5 years ago

    hey i bought my Vantage 2nd hand but the person didn't have the CD for the driver. i tried to look on the internet but it wouldn't work for me. how can i install the driver?

  • darcy_41390 5 years ago

    i ordered this phone off ebay cause it looked cool. havent got it yet. but now im getting scared that its a piece of sh*t

  • jessica_45640 5 years ago

    hello, i have had an LG vantage for almost 2 years, my phone has been working great untill today. I went to go send a text message and it decided to restart its self, i kept trying and it keeps doing this, making it impossible to send ANY text messages. It has now been doing this for a full day, and i AM NOT HAPPY!! does ANYONE have ANY answers to how i can fix this?? or even what is causing it to restart its self?? :) please HELP!

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