LG Vantage 830 for Bell Now Available

Branden S 6 years ago

It's a bit behind schedule but the LG Vantage 830 is now officially available if you want to head on over to the Bell Mobility website. The Vantage, also known in some circles as the Glimmer, looks remarkably like the LG Shine Slider (without the shiny metal housing - the Vantage is plastic).

lg vantage 830 bell mobility

Dual mode 1.9GHz & 800MHz, the Vantage features a touchscreen, 2 megapixel shooter, Bluetooth, GPS and a microSD slot with 4GB capacity. It can be yours now for $199.95 with a 3-year contract or $424.95 if you're afraid of commitment (prepaid).

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  • Dylan_2945 6 years ago

    Its so fun to use and its a awesome design.
    Theres only 2 negitives that i can find.
    1. Its hard to scroll through contacts (But its an easy fix...DONT SCROLL, theres a search bar!!)
    2. I wish the ringer could go just a bit louder.

    Other than that its a GREAT PHONE!!! Buy It Now!!

  • Branden S 6 years ago

    awesome. thanks for sharing your feedback dylan. appreciated.
    also..if you have a few moments, you can post a user review here: rate it

  • niki_44694 6 years ago

    k well i love my vantage i just got it but i can't figure out how to download music to it. i use itunes if you know tell me??!!! please

  • Promise 6 years ago

    how do I delete all my text messages @ once?

  • Promise 6 years ago