Cucoo for Koodo: Koodo Mobile Now Live

Scot Cerullo 7 years ago

It seems going after the wireless youth market is all the rage in Canada. There is Roger's youth brand Fido, Bell Mobility owned Solo Mobile, and now Telus, not to be outdone, has launched Koodo Mobile. Better late than never I suppose.

koodo mobile screen shot

Kudos (koodos?) to our friends at Mobilesyrup for putting up a YouTube video showing the Koodo kiosks getting ready for their March 17th opening at the Toronto Eaton Centre (I feel uncomfortable saying “Koodo Kiosk” and knowing it will be read). The kiosks are white, very white, much too white, and flush video displays show happy people in spandex and leg warmers getting way too excited about per second billing.

Maybe they can get Pat Benatar to be their spokesperson. I can see Pat now, giving two thumbs up and uttering the profoundly inspiring tagline that Koodo has developed: “Good Call.” I get it. Double entendre. I’m just not sure if “Good Call” means participating in a youth targeted brand effort that is stuck in the 80’s or if buying uninspiring clamshells is the idea. Either way, it’s a strange campaign and nothing feels right about it, except the leg warmers. I just love leg warmers after a sweaty breakdance workout, don’t you?

koodo mobile canada cell phones

Koodo launches with a mix of entry level devices from Motorola, Samsung and LG, and offers plans starting at $15 per month for 50 local minutes/50 texts, a $25 plan offering 100 minutes, unlimited SMS and unlimited nights and weekends starting at 7p.m.

You’ll find the Koodo kiosks located in malls throughout Canada soon…. just across from the record store.

For more information on Koodo's product mix, and a full frontal assault of 80's imagery, visit

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  • Michelle_70812 6 years ago

    it is so dame hard to locater your number to speak to a real person please help

  • aira 6 years ago

    How do you send emails to kudoo phones? thanks aira

  • Terry McKinnon 5 years ago

    I have been trying to get a hold of a customer representative for almost an hour of stupid hold music. As soon as an agent connects with me - he disconnects! You contact me via email or I'll find your head office to talk to.

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