Charge Cellphone Wirelessly Through Magnetic Induction

Brian Brotarlo 8 years ago

magnetic induction chargingForget plugging your charger to a socket. Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed remote charging using magnetic induction between two devices that resonate with one another. Objects that resonate on the same frequency send energy from each other, a phenomenon called "strong coupling."

Marin Soljacic, a theoretical physicist and his MIT colleagues, developed a coil that oscillates at 10MHz. This coil stores energy and has the ability to send it through a receiver that is tuned to the same frequency across the room. The first priority of the scientists now is to make the energy transfer as safe as possible: 'We wanted to use the magnetic field for coupling, and have the electric field confined, because a magnetic field does not interact with most objects, including biological tissues," said Soljacic. It's still a long way before they can develop a method to recharge gadgets through the principle but they are definitely hopeful. "This technology will move from the lab to the real world. There's no fundamental problem. "It's going to work,' said Douglas Stone, a theoretical physicist at Yale University.


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  • Charles Vamossy 8 years ago

    Very interesting, but I wonder if this is all that new, at least from the scientific (as opposed to engineering) point-of-view. I believe my new Oral B Vitality rechargable electric toothbrush, already sold world wide, works on the same principle. It has a plastic encased recharge base and the toothbrush handle, which also has no visible metal contacts, sits on top of it. How does it charge the batteries sealed in the handle? Magnetic Induction. So it seems that basic science, in this case going back to Michael Farraday (1791-1867), has given birth to a new engineering feat.

  • rick_15561 7 years ago

    dont they already have a toothbrush doing this? this really isnt big news

  • pincushion 7 years ago

    WOW! truly incredible! MIT only took one additional century to figure out what Tesla had done at the turn of the century and half a centruy from schauberger. I knew the US scientific community would really be our economic savior, that Obama he's sure gonna CHANGE things. :|

  • Lewin Wint 7 years ago

    I have had this theory for so long now and behold their are minds alike. I am very interested to know how it all works. I theorized that with (vibration/friction/heat/) and a way to process this heat like how a frequency is generated and filtered and then transmitted this same process could be used to interact with these same flow of electrons and transmitted through magnetic induction. hold on i'll be bock

  • Chris Rush 6 years ago

    Might it even help my arthritis? On small scales it would be good in car phone cradles - no more flyleads.

  • Ed Shinn 5 years ago

    In Europe in 1998, a taxi driver in Germany was charging his cell phone on the dashboard of his cab by laying the phone on a black magnetic mat over the FM cab speaker .....said he hasn't had to plug his phone in since. Got the mat from an Japaneze cabbie working in Frankfurt. True? . I don't know if the guy was for real or not because he also said the cabbie could pop popcorn with the cellphone by placing the phone in a instant popcorn bag and calling the cell number. I did find something on this on an oriental web sight and a video stream.. (That's scary....can we say micro-tumor or dead brain cells)??

  • Someone_36747 5 years ago

    It's true. You get the Palm Pre/Pre+ and the touchstone charger and boom, you have non-plugged in charging.

  • M Bashir 3 years ago

    Very use full for wireless switching in different instruments

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