Top Ten iPhone Killers

Brian Brotarlo 8 years ago

Before we begin, we must always remember what it felt like when real pics of the iPhone begun spreading around the Web. It was more beautiful than we had ever imagined and at that time we were pretty convinced that the iPhone is as revolutionary as revolutionary devices go. There's been a lot of back-tracking since then. Is this just the unbearable waiting talking or is there cause for doubting the iPhone's success? Following are devices that may mean iPhone's failure in order of their likelihood of stealing iPhone's thunder.

1. Nokia N95 - The N95, the most powerful handset yet to be released, is equipped with a full-load of pretty nasty features like its fully-integrated GPS, 5 MP camera, HSDPA connection speed, including all the multimedia entertainment support today's mobile crowd will likely need. Even without iPhone's multi-touch technology, the N95 has a user interface that is too hot to ignore right now with iPhone still months away. With Nokia's market leadership in place to help sell this juicy handset, the N95 is iPhone's biggest threat. Recently Nokia announced an agreement with YouTube that will definitely make the yummy N95 that much easier to swallow.

n95 yahoo

2. Samsung F700 - Slim, touch-screen and HSDPA capable. The only weakness of this device is the Flash user interface. But this Samsung could easily turn around once they show us how the touch-screen actually works, if it does work like we imagine a Flash UI could work.

3. Sony Ericsson SO903iTV Bravia Phone - Soon to be released in Japan. Ask the Japanese how good this TV phone is then tell them how the iPhone compares to it and you will see a smile so smug you won't need him to put it in words. This new Bravia Phone is not number one for only one reason: the Japanese doesn't think releasing it to the U.S. is worth their while. But who knows.

bravia phone, new

4. Meizu M8 - Meizu who? You might laugh at this Chinese manufacturer but they have produced the closest iPhone lookalike, and it's smaller.

5. LG Prada Phone - The most hyped iPhone rival, it boasts inferior touch-screen controls and UI compared to the iPhone, but not too inferior to make it a non-threat. Released months earlier than iPhone, it costs 200 dollars more, which goes against the LG Prada in a major way. Other specs of the LG Prada are no iPhone beater either.


6. Sony Ericsson W880 Walkman Phone - The yet to be released slim phone is hard to resist. SE's Walkman Phones are the iPod's biggest threat. The slim W880 comes with a 1GB Memory Stick Micro which is the current hippest way to extend your phone's memory. The iPhone, famously, doesn't have memory extension. All music and videos will have to be saved in its non-disposable mini hard disk.

7. Nokia E90 Communicator - Two fabulous screens including a 800 x 352 pixel screen inside, a QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi and 3.2 MP camera will make it very difficult for consumers to resist spending their iPhone savings before June. It's also the most good-looking Communicator ever built by Nokia and the terrific external display helps.

E90 Open

8. Nokia N99 - This future addition to the Nseries is a fully loaded with 16GB of Flash memory with additional 4GB via miniSD. WiFi, GPS, 8MP camera and a 3.2 screen with 16:9 aspect ratio.

9. Neonode N2 - Obsessed with touch screen, why not try a device smaller than the iPhone. It uses Windows CE, which will probably be a more stable OS than say Windows Mobile or OS X.

10. Xun Chi 138 - Yes, the Chinese are coming. The Xun Chi is the smallest touch screen phone in the world and it reads recognizes handwritten Chinese characters. and it's cheap you can buy Xun Chis in bulk

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  • Jimmy Giliberti 8 years ago

    It's amazing to me that no one mentions the P9XX series from Sony Ericsson. It's been doing web/music/touchscreen/everything but the kitchen sink for years now. I've used the P800/P900/P910 for years and am about to do the P990 which like the iPhone is a WiFi Hybrid....

  • BrianB 8 years ago

    I guess form factor is an important aspect for a an iPhone killer. I've seen a lot of P900 and P910 users around and I've got to tell you, they don't exactly inspire gadget envy. :)

  • alberti 8 years ago

    The iPhone is already toast... the nokias are not much of the competition due to lacking touch screen technology... Surfing the net with Wi-fi, hspda and viewing the GPS maps is soo much more enjoyable or efficient and time saving and less irritable with the simple dragging and pointing and clicking with the stylus style, rather than clicking the down button like there's no tomorrow... the sony ericsson P-series is really good, and tested by time... the only thing any phone company cannot offer is a new exciting never before used interface which will wash away out jaded, bored memories of the usual over again interfaces of the usual phones

  • James_26373 8 years ago

    These iPhone killers are weak. There is only one true iPhone killer and that is the FIC Neo 1973. It is special phone that will be the worlds first completely OpenSource phone. That means that there will be no contracts, company plans, etc. It will run a new Linux built operating system called OpenMoko. Much like its counter part (iPhone) it will be fully touch screen phone with only a power button to speak of. In addition to this, it will be the only phone to boast the full backing of the OpenSource Community. If you want to see the phone and OpenMoko, just click on the link below.

  • alexislli 8 years ago

    With the official release date, one has to wonder if Apple will do a midnight sale for iPhone (June 28th evening) and people camping int. Apple has done midnight sale at Apple Store before (was it Jaguar or Panther?) just FYI....

  • yasir 8 years ago

    The Nokia N95 is the true iphone killer as it is worth every penny unlike the iphone. And as for the person who thinks that nokias are weak then he does not know what user freindly devices mean. Whats the point of having a phone with dynamic internet capability like the iphone and not equip it with 3g or HSPDA. Iphone lacks the biggest data transfer hardware of the next wireless generation. For all you iphone lovers out might need to just look in to this very feature. Working the iphone internet through Edge will definitly wana make you hate this phone. P.S Iphone cant even do Voip.........iphone is just like how moto razor came out.....just for the looks.....Its the feature that counts not the outside shell. Just for everybody's info Nokia had came out with a 8gb Nokia 91 like 8 months ago and the 4gb like 1 year ago.

  • andersonoscar5 8 years ago

    The iPhone, as Jobs proudly dubbed the device to thunderous applause, will be three devices in one: a cell phone, a wide-screen iPod with touch controls, and an Internet communications device

  • Paul_53638 7 years ago

    no phone on the market can even hurt the iPhone never mind kill it. The iPhone is in a class of its own . Even tough some phones might have a few better features like 5mp camera, supports more formats , cheaper etc. But believe u me they can't compare . I have a n95 ,samsung f700, lg prada. Sonyeric w880, and the list goes on i dont have them all anymore but i have had them. So i know from expearance . Some people say what they think is best without even testing its competItion. THE IPHONE IS THE KING OF ALL PHONES

  • Chris_6076 7 years ago

    I can't agree more with Paul about iPhone .the king of all phones.all other phones are s&#t compared to iPhone

  • Paul_53638 7 years ago

    There only one thing better than a 4 gb iPhone , a 8gb iPhone

  • yasir 7 years ago

    The day Iphone starts you letting make calls overe the internet then come fuss about it.......Iphone is just plain hype..........Try looking outside the US for once and you will find Iphone in the stone ages.....................Nokia had put out a 4gb phone like 2 years ago.......If you cant all in one then an expensive phone is of no use.......Oh by the come Iphone prices are sinking .......Why dont you all the buyers regret for the first buyers.........go check out the price for 3 year old nokia 9500 still cost more than a Iphone.........As far as the Nokia N95 series......try putting all its features in to a Iphone...Integrated GPS, Voice over IP, Unlimited MP3 no matter what FORMAT it is in unlike Iphone, 5 mega pixel camera, Ngage gaming friends.....measure a phone by what it can do ..not by its Look.......I tried using the Iphone but could not get use to since I missed the features of a feature packed N95.......So if you got to justfiy an Iphone make sure u have these features to weigh it in with ....Oh by the way Nokia N96 with 16gb will be out this year which will be unreachable by the Iphone makers.......PIONEERS WILL REMAIN PIONEERS.......

  • Jimmy Giliberti 7 years ago

    Well it's been a year since my original comment and I have to say that although I haven't found a phone (even my old SE P9xx series ;-) ) that have come close to the usability of the iPhone. The only difference is that I still enjoy tactile touch vs resistive touch screens. As a guitarist, the nails on my right hand also serve as pointers on my SE, Moto Ming, etc. I have had to learn to type with my left hand with the iPhone....

  • Iphone owner 7 years ago

    Like the new ad from Apple says... The only phone to beat the iphone is the new iPhone 3G. I have an iPhone and like it very much. Does it cook me dinner- no but maybe someday. :0

  • kitmarlow 7 years ago

    Meizu Minione's experience in producing a near perfect iphone clone will surely make the worlds poor hold them in high esteem, especially when its a 3G 8GB $100 smartphone that they need and can afford, they want to txt, produce amazing videos. want good sounds, utilize all networks w/o messy contracts and maybe, a $1 per hour internet access using cards. These people is only 90% percent of the worlds populace, i doubt if Meizu producer have the speed and endurance to satisfy them?

  • iPhone 7 years ago

    I work in a phone shop and all i can tell is that no phone really beats the iPhone because of the OS. Android is the real iPhone killer

  • Salah 7 years ago

    One phone, One iPhone Killer . . . . . . Samsung I900 Omnia

  • alvin_74129 7 years ago

    how about the samsung i900. thats the real killer!! i love it!

  • Albert_17942 7 years ago

    Every company dreams of making the Iphone killer, I would like to see Nokia maiking their own idea and user friendly phone. Steve Jobs is good at choosing the right people, why Nokia can not do the same and the others do not exist. Apple has the iphone pleaseeee make something new for the users to enjoy. Stop the copy system that shows how patetic you are....

  • Leucro 7 years ago

    Neonode had an N1 prototype as early as 2002 but due to financial difficulties it could not unveil it until 2004. N1's technology is similar to the phones that began to be released around the time the Iphone came out. The N2 was more advanced in nearly every engineering way than any other phone in February 2007. Again, we're talking about a company with a smaller market cap than 1/1000th that of Apple and siginificantly smaller than any other Cellular manufacturer. Imagine, what they could have produced with just a ten or one-hundred fold of their available capital back then.

  • Karl Rigby 6 years ago

    I'm surprised the nokia 5800 hasn't been mensioned. It's a brilliant phone

  • billy_1679 5 years ago

    Almost any class of kindergardners anywhere in the world can identify an iPhone. These phones will never make such an impact on any part of society because Sony/Google/HTC/Microsoft/Palm and their phone products and features are malaise. The only thing iPhone killers do is go off to die a year after release. RIP LG Chocolate, LG Prada, Samsung Instinct, Nokia N95, Google Nexus One, Palm Pre, and soon Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.

  • yasir 5 years ago

    Iphone had to go through 4 cycles to match up to a technology that was available on Nokia phones 5 years ago...yes the front camera for video conferencing....jeezz.....A phone that is still trying to infest these old features which we call the iphone.........I phone only has an impact through its sleek design and what so forth......there were and still are far better feature heavy phones out there that have more to offer.... I still have to Nokia n95 and its features cannot still be matched by that of Iphone 3gs or infact Iphone4....given that the iphone is faster and is way better designed but it just does not suffice the needs of the people that had been using symbian based smart phones since long before Iphone even came in to existence.......Can the iphone do Mass data transfer through bluetooth with another device......go dig into that.....can you have an iphone run movies in any video format?????let me know....sell it to me....can it play any audio format???? Can it crisp pictures like the Nokia N95 can???? Can it work the GPS through satellite without network assist or A-GPS???? The truth of the matter is ..before the iphone came out..the market for smartphones didnot exist in the Us and so majority of the wireless users had no knowledge of what can smartphones do then you give them a fancy 1st generation iphone with no 3g connection and yet they still bought it in massess.....what does that tell you...they all bought it because of its looks and the touchscreen feature..........yes every kid knows what an iphone is as that is what it is a kids toy to play around with as kids love flashy things.......That is exactly how you market a product for the people who have absolutely no clue what is inside the product....... anyone trying to compare an Iphone to a Nokia phone atleast....go do your homework. as iphone will still need 3 to 4 more revisions to catch up to the most upto date nokia N900 that is out there......... Just dont talk design and the capacitative screen as that is for the little kids to hang there tongues down over......

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