Samsung Ultra Smart Touch-Screen Qwerty Phone: iPhone's Vader

Brian Brotarlo 9 years ago

Beating the Apple iPhone to the punch will require more than just 3G connectivity, slim dimensions and a higher megapixel count put Ultra Smarttogether. But what if you've got a phone with all three features with touch-screen and - a pause is called for at this point - a slide-out QWERTY keyboard all packed... another pause... in a slim design?

Samsung have just announced their latest Ultra offering and the F700, which is a smartphone with slide-out keyboard, HSDPA, a 5.0 MP camera and touch-screen, and built-in Wi-Fi, looks like an iPhone killer if there has ever been such a thing.

The QWERTY keyboard looks absolutely fantastic with big keys, minus the peripherals a separate row for numerals, F-functions, arrow keys, etc. The 2.78-inch touch-sensitive screen uses a Flash-based user interface, which will be a welcome site for Web addicts. Virtual controls will have enhanced usability because of VibeTonz.

More info, especially with regards to pricing and date of availability, next month during the 3GSM World Congress.

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  • j h b 8 years ago

    this is phone is really cool it looks so good and i like the full keyboard

  • zbiggie 8 years ago

    the keyboard is key. many people will love, especially if they have openoffice functanality, The camera is also great at 5mpx you are looking at great pictures, as long as the lense is good quality, and hopfully it comes with a stocked onboard memory at least 2G with a decent proccesor

  • Koussay 8 years ago

    damn guys this fone is IT u no the only problem though?? the samsung logo is vertically and not horizontally which is fukd up :) and they should make it shiny black and also white colors

  • ross bell 7 years ago

    how much memory has the phone got ???

  • faroukh 7 years ago

    is this available in canada? and is it availible with telus?

  • Branden S 7 years ago

    faroukh. no, nothing in canada yet. not on telus. verizon in the USA has might see it here.

  • gennie 7 years ago

    will this come to canada soon!? (yn)

  • yang peng 7 years ago

    so it has a keyboard cos it doesn't have a '''multi''' touch screen like iphone.unlike iphone the screen act as screen and keyboard and it works well with itunes.iphone is just like a mac,you can download whatever application in a website.

  • yoyo 7 years ago

    is this better than htc touch pro???i mean like way better?????what do u guys suggest

  • violet_54873 7 years ago

    i got this phone and i love it!. I got in kiev, uckraine and all i had to do is place my sim card in and it works. and its unlocked, and much cheapter than you would get in a usa or anywhere else.

  • colton 7 years ago

    all depends on what cell carriers it has i could love or hate

  • violet_54873 7 years ago

    i have this phone and it is amazing! i love it, easy to use and i dont know how i lived without it. its small enough to put it in your pocket and big enough to hold it with your shoulder when your hands are busy. p.s if u have long nails, cut them bc it's a big difficult with the touch screen, i cut mine:)

  • buzzyy 7 years ago

    Hiyy can i jus t ask, i really like this phone but my friend said that the time limit when you are on the phone and it's battery isn't that good. Is it ?? i don't know what to think because all youu have said really good things about it Help mee ( = x

  • Joyce_66283 7 years ago

    I'm sure I have the same question as many people. When will this phone come to Canada? I WANT IT SO BAD! Also I heard the touchscreen messes up easily? I would like to know. =)

  • violet_54873 7 years ago

    In a way it's true, the battery dies faster when you use text messaging and games, when you talk on the phone it doesn't die as fast. It is available in europe and it cames unlocked. But the internet option does not work if u buy it somewhere else outside north america. Except for that, it's an awesome phone and if you are text messaging junkie this is your best friend.

  • michaela_20825 7 years ago

    i want this phone so bad but is it avaluable for sprint??? and what you dont get the internet on it??

  • michaela_20825 7 years ago

    is it avaluable for sprint

  • kelsayy 7 years ago

    Do you have to have verison to purchase the phone? Do you have to buy internet or television when you buy it?

  • lobog 7 years ago

    is this phone in Canada? does telus offer it?

  • Matthew Farrer 7 years ago

    where can i get one?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • sydney_69822 7 years ago

    drat . . . i want it sooooo bad . . . y canada have NOTHING!

  • Mart_91492 7 years ago

    I would hope that Canada will start getting the cool phones a lot sooner. The CDMA phones are a lot nicer than the GSM phones unless your willing to paying an arm and leg. I will never go with Bell Mobility again and would like Rogers and Fido to step it up and sell nicer phones on a plan not the shit that they have know. Thanks for reading hope someone that works for Rogers or Fido reads this...

  • nomsa 7 years ago

    Is this phone available in the uk and where

  • Andreea 7 years ago

    does it scratch easily?? is it cheaper in the US...and then works here with a sin card???

  • jess_45397 7 years ago

    when is this phone coming to england !!!!

  • violet_54873 7 years ago

    i have this phone and i want to sell it, i got it 2 months ago in europe, i live in canada and i placed my sim card it works perfectly, the only reason im selling it bc i got two new phones and i dont need a 3rd one. any one interested?

  • Ashleigh_69936 7 years ago

    Violet im interested :D xx when are these comin to scotland

  • brandon_61141 6 years ago

    i bought this phone, from a Canadian store, works great, due to the fact that it's been brought over, not all functions work!

  • Courtney_62015 6 years ago

    How much is this phone guyss??? xxx

  • suuz 6 years ago

    very good had it for 2 yers if u need a new phone i would def get this

  • mandi_40372 6 years ago

    it looks awsome how much does it cost and where can i find one?

  • Hamza Sharif 6 years ago

    how much does this fone cost. i really like it but i dont want it to be too expensive???

  • ME_95780 6 years ago

    omg i want this it looks soo good i hope it has the widgets lol :) :) mmm looks sooo good:D its a winner but omgsh.... the price.. im scared 2 find out ill probly have 2 wait a year or 2 for the price 2 drop b4 i get 1 :(

  • James_80975 6 years ago

    I heard its really good, but i dont think it could beat my phone. i love my phone, its an LG enV2but i kinda wannna get the enV TOUCH cuz its really good!!!!!!

  • Justin_30984 6 years ago

    i don't know why people say iphones good..... i don't know why it's so popular... i mean it has respectable features like buying any application u want, or u can jailbreak it but there are so many other better phones that has less flaws than iphone and F700 is definitely one of them

  • krystal_5495 6 years ago

    wow this phone looks exactly like the qlyde !

  • PhoneLova 6 years ago

    I really want a touch and a QWERTY phone but it has to be on Pay As You Go! As soon as I find a really nice phone, it's either too expensive or it's not on Pay As You Go! I'm starting to get really annoyed but if anyone has any suggestions it would help me out alot! Thank You. PhoneLova! x :-)

  • wereldvlaggennl 5 years ago

    Hi, I am not totally satisfied with this phone. I have been using Nokia for years and am sorry now I stepped over to Samsung. The Qwerty has a tendency to turn itself on/off in my pocket. Last week it went so far that I had to use the PUK to get it going again. When I turned it on again the settings were changed. When using phone, calling a company with " dail #1 for sales" etc, you need to be careful that your ear doesnt diall for you when you put it back to it. Also, I have a " clamp" phone holder in my car. I cannot put the qwerty in it cos then the buttons on the side will be pressed in. My next phone will be a Blackberry. Sorry Sam

  • RhiRhi 5 years ago

    omygosh! I really want this phone does anyone know how much it is?? thnx!

  • sursura 5 years ago

    Only kids and morons who love doing thing complicated way get it. Once they got it, play it for awhile, a yr or less, dumb it for a new one. Unlike iphone or RIM BB, simplicity and specific targeted design. Once you got it, last for as long as the much better version out. More than 2-3 yrs? This prove, people who bought copycat who lack of genuine creative from origin, will always loser. Samsung, LG etc, are all losers.

  • that guy_23501 5 years ago

    i really need a qwerty touch screen smartphone now. this seems like a very good phone... just a few questions, is ti avialible wit rogers and what is the price??

  • Kathleen Synea 5 years ago

    I know from all of the comments bellow that a lot of people like this phone, but is this phone actually reliable? Like is it a phone that will last a long time (meaning year(s))? It's Samsung and I'm not all too familiar with phone brands Samsung good? More specifically is this Samsung phone good and will last long? Thanks!

  • puffy ammy ummi 5 years ago

    thats all fine and dandy, but how much does it cost? in not trying to be rude but people need this kind of information

  • lalalala 3 years ago

    how much does it cost???

  • Grindale P. 3 years ago

    The Samsung Ultra Smart currently cost between $360 - $470 depending on the retailer you'll be getting it from.

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