Samsung Ultra Smart Touch-Screen Qwerty Phone: iPhone's Vader

Brian Brotarlo 7 years ago

Beating the Apple iPhone to the punch will require more than just 3G connectivity, slim dimensions and a higher megapixel count put Ultra Smarttogether. But what if you've got a phone with all three features with touch-screen and - a pause is called for at this point - a slide-out QWERTY keyboard all packed... another pause... in a slim design?

Samsung have just announced their latest Ultra offering and the F700, which is a smartphone with slide-out keyboard, HSDPA, a 5.0 MP camera and touch-screen, and built-in Wi-Fi, looks like an iPhone killer if there has ever been such a thing.

The QWERTY keyboard looks absolutely fantastic with big keys, minus the peripherals a separate row for numerals, F-functions, arrow keys, etc. The 2.78-inch touch-sensitive screen uses a Flash-based user interface, which will be a welcome site for Web addicts. Virtual controls will have enhanced usability because of VibeTonz.

More info, especially with regards to pricing and date of availability, next month during the 3GSM World Congress.

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  • j h b 7 years ago

    this is phone is really cool it looks so good and i like the full keyboard

  • zbiggie 7 years ago

    the keyboard is key. many people will love, especially if they have openoffice functanality, The camera is also great at 5mpx you are looking at great pictures, as long as the lense is good quality, and hopfully it comes with a stocked onboard memory at least 2G with a decent proccesor

  • Koussay 7 years ago

    damn guys this fone is IT u no the only problem though?? the samsung logo is vertically and not horizontally which is fukd up :) and they should make it shiny black and also white colors

  • ross bell 6 years ago

    how much memory has the phone got ???

  • faroukh 6 years ago

    is this available in canada? and is it availible with telus?