Rogers Wireless Announces the Debut of HSDPA in Canada

Brian Brotarlo 9 years ago

HSDPARogers Wireless, Canada's biggest GSM provider, has just announced their delivery of High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) in Canada.

HSDPA is a next generation wireless technology (3.5G) that allows you to send and receive data quickly (up to 3.6MB/s in downlink). This makes mobile computing such as web browsing or emailing practical instead of just bearable. "For mobile workers, HSDPA is the great equalizer," said John Boynton, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Rogers Wireless. "Whether you're in the office or on the road will no longer dictate how fast you can access your data. From now on, wireless subscribers can enjoy high-speed mobile Internet and multimedia downloads at speeds previously possible only on a wired connection."

Currently available in the greater Toronto region (more cities to follow next year), Rogers' HSDPA service will work on your laptop in conjunction with the Sierra Wireless AirCard 860. The 860 will be available at Rogers Wireless locations starting November 24 for an introductory price of $49.99 with a three year term or $349.99 with a one or two year term. Existing data price plans apply.

If you want HSDPA on your phone instead of your laptop, you'll need to hold out a bit longer. Roger's offers no definite timeline but we should expect to see an HSDPA compatible handset on Rogers before Christmas.

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  • Jen_3717 9 years ago

    now i just need to hold out for apple to drop this into their mac book pro!

  • Haj 9 years ago

    Forget about the Crap Book Pro, Dell allready has HSDPA cards built-in to their laptops. Now if only Rogers and Fido release an unlimited data plan for a decent price then we'll be set.

  • ed_25483 8 years ago

    ha..! GREAT! 3.6MB/s... (considering they charge 25$ for a 1MB plan.. (7$ extra per MB) ).. Way to go Rogers..

  • CR 8 years ago

    Showing a SAMSUNG ? The last phone I would buy. Chinese brands are suffering in technology, support, upgrades, etc.... Why not show a Sony Ericson, Iphone, Nokia, etc to show a Samsung in the posting is just showing the level of the poster

  • CR 8 years ago

    AND please have a look at 3 This is what you want, and not a Samsung. Have a look at their website, any Samsungs ???? Jesus

  • CR 8 years ago

    Aaaaannnd may be you do like this as well ??? Cheers

  • EK 8 years ago

    Hay CR, First, SAMSUNG is a Korean brand not Chinese. And indeed Chinese branded cell phone is not in international market yet. They only exist in China and Hong Kong. BTW most of the Mxx and Nxx cell phones are make in China now but SAMSUNG is make in Korea. For Sony unless you know Japanese otherwise most non-Japanese version are make in China. Second I agree the real Chinese brand name cell phone has serious support problem but not really technology because they have cell phone with dual card, dual standby (both cards are ready all the time. That means you can have people calling either number w/o paying roaming/long distance charge. Of course it comes w/ all other features like camera, mp3, mp4 and lives TV (that let you watch all TV channel not only the one sent by your phone provider). The only branded name phone has dual card is Philips and it is single standby. People said it was because there is some problem with the dual card/ dual standby technology so no big cell maker want to produce it. But I would say it because the market is not there. How many of you need work across the border and need to go back and forward at least once everyday? And in North America, you will need to sign up a plan in most case, so even you can get dual card it may not worth. I would said unless you got a very good pay-as-you-go plan from one end and good monthly plan on the other this kind of business will not happen in North America. Well come to any comment.

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