Nokia Music for Lumia smartphones launched in the US

David Gonzales about 1 year ago
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Nokia has announced the availability of a new music streaming service in the US called Nokia Music for users of its Windows Phone-powered Lumia smartphones. The service will be available free of charge and users won't be subjected to ads during usage either. There are currently 150 playlists on offer with the service, which will come pre-loaded on the Lumia 710 and Lumia 900.

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  • Users of Nokia Music can download playlists and stations to listen to them offline.
  • Nokia Music will be compatible with the upcoming WP8 handsets that Nokia is expected to announce this week.

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Best of all, the free service doesn’t include those pesky advertisements that interrupt the flow of your tunes, which are typical of free music streaming services. - Anthony Domanico, Intomobile  
Into Mobile
Nokia’s free streaming music app launches in US for Lumia devices  

Users will also be able to download playlists and stations for offline listening for those times where a ready data connection isn’t available.

Free Nokia Music Streaming Service Launches for U.S. Lumia Owners  

Traditional wisdom assures us that the quickest way to a person’s heart is through his stomach, but Nokia is hoping to win over phone owners by taking a different route entirely: through their ears.

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Nokia Music free music streaming service launched for Lumia devices in USA  

Nokia Music's GIG FINDER locates a consumer's position and pinpoints live concerts, gigs and shows taking place in their local area, taking their level of interaction with their favorite artists beyond the playlist and Nokia Music's mp3 store.

Nokia Launches Free Music Streaming Service  

Nokia Lumia owners now have exclusive access to Nokia Music, a no-cost, advertisement-free music streaming app currently featuring over 150 playlists that just launched today.

Nokia trumpets new free music service in US  

Nokia is making a good case for users to try out its Spotify rival, making the service available both for free and ad-free with the ability to still access playlists offline.

Nokia Music unveils free music streaming for U.S.  

Nokia brags about their service having over 150 playlists from Detroit house to Classical music.

Venture Beat
Nokia launching free streaming music service on Lumia Windows phones  

And like popular streaming services Pandora and Spotify, Nokia Music also offers users a way to create “smart” radio stations based on musicians/bands or specific songs.

Nokia Music launches in the US  

American Lumia owners will be able to download the Nokia Music app from the Nokia Collection in the Marketplace.

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Nokia debuts free music streaming service in the USA
WM Power User
Nokia Launches Free Music Streaming Service For Lumia Windows Phone Users In USA

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