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An affordable phablet with a big and bright display

ZTE Grand X Max+

from Laptop Magazine (1 day ago)

If you've been yearning for an extra-large Android phone but are on a tight budget, the $199 ZTE Grand X Max+ is a solid buy. The phablet's 6-inch display produces bright and beautiful images (albeit at a relatively low 720p resolution), and its 9-hour-plus battery life ensures that you can take thi... More


The best budget phablet you can buy

ZTE Grand X Max+

from Cnet (6 days ago)

The ZTE Grand X Max+ has its faults. Its call quality could be clearer, and its wide, slick construction makes it difficult to hold. In addition, compared to high-end devices like the Nexus 6, Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus, its processor is a bit sluggish.But as far as budget phablets go, the $200... More


A big, stylish, and sensible smartphone

ZTE Grand X Max+

from Phone Scoop (12 days ago)

ZTE did a fine job with the Grand X Max+. It owns a great spot in Cricket's roster of handsets and should do well for the prepaid carrier. The hardware is about the best I've seen from ZTE. The glass sandwich design is sleek and appealing. The materials are quite good and I was pleased with the qual... More


For phablet lovers on a budget


from Phone Scoop (28 days ago)

ZTE did a decent job with the ZMax. It's a solid device that gets most of the basics right, though there's nothing particularly awesome about it. It’s well made, but relies on ZTE's rather staid design language.The main selling point of any phablet should be the screen. As much as I like the Z... More

Budget Android sacrifices specs for low price

ZTE Grand X

from Cnet (about 1 month ago)

Although the ZTE Grand X is inexpensive for a prepaid device, Cricket has many other Android phones that perform faster and better at the same price or less. The most inexpensive option is the $60 LG Optimus L70. Like the Grand X, the handset isn't LTE enabled, and it has a smaller, 4.5-inch display... More


Adequate for the price

ZTE Kis 3 Max

from Recombu (2 months ago)

The ZTE Kis 3 Max benefits from a better camera, longer battery life and a different look compared with its predecessor, making it a solid device for those who want to keep their phone usage cheap. At £64.99 including a £10 top-up, it's £20 more expensive than the Kis 3. However, t... More


A big phone without the big price


from Android Authority (2 months ago)

ZTE is able to bring a large screen experience to the very affordable segment of the Android space, but does so under a decidedly mid-range scope. When you factor in how affordable it is, the ZTE ZMax stands out from the pack. After all, there are plenty of people out there that want to enjoy a larg... More


Large in size, its specs might not impress, but it has enough pleasing qualities to like


from PhoneArena (3 months ago)

Looking at the overall package, we can say that the ZTE ZMAX is as generic as they get, but for a phablet, we’re content to know that it’s accompanied with an affordable price tag of $252 outright. Certainly, it’s the least features rich phablet we’ve come across, as it mostl... More


It’s every bit a budget Android phone

ZTE Blade Q Mini

from TrustedReviews (3 months ago)

If you can look beyond the stuttery performance and keep in mind the price, the ZTE Blade Q Mini is one of the best really cheap phones you can buy outside the second-hand market.


Will appeal to large-screen fans on a tight budget


from PC Magazine (3 months ago)

In its quest for relevancy in the U.S., ZTE is starting at the bottom. That's not necessarily a bad thing—the level of quality for entry-level Android phones has never been higher, and the Zmax helps raise the bar for low-cost, big-screen devices. It's aggressively priced and manages to avoid... More


Best $200 i have ever spent.

ZTE Grand X Max+

(1 day ago)


A little disappointed.

ZTE Quartz

(9 days ago)

Just bought this phone. It recognizes that a sd card is installed but won't read it. I needed to reinstall all apps and lost some data from my old Android phone.


Will never buy another ZTE phone

ZTE Whirl

(16 days ago)

I am not happy at all with this phone. It cuts off in the middle of phone calls all the time.


Don't buy this phone!

ZTE Compel

(19 days ago)

This phone has a major flaw. Even though you can add a SD card to the phone, you can't move any apps to it. The phone comes loaded with many useless apps that you can't remove. The first time you try to update the apps that come with the phone you will run out of space.


Worst cell I've owned, not user friendly, keyboard is too small.

ZTE Majesty

(26 days ago)


I love this phone because...

ZTE Quartz

(28 days ago)

It's big, easy to use, runs fast for being a 3g. Large storage capacity and a great price. I might add that finding a case for it wasnt that hard. Just went to amazon and found 1 for $5. It also takes decent pics. Except the front facing ones but oh well can't have it all for $200


Wait till you change carriers

ZTE Grand X

(29 days ago)

after 2 1/2 hours on the phone to get away from PC to another carrier including time with Samsung and bell, they finally unlocked my prepaid phone service so I could accept another carriers SIM card But it cost me $ 50.00 to get it unlocked from PC. all the past 2 years I was under the impression t... More


I love this phone because it is really fast and because it is really big!

ZTE Grand X Plus

(about 1 month ago)

8 mp camera is good, I know it's not the best, but for this phone, it's really good. I love the resolution, it's clear and HD. This phone is awesome. It's from Android, so it works with Google Play... it's fast! Maybe it's not the fastest. it's really a good and beautiful phone... I compared the siz... More



ZTE Majesty

(about 1 month ago)

While this phone has been my companion for the past year, the journey hasn't been the best (nor my favorite). It storage space is its' biggest drawback with only 4 GB Rom and 768 MB Ram. This means you can only have a small amount of games/music/etc. (Also it doesn't matter what size SD card you put... More


I love this phone b/c the screen is large, the apps work great! Great sound! Great screen resolution!

ZTE Quartz

(about 1 month ago)

There are some things I don't like which, rating as an 8. The flash is too bright when trying to take a rear facing selfie. I cannot figure out to receive group texts back after I've sent a group text out. Other than that, the phone is great!


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