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The ZTE Nubia Z9 definitely knows how to put on a flagship show

ZTE Nubia Z9

from GSMArena (18 days ago)

When you create a unique product you get to set your own price. That's what ZTE did with the Nubia Z9 - it's undeniably unique, but it's only slightly cheaper than a Galaxy S6 edge. Does Nubia have the brand recognition to justify that price? Perhaps in China, but ZTE believes that's to be the case... More

Middle of the road, middle of the pack

ZTE Axon Pro

from The Verge (23 days ago)

I just can’t tell who it’s for. It’s loaded with high-end specs that would appeal to enthusiasts, but it’s not as aggressively priced nor as nicely designed as the OnePlus 2, which has similar hardware. It doesn’t have the cool customizability or great software features... More


A fine phone, but it's not the best phone for the money

ZTE Axon Pro

from Phone Scoop (25 days ago)

ZTE hopes consumers would rather spend $449 on the Axon Pro than $649 (or higher) for handsets like the One M9, G4, or Galaxy S6. In this case, the price point accurately reflects the value you're getting. The Axon Pro is a good high-end smartphone, but it only offers about three-quarters of the per... More


Solid build, a terrific performer, respectable battery life

ZTE Overture 2

from Android Guys (about 1 month ago)

I’ve very glad to have taken the Overture 2 through its paces. The performance that today’s entry-level Android can pull has left me quite impressed. If it weren’t for the main concerns I’ve raised (poor display, camera lighting issues, and miniscule internal storage space),... More


A commanding multimedia smartphone at a more-affordable-than-usual price

ZTE Axon Pro

from PC Magazine (about 1 month ago)

The Axon Pro gets four stars. It's a quality smartphone. But we're withholding the Editors' Choice here until we've seen how these three phones—and anything else similar that's coming out very soon—compare with each other in the real world.


Aggressively priced for a high-end, flagship phone

ZTE Axon Pro

from PhoneArena (about 1 month ago)

So, is it worth it to pick up the ZTE Axon Pro over some of the aforementioned devices? Naturally, that’s tough because there are still opportunities to advance its performance in the areas of its camera and battery life. If you’re looking for the savings in a high-end, flagship phone, y... More


A powerhouse that punches above its weight

ZTE Axon Pro

from Engadget (about 1 month ago)

I've got to hand it to ZTE: The Axon is the sort of powerful, budget-friendly phone I never thought the company would, or could, make. It's got gobs of power. It's mostly well-built. The camera isn't half-bad. And that tantalizing $450 price tag currently represents the floor -- the least amount of... More

Although shutterbugs should avoid this phone, it's still an attractive deal for bargain hunters

ZTE Grand X Max+

from Reviewed (2 months ago)

Ultimately, the Grand X Max+ is not a long-term smartphone solution; it is a short-term compromise, and only fit for someone who wants a big screen, a long-lasting battery, and doesn't care about the camera. If that sounds like you, the Max+ might be a proper suitor. The relationship is destined to... More


Slow processor, sluggish camera, screen is unresponsive

ZTE Blade L2

from Know Your Mobile (3 months ago)

While other low-cost Android phones have surprised us by offering accomplished packages for not much outlay, the Blade L2 has all the trappings of a device produced on a shoestring. It's thin and looks nice enough, but the screen often fails to register input, the internal memory is limited, the OS... More


A decent device for the price

ZTE Blade S6

from Coolsmartphone (3 months ago)

It has been nice to use the ZTE Blade S6 over the last week as it has been refreshing to see such a new phone from a Chinese manufacturer coming straight to market. Beyond the initial launcher it is a clean(ish) Android Lollipop experience. Whilst it does have some shortcomings in a few areas, this... More


Crappy storage space

ZTE Zephyr

(11 days ago)

This phone has like no Internal storage. I wasted money on a 32 GB SD card thinking that would help, but you can't move apps to it. As a person that likes to have a lot of apps on the phone this was a terrible choice because you can only have like 2 at a time.


Because it look's good for me


(22 days ago)


Phone is okay

ZTE Maven

(about 1 month ago)

This phone is alright as a replacement for my galaxy 3. My contract ends in a month and my galaxy is junk. Can't play my music from my sd card, that's a big turn off . Still not sure if I'll keep this phone though. Can't find a case for it.


I love this phone....

ZTE Quartz

(about 1 month ago)

Love the size, great battery life, works great, very fast! Love everything about it!


Phablet on Verizon under $199 with great specs

ZTE Lever

(about 1 month ago)

4GLTE big screen lot's of power


Not the best.

ZTE Zephyr

(2 months ago)

The only reason that I am giving this a 2 star is because this is, unfortunately, my first touch screen phone and I enjoy using the apps... At least the few that I am able to even download. As Brenda has mentioned in her review, the ZTE Zephyr series does not support the transferring of apps to th... More


This phone is amazing

ZTE Lever

(2 months ago)


Slow all the time

ZTE Paragon

(3 months ago)

Doesn't play videos well.


Do not waste your money.

ZTE Zephyr

(3 months ago)

Unable to transfer files to sd card. my sd card is fine and able to be used on my samsung android with no problems and the Zephyr can read my sd card just will not allow me to transfer anything to it from the app settings. the card is also able to read by my computer while in the Zephyr but yet tec... More


It is perfect

ZTE Nubia Z7 Max

(4 months ago)

fast,clear ,eazy to manage


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