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Adequate for the price

ZTE Kis 3 Max

from Recombu (9 days ago)

The ZTE Kis 3 Max benefits from a better camera, longer battery life and a different look compared with its predecessor, making it a solid device for those who want to keep their phone usage cheap. At £64.99 including a £10 top-up, it's £20 more expensive than the Kis 3. However, t... More


A big phone without the big price


from Android Authority (16 days ago)

ZTE is able to bring a large screen experience to the very affordable segment of the Android space, but does so under a decidedly mid-range scope. When you factor in how affordable it is, the ZTE ZMax stands out from the pack. After all, there are plenty of people out there that want to enjoy a larg... More


Large in size, its specs might not impress, but it has enough pleasing qualities to like


from PhoneArena (about 1 month ago)

Looking at the overall package, we can say that the ZTE ZMAX is as generic as they get, but for a phablet, we’re content to know that it’s accompanied with an affordable price tag of $252 outright. Certainly, it’s the least features rich phablet we’ve come across, as it mostl... More


It’s every bit a budget Android phone

ZTE Blade Q Mini

from TrustedReviews (about 1 month ago)

If you can look beyond the stuttery performance and keep in mind the price, the ZTE Blade Q Mini is one of the best really cheap phones you can buy outside the second-hand market.


Will appeal to large-screen fans on a tight budget


from PC Magazine (about 1 month ago)

In its quest for relevancy in the U.S., ZTE is starting at the bottom. That's not necessarily a bad thing—the level of quality for entry-level Android phones has never been higher, and the Zmax helps raise the bar for low-cost, big-screen devices. It's aggressively priced and manages to avoid... More


Powerful Phone Let Down by Mediocre Software


from NDTV (2 months ago)

The ZTE V5 is available exclusively on Snapdeal for Rs. 10,999 and this undercuts the price of the Moto G (Gen 2) by Rs. 2,000. However, the middling software performance is a big letdown for the phone and other options such as the Asus Zenfone 5 and Lumia 630 look better in comparison. Buy this pho... More


Low price, sleek design, and LTE support

ZTE nubia 5S mini

from PC Magazine (2 months ago)

Though it may never enjoy the same brand cachet as Samsung or Apple, ZTE has a winner on its hands with the Nubia 5s mini. It's a classy device that rivals phones from more established players in terms of quality and attention to detail. And aside from Motorola, most of those companies aren't intere... More


A good phone hobbled by one glaring flaw


from Digit (2 months ago)

While the ZTE V5 looks like a really good smartphone on the face of it, you realise that it has a big achilles heel that makes it hard to recommend. There are plenty of better options that this, available in both lower and higher prices.


An affordable, neatly-built handset

ZTE nubia 5S mini

from Android Authority (3 months ago)

It’s a great phone in a market with great competition. I can say the build quality, design and camera would make me choose it over the Moto G if I could afford it. Then again, if I had the extra cash I would also choose a OnePlus One or a Nexus 5 over the Nubia 5S Mini.


Impressive performance and display

ZTE Grand S Pro

from Laptop Magazine (3 months ago)

For $100 plus a two-year contract, U.S. Cellular has better options than the ZTE Grand S Pro. While its graphic performance and display are impressive, the short battery life, deceptive camera and outdated version of Android give us pause. We would be more inclined to spend $100 more for the Samsung... More



ZTE Concord

(2 days ago)

It starts out good, like others say, but that quickly changes. Pro: -good battery life (around 10+ hrs for me) -easy to use Con: -super low space...can't download many apps -sometimes randomly turns off and on - slow picture messaging



ZTE Nubia Z7 Max

(5 days ago)

This is such a great phone for indian users. 3G speed is comparatively poor in india. It will support CDMA/EVDO Rev B as well, CDMA Plans are very cheap in india and giving very good coverage and service (MTS and RCOM). Its dual standby support help you to use your existing GSM and upgrade to CDMA E... More


Great phone for A 7 YEAR OLD!!!!!

ZTE Concord

(9 days ago)

LOOKS like a good phone out of box just don't download anything.eats up all memory phone runs slow,out dated and cant be upgraded. will not let u download things u need because phone is not compatable with todays apps!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!


Waste of money/crapiest phone ever

ZTE Majesty

(19 days ago)

Worst phone ever. Do not buy ZTE, they will not help you phone works on and off, locks up, constant problems. Would rate 0/10 but wasn't an option


These phones sucks!


(22 days ago)

I wish I could give the ZTE company "0". My phone was not even 6 months old when the thing did not want to work no more. Boost said I have a 1 year manufacture warranty with ZTE. I sent the phone to them and they said it was going to take 10 business days to fix and now it's been going to 7 weeks al... More


Just bought this phone and am already over it

ZTE Grand X Max

(24 days ago)

I'm not sure why I can send pic messages but not receive them I have notification showing 5 messages but nothing there!!! I really hope I didn't waste $200 on this phone


Waste of money!!

ZTE Solar

(27 days ago)

No network connection and no 3g connection more throughout the day then connected. Phone loses connection all day long to where I can't even make a call. P.O.S. do not purchase. Biggest waste of money on phone purchase I've ever made. I truly regret buying this phone. They shouldn't even sell it.


Shuts down, Unreliable


(28 days ago)

Had this phone a few months now. It was my first smart phone so the price was good. The first couple of months it was good then it began to shut down when I rec'd incoming calls(?). Now it shuts down at incoming calls, outgoing calls and when ever it feels like it. Missed several calls.


Good Grief!

ZTE Majesty

(about 1 month ago)

It's a mess, nothing but a mess. If you like fiddling with your phone all the time this phone is for you. You'll receive next to NO help from Straight Talk or ZTE. Whenever I turn on GPS the phone wants to shut down. A mess, I tell you, nothing but a mess.


Worst phone in existence!

ZTE Majesty

(about 1 month ago)

Where to start...the screen is non-responsive. You have to repeatedly touch a link to get it to do anything. I get numerous calls where the phone never rings--same thing with my text notification. People call and can't hear me say anything, or my voice is garbled. Worse phone I've ever owned. Steer... More


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