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An attractive, yet inexpensive phone

ZTE Grand X 3

from Phone Scoop (5 days ago)

The ZTE Grand X 3 is a very good phone, especially considering its $130 price. I'd call it a bargain. The phone is attractive and well-made with appealing materials. The screen is good enough, and wireless performance was about average. Battery life is excellent.


Mediocre camera quality is a notable drag, but it's a capable phone if you're on a tight budget


from Cnet (20 days ago)

Ultimately, the ZMax 2 is worth buying if you absolutely won't spend more than $100 all in, but if you've got some flexibility, I'd suggest just about any other phone with a better camera Ultimately, when it comes to the ZMax 2, you'll need to make some compromises (namely with the camera). But the... More


Affordable, sturdy design, solid audio


from PC Magazine (about 1 month ago)

With a good design and a low price, the Zmax 2 stands out against other prepaid phones on AT&T in terms of price and performance. However, the unlocked ZenFone 2 Laser and the One Touch Idol 3 offer more powerful processors, higher-resolution displays, and better cameras than the Zmax 2, and $70... More


Made from heavy metal, but has a light price

ZTE Axon

from Digital Trends (about 1 month ago)

The Axon isn’t a perfect phone, or even a perfect mid-range phone, but it’s got a lot going for it anyway. Describing it as ‘premium value’ is accurate. The build and materials used should be considered premium, and for $330 unlocked, it’s hard to argue with the Axon.Pe... More


Worth a look for the price

ZTE Axon

from WhatsYourTech (2 months ago)

The overall performance picture falls in line with what mid-range smartphones are typically capable of today, and the Axon is no exception. It sits nicely within that space, but doesn’t quite have enough to leapfrog ahead of the pack in every aspect. It does some things better, but not everyth... More

Big, bulky, and just enough

ZTE Max+

from Android Guys (3 months ago)

The phone feels a little bulky however it is not actually all that thick. A lot of it comes down to the bezel around the display and the extra space above and below the screen. If you’re not happy holding or using a 4.5-inch or 5-inch phone, this one might feel unwieldy. We found the HD displa... More


It's really great to hold, look at, and operate

ZTE Nubia Z9

from PhoneArena (4 months ago)

So the Nubia Z9 is a uniquely designed handset, with powerful hardware under the hood. But would we suggest one spends $600 on it? In its current state – most certainly not. While the Nubia Z9 does have the hardware and design down, and while the camera has great potential, the software is ce... More


The ZTE Nubia Z9 definitely knows how to put on a flagship show

ZTE Nubia Z9

from GSMArena (5 months ago)

When you create a unique product you get to set your own price. That's what ZTE did with the Nubia Z9 - it's undeniably unique, but it's only slightly cheaper than a Galaxy S6 edge. Does Nubia have the brand recognition to justify that price? Perhaps in China, but ZTE believes that's to be the case... More

Middle of the road, middle of the pack

ZTE Axon Pro

from The Verge (5 months ago)

I just can’t tell who it’s for. It’s loaded with high-end specs that would appeal to enthusiasts, but it’s not as aggressively priced nor as nicely designed as the OnePlus 2, which has similar hardware. It doesn’t have the cool customizability or great software features... More


A fine phone, but it's not the best phone for the money

ZTE Axon Pro

from Phone Scoop (6 months ago)

ZTE hopes consumers would rather spend $449 on the Axon Pro than $649 (or higher) for handsets like the One M9, G4, or Galaxy S6. In this case, the price point accurately reflects the value you're getting. The Axon Pro is a good high-end smartphone, but it only offers about three-quarters of the per... More


Just received it

ZTE Quartz

(18 days ago)

Just received my phone and find it easy to use except accessing voicemail. I am used to accessing vm with one button, now I need 4 steps, a bit annoying.


I dislike this phone because you can't buy a phone case for it.

ZTE Grand X 2

(21 days ago)

The Phone is good, the accessories (or lack of a case) is horrible. if you are thinking of purchasing this phone do yourself one favour first. Ask the store if they have any cases for this phone, while they are "looking in the back" gradually walk away. Don't believe them if they say they are on o... More


I detest this phone because....

ZTE Obsidian

(21 days ago)

they hocked this to me for $100 even at the store. after 2 weeks, malfunction after malfunction. oh well, i guess 2.3/10 says it all. maybe after my review it'll be 2.29/10


Big screen 4g lovin it, better than old phobe

ZTE Lever

(27 days ago)


Predatory sales practices

ZTE Z432

(28 days ago)

with no way to disable incoming text or block unknown numbers from texting the 20 cents per text adds up. I've been charged $2 today ALONE on texts for someone that I've never met who lives in Arizona while I live in Illinois. Seriously considering class action lawsuit.


It's not a bad phone just

ZTE Zephyr

(30 days ago)

It's not a bad phone just wish u could move apps to SD card


Pure Garbage!!

ZTE Aspect

(about 1 month ago)

Remember back when phones were so incredible unreliable? Remember back before the age of Smartphones? Remember before a camera could only do 2.0 mega pixels? Do you like nostalgia? If so, then this is the phone for you!! I had a Samsung Freeform II from 2010, that had far more capabilities than thi... More


Battery use is terrible. Doesn't last very long even when put on lowest settings.

ZTE Obsidian

(about 1 month ago)


I hate this phone because....

ZTE Maven

(about 1 month ago)

It's the second one I've bought so I know this must happen to others also. When you first buh it its a good phone. Easy to learn fun to use. Runs smoothly for a couple days. After a few days it starts to show its real colors. It starts to act up a little. After a few months it will automatically loc... More


Turns off randomly and freezes that way

ZTE Warp Elite

(about 1 month ago)

with a full battery this phone will still turn off randomly, but not all the way (still flashing blue light) but will not turn on again. May turn on by itself in an hour...or never. Trash.


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