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good phone

Vtech A700

(over 9 years ago)

it does not weigh you down, it has a good ringer and vibrates too!!!! One small phone, no frills but it worked well too bad fido discontinued it


fido cell phone

Vtech A700

(over 9 years ago)

This cell phone ain't that bad! however y ain't there any composer feature? y do all other cellphones have it but not v-tech fido cellphones?


better than my siemens

Vtech A700

(over 9 years ago)

i find this phone really easy to use, i think its the lightest phone on the market!


great little phone!

Vtech A700

(over 9 years ago)

i bought one of these on ebay they are great little phones, i love the tetris game!


A nokia copy

Vtech A700

(over 10 years ago)

An ok phone compared to my old Nokia 3390 and 5190 but much much better in everthing compared to the nokia 3586i and mitsubishi g310


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