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Big display and decent performance with good battery life

Sony Xperia M2

from Know Your Mobile (5 days ago)

Do you want a big screen, or a good screen? This is the question the Sony Xperia M2’s chances boil down to. Having a 4.8-inch display is great, but you miss out on the pristine, sharp look you get from a 720p phone like the the 4G Motorola Moto G or Alcatel One Touch Idol S.Aside from the scre... More


A competent entry-level phone in several respects

Sony Xperia E1

from Know Your Mobile (6 days ago)

“You get what you pay for.” It’s a tired saying trotted out by desperately irritating people, often telling you off for trying to get a bargain. However, it does apply to the Sony Xperia E1 to an extent. While a serviceable little phone, it isn’t quite the bargain that some o... More


Another solid tablet from Sony, but it just doesn’t do quite enough against the mighty iPad

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet

from What Hi-Fi (22 days ago)

Overall, the Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 is an impressive piece of kit – with its superb screen and sound, battery capacity and user-friendly interface, it ticks all the right boxes to deserve a place on your shortlist.It doesn’t merit the full five stars, however, for a number of important re... More


Thin and lightweight with fantastic battery life and decent performance

Sony Xperia T2 Ultra

from UnleashThePhones (22 days ago)

Sony has created an incredible mid-range phablet with the Xperia T2 Ultra and there’s just simply no other 6 inch phone in this price range that is as much value-for-money. If you’re on a tight budget and end up picking one up, I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

A small, affordable Android phone that makes sense for people who want to steer clear of expensive contracts

Sony Xperia E1

from TrustedReviews (22 days ago)

The Sony Xperia E1 is a decent value entry-level Android phone, but hardware compromises matched with some performance and stability issues mean you can get better for under £80.

An immaculate high-end smartphone

Sony Xperia Z2

from What Mobile (about 1 month ago)

It may not have evolved much, but the Xperia Z2 is still a powerful smartphone that can match its rivals in terms of power and usability. The lack of design innovation and similar specs may put off owners of the Z1and the large size may not appeal to fans of smaller devices, but ultimately this is s... More

A mid-range model with big aspirations

Sony Xperia M2

from NDTV (about 1 month ago)

We think Sony has cut far too many corners with the M2. The screen is not that great, and its sluggish performance in daily usage is a downer. Even at reduced prices, the Sony Xperia M2 Dual doesn't feel like a good bargain considering the Moto G works out as better value for money. However, what th... More

The phablet with the phenomenal battery life

Sony Xperia T2 Ultra

from Digital Versus (about 1 month ago)

Sony's second phablet almost lands right on the money. More reasonably sized (and priced) than the Z Ultra, it has a good display, fantastic battery life, good multimedia capabilities and decent responsiveness, which doesn't leave many cons... The biggest problem we can see, beyond its intrinsic per... More


Feels every bit like a high-end Android phone

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

from UnleashThePhones (about 1 month ago)

The Z1 Compact fills a niche that has been largely ignored by pretty much every other smartphone maker on the planet save for Apple. For all the hardware diversity within the Android ecosystem, there really is nothing like it, and as a result it should be a downright astounding device. I adore the d... More

A option for users looking for an affordable, more basic smartphone

Sony Xperia E1

from Notebookcheck (about 1 month ago)

Sony's Xperia E1 has a lot to offer. Being compact and well-built, its looks are more a matter of taste. The choice of materials makes a cheap impression, but not the equipment - of all features, particularly the Walkman function with a dedicated hardware button alongside a powerful music player app... More


Worst Phone I ever owned

Sony Xperia SP

(2 months ago)

While using the Sony Companion computer update, I was told after many hours of trying to upgrade that I needed an older version of windows to complete the upgrade. After finding a computer with Windows 7 and upgrading, I have lost most of my text messaging alerts and was told by Sony chat line that... More


Good phone

Sony Xperia Z2

(2 months ago)

The phone is on the all in all the phone is great. The biggest problem is battery life is very poor.


GREAT phone, but cheap

Sony Xperia SP

(4 months ago)

Its got a good processor (1.7g) and ok ram (1g). these are some of the tech specs. I like this phone because it cheaper and not bad. now I mean if you are a person that does constant high performce then you need to look at the lg g2, or the nexus 5. as I said the if you want high performce then look... More


Only one to say sony sony and sony. i love sony.

Sony Xperia E1

(4 months ago)

Sony is gold . top AL time in the world


Awesome phone.. no issues

Sony Xperia C

(4 months ago)

nice phone


Worst phone ever!

Sony Ericsson W518a

(6 months ago)

I use to love this phone, but that was when I first got it . it was like the newest thing out there . I've used it a lot, but I am starting to really want to throw this phone out the window.every time I try to send a message it says" Out Of Memory"! I really hate this stupid phone , and I suggest t... More


Great flagship device

Sony Xperia Z1

(6 months ago)

This is an undoubtedly excellent phone put out by Sony, but nothing is without drawbacks. The camera is of course excellent which is my original reason for buying the phone. I am also happy with the battery life which gets me about a day and a half. This thing does not lack in performance either... More


Hard to like this phone when it doesn't work!

Sony Xperia Z1

(6 months ago)

Just bought the phone. Only owned it for a couple weeks and was enjoying it until the screen shattered while in my coat pocket. I was just sitting in a chair and the phone was not dropped or hit on anything. Unlike the iPhone the sony does not work at all with a broken screen and big surprise it's n... More



Sony Xperia ZL

(11 months ago)

I love this phone it's epic. I managed to root and switched to eXistenZ honami rom after lurking xda and learning how to mod and flash recovery files, edit build.prop for smoothness. As well I would get around 20-25 hour battery normal usage of internet, texting, music, phone calls, etc xD I also us... More


I like it

Sony Xperia Z

(about 1 year ago)

It's a cool phone


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