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Durable but everything else disappoints

Sanyo Taho

from PhoneDog (4 years ago)

After testing out the Sanyo Taho, I'm somewhat disappointed by the features and performance. It wasn't quite as durable as I would have expected and I wish it had more features for those who are outdoors than what it ships with, perhaps a compass or pedometer. Battery performance was also disapp... More

A tough phone that gets the job done in other ways as well

Sanyo Taho

from PhoneArena (4 years ago)

The Sanyo Taho by Kyocera is one tough phone, but it gets the job done in other ways as well. Good call quality and battery life make the Taho attractive to the average user, while some nifty enterprise tools make the Taho a good choice for businesses. This phone isn’t going to sell a ton, but... More


The durable phone that makes good voice calls and does little else

Sanyo Taho

from Phone Scoop (4 years ago)

The hardware is mostly good, though I wish the dialpad buttons were a little easier to differentiate. The menu system and feature set are as basic as it gets, with little in the way of extras that could make using the phone enjoyable. Making calls is a snap, as is pecking out text messages, but... More

A basic feature phone for the older crowd who doesn’t want any bells and whistles

Sanyo Vero

from PhoneArena (4 years ago)

As the Vero is nothing much more than a phone we were hoping for great call quality and it delivered. Callers rated us an 8.5/10, saying that we sounded very good with no echoing, no excessive background noise and great overall clarity. They sounded very natural to us with good tone reproduction... More


The Sanyo Innuendo is good at what it does

Sanyo Innuendo

from PhoneArena (4 years ago)

Call performance on the Sanyo Innuendo was fairly good.  Callers sounded much more natural than we’ve come to expect from Sanyo phones.  They were loud and clear, an 8/10 on our end.  We found similar feelings on the other end as callers also rated us 8/10, saying that we so... More


Offers a solid mid-range feature set with a slick hidden front keypad

Sanyo Incognito

from PhoneArena (5 years ago)

One thing Sanyo does do consistently well is phone quality, and the Sanyo Incognito SCP-6760 keeps this tradition alive.  Callers were very impressed with how clear we sounded, giving us a 9/10 rating.  They sounded very good to us as well, voices were natural and the volume was good.&... More


The 2700 offers Sprint customers an inexpensive option to get their messaging fix while on the go

Sanyo Juno

from Phone Scoop (6 years ago)

For what it is, the 2700 covers the basics of messaging and phone functionalities well. Its target customer - pre-teens, Tweens, young teens - will be happy with how easily they can keep in touch with t heir posse via SMS, IM and emails. They'll also appreciate the smaller size of the phone and the... More

Quite enjoyable in terms of aesthetic features

Sanyo Katana Eclipse X

from MobileBurn (6 years ago)

The inside of the Eclipse X features a large keypad with with rectangular keys that seemed a bit stiff during use. The phone offers dedicated back, speaker, and camera buttons, but it should be noted that none of the keys located around the d-pad cluster can be read in the dark, even when the backli... More

It's a passable multimedia phone

Sanyo Katana DLX

from Wired (7 years ago)

Sanyo's newest weapon in the mobile phone wars has a decidedly old-fashioned design. Looks aside, it's a passable multimedia phone: The interface is efficient, and built-in GPS serves up turn-by-turn directions that beat static, collision-inducing Google Maps. Support for Sprint's TV and music servi... More


An excellent option for both audio and video fans alike

Sanyo M1

from MobileBurn (8 years ago)

The blocky Sanyo M1 is not exactly what you would call the sexiest phone on Sprint's shelves. But what it lacks on the outside, it makes up for on the inside with its numerous applications and utilities.The unassuming M1 is definitely a workhorse. Starting with its on-board 1GB of memory, Bluetooth... More

Being careful won't help...

Sanyo Mirro

(2 years ago)

This phone is good if you just want to do simple things like texting and making phone calls. Which is what i am looking for. Nothing major, just simple. But after a year the screen blacked out, though I could still use the phone for calling and could text if I put it up to a very bright, bright ligh... More


Don't buy a Sanyo!!! They treat their customers like Crap!!

Sanyo PRO-700

(3 years ago)

I bought 2 Sanyo PRO-700's for our landscaping business, I paid over $600 for both of them and both died about 4 days after the warrenty ( 1 year ) I called sanyo and explained that they died and I would like them to repair it. they asked if there was any damage to the phones. I told them that the 1... More


Fragile external screen

Sanyo PRO-700

(3 years ago)

As other have stated before, despite taking precautions and no visible damage the external lcd screen gave out. "Insurance' via credit card was no help either since the price of the phone is subsidized with phone plan. Make sure you buy the extended warranty if you must have this phone. If this... More


Was thinking of purchasing sanyo pro 700

Sanyo PRO-700

(3 years ago)

after checking reviews changed my mind thanks


Best cell ever had !!!

Sanyo SCP-7000

(3 years ago)

Bought this cell phone from sprint in 2007 and it is still working like new. It still has its original battery and I have drop it hundreds of time and it bounces like a rubber ball.


Screen display failed shortly after purchasing.

Sanyo PRO-700

(3 years ago)

My cell service provider sent the phone away for warranty repair. Sanyo said no warranty. Pay $140+ and they will fix the phone. The phone was returned not repaired. This is the last Sanyo phone I ever buy. I have several coworkers with the same phone all with the same problem.


Absolute trash

Sanyo S1

(3 years ago)

This phone is utter crap. Probably the most annoying thing is that it dials emergency numbers in your pocket (fair enough, most phones do) but retains the number on your screen indefinitely until you inadvertently press call. The text messaging has numerous flaws, too many to list here and the calli... More


Several Problems

Sanyo Katana Eclipse

(4 years ago)

My son and I both have this phone. He started having issues with his and I thought maybe it was a "fluke" because mine didn't have the issues. However, now mine is also having the same issues - turns itself off when plugged in to charge, freezes up if a text message comes in when another is going... More


Power Cycling Problem

Sanyo Taho

from Phonedog (4 years ago)

Pro: A cool rugidized phone that does not require a data plan. Con: Can hardly see the display in bright sun even with the brightness set to maximum. Phone will shut down on its own. Needs at least a 4 megapixel camera. Using experience: 60 days There is a problem with this phone where it will sh... More


Not for me.

Sanyo Taho

from Phonedog (4 years ago)

Pro: Nice look, compact and many features Con: Not reliable enough for my needs. Using experience: 48 days Just returned my Taho and re-instated my previous phone. The Taho would freeze or go black time after time, even after bringing it in for "repair". The only solution was to remove the batter... More


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