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Aunique Android smartphone thanks to its curved display

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

from Phone Scoop (3 days ago)

The Note Edge from Samsung is the Galaxy Note 4's more tempting cousin. Where the Note 4 is a safe choice, the Note Edge is a bit riskier thanks to the unknown value of the Edge Screen. The hardware is fantastic. It's a well-designed and well-built phone. Its dimensions may make the Note Edge too bi... More


Very impressive if you count some things out

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

from Softpedia (3 days ago)

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha looks good and feels good. However Samsung has already shown us it can do better than this. The Korean tech giant has introduced the A series (with A3 and A5 models) which are two extremely tight handsets coming with all-metal bods.However, even if the Alpha has a lot of pos... More


The edge of excellence

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

from Pocket-lint (4 days ago)

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is certainly a spectacle that will turn heads, and while we still can't see it taking off as the next big thing in terms of volume sales, it's a mighty fine modification of the Galaxy Note 4. We thought the Edge would be the benchmark of nonsense, but instead it's a benc... More

A ton of power baked into the hardware

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

from G Style Magazine (5 days ago)

Using the Galaxy Tab S, I actually enjoyed it more than I expected. The display looks great, response time is nice and its battery life is impressive. Dual speakers on the sides make it more useful as a media consumption device. Adding optional cases also feels like you have to be cautious snapping... More

A phone with an edge, in more ways than one

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

from Recombu (5 days ago)

The biggest barrier for the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is that it’s one of the most expensive handsets on the market right now, especially if you want it free on a contract, but it’s a device that needs to exist whether you think it makes sense or not.Like LG’s first G Watch, last ye... More


The next big thing is here

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

from Android Guys (6 days ago)

The Note 4 Edge is more expensive than the Note 4 by 100-150 dollars depending on who you buy it from as it is offered by a multitude of vendors. The Note 4 price, off contract, ranges from $700-800 dollars whereas the Note 4 Edge comes in between $900-950 dollars. It is easy to make the argument th... More

Puts functionality ahead of screen fidelity

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

from GSMArena (8 days ago)

While the Galaxy Grand Prime is no Galaxy S4, for a casual user (with less than perfect eyesight) the difference in price isn't proportionate to the difference in experience. Samsung could have put a little more heart in making the phone, but it's a fine device for this day, target market and price.

Smooth performance and good display but slightly on the expensive side

Samsung Galaxy Mega 2

from Fone Arena (16 days ago)

The Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 is a considerable upgrade to the Mega 6.3. It offers good performance and comes at a cheaper price tag compared to the Mega 6.3, but the camera is not impressive. At Rs. 20,900, the Mega 2 is slightly costly compared to its direct competitor, the Asus Zenfone 6 that has a b... More

Higher resolution display, better body, larger megapixel camera, and bigger battery

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

from G Style Magazine (19 days ago)

The Note series gets better with age and it definitely shows with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Its one of the best designed Samsung smartphones on the market body wise and the hardware its running is top notch. The battery life is impressive, its display is gorgeous and the look and feel of the phone... More

A big phone for a small price, but with few upgrades

Samsung Galaxy Mega 2

from PC Magazine (23 days ago)

Like the original, the Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 offers a whole lot of phone for a relatively low price. But the Mega 2 is no longer the only big-screen phone in town, and it's not the best value either. Paying $150 for a 6-inch, 720p display was a good deal last year. One year later, with few improveme... More


Camera not good and poor battery life

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime

(6 days ago)

Not a good phone camera and battery is just average watage of money


Samsung galaxy K zoom: an exceptional budgeted smartphone

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

(17 days ago)

I love this phone. Samsung galaxy k zoom is a perfect option for gadget lovers as well as for those who want to have the most latest and advanced smartphone that can act as a compact camera too whenever required. I bought this phone after checking all specification at Samsung India site and now I am... More


This phone is so annoyingly slow

Samsung Galaxy Ace II X

(17 days ago)

Will never buy samsung. You get what you pay for


The new Nokia

Samsung Galaxy Q

(24 days ago)

This phone is a tank. Dropped it in toilet bowl and let it die outside where it stayed for a full week. Despite constant raining and snowing, it worked right after the battery was charged. Just needed some rice. Not the most luxurious phone but definately works fine for clumpsy people like me!



Samsung Galaxy Discover

(about 1 month ago)

Wifi works when it wants to...rarely and for no apparent reasons. Freezes up in internet browsers and videoplayer whivh by the way i challenge you to find the videoplayer lol. The only way i can find it is to try to play a movie. You tube freezes up and even after battery out for a minute and fully... More


Not a fan of SAMSUNG PRODUCTS but I might have to leave my loyalty to LG OPTIMUS FAMILY behind.

Samsung Galaxy Amp

(about 1 month ago)

Rating at five until I have the phone aleast a month.Love the selfie camera. ALSO the jelly bean vs the gingerbread gives me so many more options than my old LG Dynamic. Bigger screen and more customizing options make viewing easier. Love the upgrade but hate that its not an LG BRAND.


Throw away phone is ok for basics

Samsung S390G

(about 1 month ago)

Cons: Likes to butt dial if not locked, and even then I've had it call 911 for me 3x. When you text, it likes to put a period in whenever you hit the space bar. Looks. Like. This. If you are careful & only touch the left side of the space bar it helps keep that in check. But should that be necessary... More


A Giant Step Backwards

Samsung Galaxy Avant

(2 months ago)

I had to buy a new phone (because my Galaxy SIII crashed and burned when I did a factory reboot. I went with the Avant because it's what I could afford. Big mistake. The entire system layout has been changed. What used to be the HOME button is now a second power-on switch (which means if you don't... More


Terrible battery life!

Samsung Galaxy Centura

(3 months ago)

The title says it all. I have never gone a whole day (one day) without the battery freaking out, AND....I have all the power saving stuff on. What a clunker!


Size, ease of use, features equal to iPhone

Samsung Galaxy Light

(3 months ago)

Good battery, music sounds great, easy to use, phone volume,Size, netflix and hulu look and work well. Pre installed apps etc ( loved that). It has a battery and sim card. You can add up to 32 gigs memory ( or more if I'm not mistaken). The price is the biggest draw. I bought 4 phones 2 of these an... More


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