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Improved on almost every aspect

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

from Mobile88 (3 days ago)

The Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is a worthy successor to the Galaxy Grand. It improves on the original in almost every key department, from the design to the processor right down to the battery. Even if we put aside the comparison with its predecessor, the Galaxy Grand 2 is a solid phone in its own right... More


The most luxurious Samsung Galaxy phone to date

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

from Cnet (4 days ago)

The Galaxy Alpha gets a lot of things right. Its metal frame easily makes it the most luxurious Galaxy phone around and its smaller size makes it very comfortable to hold. It's got plenty of power stuffed inside and the camera can take some brilliant shots. Its big letdown is undoubtedly its screen,... More


Flagship Samsung style in a more comfy, but less powerful, form

Samsung Galaxy S5 mini

from Cnet (5 days ago)

As it did with the S4 Mini and S3 Mini before it, Samsung has taken its flagship phone, watered down all of its specs, but kept the name of the top model. Those of you looking for elite specs in a more comfortable form will be disappointed. Instead, I suggest waiting a few weeks for more info on Son... More


Great build and decent display but mediocre performance

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK

from TabletPCReview (5 days ago)

For $180, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook is a great deal for those already heavily invested in Barnes & Noble Nook content outside of just ebooks, especially if they have an aging Nook Tablet or ancient Nook Color and are looking for an upgrade. It’s worth repeating that heavy ebook readers... More


A direct iPhone 6 competitor

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

from The Guardian (5 days ago)

The screen is noticeably less sharp compared to phones with 1080p screens while the lack of microSD card slot hampers how much music, movies and photos users can store, despite having 32GB of built-in storage.The Alpha is the best smaller smartphone Samsung has ever made and a solid competitor to th... More


Middling hardware specs with uninspired software offerings

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK

from Digital Trends (5 days ago)

It’s hard not to see the Galaxy Note 4 Nook as last-ditch effort from Barnes & Noble and something of an afterthought for Samsung. Between B&N’s reader-centric innovations and Samsung’s hardware prowess, this team could have designed a killer reading tablet. What we’r... More


Samsung's first truly premium quality phone

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

from Pocket-lint (6 days ago)

The Galaxy Alpha is the highest quality smartphone from Samsung yet thanks to its metal frame, lightweight build and slim design. Some will find the plastic back and 720p resolution screen too inferior compared to the competition to consider it a flagship handset, even if the £549 price tag is... More


Screen is simply a stunner

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

from Notebookcheck (7 days ago)

Just like its bigger brother, the screen is the biggest highlight of Samsung's Galaxy Tab S 8.4. It convinces with a large color space coverage and accurate color reproduction. Additionally, nothing stands in the way of outdoor use. Users who do not like the color intensive OLED screen can switch to... More


Latest small smartie with impressive specs

Samsung Galaxy S5 mini

from uSwitch (7 days ago)

If you like the S5 but want something smaller, chances are you’ll love the S5 Mini. But it’s not without its faults.There are plenty of compromises, its build quality isn’t going to win any awards, and some features still feel a bit ‘me too’.But it’s a decent hand... More


Stunning Quad HD screen, a powerful processor, camera improvements and more

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

from Computerworld (8 days ago)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is an impressive device. At first glance it's similar to the Galaxy Note 3, but with its Quad HD screen, extra power, improved S Pen and additional features, we imagine this will be flying off the shelves when it lands in October.

Size, ease of use, features equal to iPhone

Samsung Galaxy Light

(13 days ago)

Good battery, music sounds great, easy to use, phone volume,Size, netflix and hulu look and work well. Pre installed apps etc ( loved that). It has a battery and sim card. You can add up to 32 gigs memory ( or more if I'm not mistaken). The price is the biggest draw. I bought 4 phones 2 of these an... More


More than Garabage

Samsung Galaxy Q

(19 days ago)

Name anything that can go wrong with a phone, and you will end up with this phone. Anything from powering off in the middle of a conversation to not being able to download the smallest picture. Can't wait to get rid of it before I throw it in the garabage.


It may look like An s3 but TRUST ME...ITS NOT!!!!

Samsung Galaxy Discover

(about 1 month ago)

Phone is junk Great for ur 12yr old fb junkies



Samsung Galaxy Q

(2 months ago)

My Galaxy Q is a piece of garbage. Most apps takes ages for me to load or straight up freeze and shut down my phone. Also, it'll arbitrary decide to wipe itself clean from any MP3 files I add to it, so I can't use anything but the generic sounds for ringtones, alarms and various sound effects (that... More


Good phone undone by software glitches

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

(2 months ago)

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was renowned for large screen, fast processor & a mean camera to top it up. That was certainly the case when I bought the Note 3 with the Jellybean OS. Samsung due to some brain freeze decided to upgrade their OS to Kit Kat to address various pertinent issues with the phone.... More


Rugged Rugby

Samsung Rugby A837

(2 months ago)

I purchased this phone because it allegedly a tough phone. Inadvertently left it in my coveralls when I put them in the wash. After a 52 minute wash cycle I retrieved it and noted the phone was searching for a signal. After several days imbedded in rice to assist in the drying process it fired up to... More


Great economic phone!

Samsung Chrono 2

(3 months ago)


It's ok

Samsung Galaxy Discover

(3 months ago)

It likes to switch itself off randomly. If I charge it then switch if off at night, when I switch it on the next morning, it often says it has zero charge! It then charges as normal. Annoying! Other than that - no issues.


Very disappointed

Samsung Galaxy Ace II X

(3 months ago)

If I put this phone in my pocket it will: turn the sound off, change settings, pocket dial my contacts. Software with this phone (Kies) for the PC is crap. It's difficult to upload music, download pictures and half the time I plug my phone into the PC Kies can't find an attached device. I'm not a bi... More


Not impressed. At all.

Samsung Galaxy Ace II X

(3 months ago)

When I bought this phone obviously I did do my research and I knew I was not buying myself an iPhone, but I was very disappointed with the phones capabilities. It is very slow and frustrating. All of the appliances take forever to load, I am constantly deleting apps and disabling the phones built-in... More


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