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One of the best premium tablets

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

from Fone Arena (1 day ago)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is a solid upgrade compared to earlier Samsung Tablets. The stylus and Wacom Digitizer for pressure sensitive input are dedicated to Samsung Note series, so you don’t find in this tablet, but the display is just brilliant. Again, India gets the Exynos 5420 SoC for... More

Compact and lightweight with smooth performance

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0

from PC Magazine (5 days ago)

There's a ton of competition in the 7-inch realm, but even two years after its release (and one year after the latest incarnation), the Google Nexus 7 continues to trump new options that simply can't match its blend of performance, features, and price. Samsung's unimaginative update does little to g... More


Delivers a consistent and reliable Android big-screen tablet experience

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1

from PC Magazine (5 days ago)

Like its 7- and 8-inch siblings, the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 exudes mediocrity. The competition isn't quite as fierce in the 10-inch space, and most every other manufacturer is defaulting towards the low-end for their large screen tablets. As such, the Tab 4 compares favorably with tablets like the Asus T... More


A V8 in a field of ‘hot hatch’ tablets, but with a Formula-One price tag

Samsung Galaxy NotePRO

from APC (6 days ago)

If you’re after the benchmark for Android tablets – at least for size and price – this is it. The new Samsung Galaxy Note Pro features a huge 12.2-inch LCD panel with 2560×1600 pixel resolution.The toughest challenge for a tablet of this size though is achieving good battery... More


An average phone with an above average camera

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

from Android Authority (7 days ago)

It may be a phone and camera combined together, but there’s not much that makes it stand out. As a phone, it is a mid-range device, but as a camera, it does boast great picture quality and optical zoom. Whether you want it or not depends on how important optical zoom is to you, or if you&rsquo... More


Stupendously good hardware, but lags

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

from PC Pro (7 days ago)

As with most of Samsung’s recent flagship mobile products, the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is an excellent tablet that we’d be more than happy to own. It’s packed with useful features, the screen is beautiful, both battery life and performance are top-notch and the design is the very definit... More


Budget Android smartphone is cheap, not cheerful

Samsung Galaxy Fame

from PC Advisor (9 days ago)

There's nothing wrong with a cheap, functional smartphone, and the Galaxy Fame is exactly that. The trouble is that even at this price the Fame is being squeezed out by much better phones that cost roughly the same amount. Windows-toting Lumia 520 is a much better performer at a similar size, and th... More


Close to an ideal tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

from AlphaBeatic (12 days ago)

The Galaxy Tab S offers a little more bang for one’s buck and delivers a slightly more customizable Android experience than Apple’s rival tablet. The iPad Air, on the other hand, still feels a little slicker and runs a tad bit smoother. Your buying decision in this case will likely come... More

Fast and fluid, full of features

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

from ITProPortal (12 days ago)

Samsung is the leading Android manufacturer for good reason - it makes quality devices that people like. There is no mystery, or advertising brainwashing. It is a great tablet. It is fast and fluid, full of features and of course, has the best screen of any tablet. If you want to consume media, this... More


Best screen of any tablet with fast and fluid performance

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

from Beta News (13 days ago)

Samsung is the leading Android manufacturer for good reason -- it makes quality devices that people like. There is no mystery, or advertisement brainwashing. It is a great tablet. It is fast and fluid, full of features and of course, has the best screen of any tablet. If you want to consume media, t... More

It may look like An s3 but TRUST ME...ITS NOT!!!!

Samsung Galaxy Discover

(2 days ago)

Phone is junk Great for ur 12yr old fb junkies



Samsung Galaxy Q

(16 days ago)

My Galaxy Q is a piece of garbage. Most apps takes ages for me to load or straight up freeze and shut down my phone. Also, it'll arbitrary decide to wipe itself clean from any MP3 files I add to it, so I can't use anything but the generic sounds for ringtones, alarms and various sound effects (that... More


Good phone undone by software glitches

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

(16 days ago)

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was renowned for large screen, fast processor & a mean camera to top it up. That was certainly the case when I bought the Note 3 with the Jellybean OS. Samsung due to some brain freeze decided to upgrade their OS to Kit Kat to address various pertinent issues with the phone.... More


Rugged Rugby

Samsung Rugby A837

(27 days ago)

I purchased this phone because it allegedly a tough phone. Inadvertently left it in my coveralls when I put them in the wash. After a 52 minute wash cycle I retrieved it and noted the phone was searching for a signal. After several days imbedded in rice to assist in the drying process it fired up to... More


Great economic phone!

Samsung Chrono 2

(about 1 month ago)


It's ok

Samsung Galaxy Discover

(about 1 month ago)

It likes to switch itself off randomly. If I charge it then switch if off at night, when I switch it on the next morning, it often says it has zero charge! It then charges as normal. Annoying! Other than that - no issues.


Very disappointed

Samsung Galaxy Ace II X

(about 1 month ago)

If I put this phone in my pocket it will: turn the sound off, change settings, pocket dial my contacts. Software with this phone (Kies) for the PC is crap. It's difficult to upload music, download pictures and half the time I plug my phone into the PC Kies can't find an attached device. I'm not a bi... More


Not impressed. At all.

Samsung Galaxy Ace II X

(about 1 month ago)

When I bought this phone obviously I did do my research and I knew I was not buying myself an iPhone, but I was very disappointed with the phones capabilities. It is very slow and frustrating. All of the appliances take forever to load, I am constantly deleting apps and disabling the phones built-in... More


Don't really care for this phone

Samsung Galaxy Discover

(2 months ago)

I just switched from Walmart Family Mobile to straight talk because of lack of signal in my new area and I went from the Concord which is half the price to this phone. I hate that the settings, home and back icons only light up when you turn it on. The menu system is awful, hard to navigate and no... More


Fine phone when using the right app

Samsung Galaxy Ace II X

(2 months ago)

This phone was quite slow untill I install the Lighting launcher and the Smart Booster. It now works fine. Maybe not the most powerfull phone but giving the price, I can not complain. It does everything I need.


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