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Nearly indestructible

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

from Tom's Guide (4 days ago)

If you live life a little more dangerously than most, the Galaxy S6 Active is like a dependable James Bond gadget. It will work rain or shine, and it's got enough juice to last you more than a workday. Just as with the regular S6, you'll also enjoy speedy performance, a vivid display and an excellen... More


Unique design, superb performance

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

from What Mobile (6 days ago)

It’s hard not to be drawn to the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge’s unique design. The dual curved screen really makes it stand out from the competition, whilst the glass body and metal frame add to its premium design. Looks aren’t the only good thing the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge has goin... More


Impressive performance, premium build quality

Samsung Galaxy A3

from TechRadar (7 days ago)

With the Galaxy A3, Samsung has proved many doubters wrong, showcasing the Korean firm's ability to produce an incredibly well-made and premium-feeling all-metal smartphone. Unlike many bland mid-range options currently available, the Galaxy A3 truly offers something different, and while the co... More


Swift, rugged, and better than the S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

from Brighthand (7 days ago)

The Samsung Galaxy S6 active is more ruggedized than the S6. In fact, it’s more ruggedized than most other consumer smartphones. It has a bigger battery, excellent buttons, and an extremely useful Active key. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a more attractive device, has a fingerprint scanner, has var... More


Fast, apps load and switch quickly, the camera fires right up

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

from Droid Life (7 days ago)

The Galaxy S6 Active is for the most part, a really great phone. It has almost all of the good stuff from the Galaxy S6, yet is also equipped with a massive battery that will last you more than a day, and can withstand some water and rough play. The camera on this phone is awesome, as is the display... More

Android at its finest

Samsung Galaxy S6

from Beta News (8 days ago)

Once again, consumers in the market for a new Android phone have tough decisions to make. While hardcore Android purists will understandably opt for the Nexus 6 to get fast updates and greater tinker capabilities, the Galaxy S6 is the better choice for all others. It is a more well-rounded experienc... More

Not simply a rugged version of the incumbent flagship

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

from GSMArena (12 days ago)

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active delivers high-end specs and a good measure of ruggedness in one single blow that if not anything else, would leave the completion gasping.

Samsung gets rugged right

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

from Pocketnow (13 days ago)

The Galaxy S6 Active is a more durable and more capable smartphone than any Galaxy S that’s come before. It goes much further on a single charge than the regular S6, keeping pace with some of the longest-lasting phones in its segment. Even better: it’s corrected most of the problems that... More


Solid phone that shouldn’t be overlooked

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

from PhoneArena (17 days ago)

There’s nothing holding back the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active. Well, there’s just one actually. That’s the fact that it’s only exclusive to AT&T at the moment, where it can be picked up for roughly the same price as the S6 – so it all boils down to design, the ultimate... More


Adds above-average durability and extended battery life to the already-excellent S6 smartphone formula

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

from PC Magazine (18 days ago)

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active will appeal greatly to those who didn't find anything wrong with last year's Galaxy S5. It trades metal and glass for more durable plastic and water-resistance, beauty be damned. And the beefed-up battery will help to appease those that miss the user-replaceable cell in... More


I don't love this phone it gets me by since my s5 was stolen i do like the android system.

Samsung Galaxy Ace II X

(23 hours ago)

Lag,lag,and more lag ,tried all I could to smooth it out!


Sweet little phone

Samsung E1270

(12 days ago)

I chose this phone as i cannot be bothered with a complecated smart phone. I have an ipad mini to do all the things that this little phone cannot do. I like the fact that it has a flip case and i can just throw it in my bag without buying a seperate case. It is simple and basic with no internet t... More


This mobile is new and evreything is allright.......i love E7

Samsung Galaxy E7

(17 days ago)


Awesome size and does everything I need

Samsung Galaxy A7

(27 days ago)

Only bummer is the LED notification lights, that do no exist


The ear speaker piece is quiet

Samsung Rugby 4

(about 1 month ago)

I liked the ruggedness of the phone. But I am having a hard time hearing when someone is talking to me on this phone. Now we have to pay at AT&T restocking fee of $35. I hope Samsung can fix this problem in the future.


Hang very easily.

Samsung Galaxy E7

(about 1 month ago)

If 2/3 program opened at time caused hang the phone. If hanged then no other way without knocking the service center which is ridiculous. No way to open the back cover.


Sleek and Sturdy Phone with amazing specs.

Samsung Galaxy A5

(about 1 month ago)

Samsung has tried something new with the new galaxy a3,a5 and a7. It's is much different in design with it's other predecessors. The galaxy s series has a plastic body where as the A5 is full metal body with sleek curves. The phone is brilliantly built and does looks sexy. It gives a tough competiti... More


Cost effective phone with superb features

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

(about 1 month ago)

Well, there are loads of features, which make this product a magnificent option, for many. It can easily support GSM or LTE or HSPA network, making it a flexible option, for all. It offers crystal clear images beyond the limit for your eyes. On my friend recommendation I cheked all details at Samsun... More


Camera failed within 3 weeks of purchasing phone!

Samsung Galaxy S6

(about 1 month ago)

Let's just say I'm not especially happy with the Galaxy S6 at this point.



Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0

(about 1 month ago)

I bought this tablet and had to have it repaired 3 times already and it still does not work. When I call the cie they do not want to exhange the tablet even if it is still on warranty. They keep sending back to repairs and do not want to bother with my problem. THIS COMPANY DOEST NOT CARE OF YO... More


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