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Overall screen quality, excellent responsiveness

Samsung Galaxy A5

from Digital Versus (4 days ago)

What's happened, Samsung? The brand's rushed and rather desperate attempt to claw back its monopoly of the mobile market by clumsily producing a series of duplicates has spawned a Galaxy A—a series which has struggled to garner interest, while its competitors teem with better-equipped products... More


One of the most interesting smartphones around

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

from PC Advisor (6 days ago)

The Galaxy Note Edge is one of the most interesting smartphones around and while the edge screen is genuinely useful at times, it also remains a slight gimmick. Hardware is top notch and although we dislike the faux leather, build quality is good. The Note Edge is big and expensive so it might be wo... More


Despite its robust qualities, the tablet has a compact exterior

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active

from Notebookcheck (6 days ago)

Samsung has created a robust tablet with a great battery life and LTE. It could have gladly been a bit more for the business sector, though. We miss the touted Care Package and product-specific accessories for the Galaxy Tab Active here. The option of scanning NFC barcodes is a nice feature, but the... More


Decent performance with solid build quality

Samsung Galaxy A3

from Fone Arena (7 days ago)

The Samsung Galaxy A3 is not on par with the Galaxy A5 in several aspects. Even though the smaller display with slightly less resolution compared to Galaxy A5 and good battery life are acceptable, lack of 4G support and just 1GB of RAM doesn’t make justice to the price tag, even though the sma... More

The curved screen on the edge gives it a unique identity and usability

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

from Future Shop (10 days ago)

Inevitably, you might ask yourself whether the Note Edge is the better option next to the Note 4. It’s a tough call because the Edge display has to make a real impact on what you do with your phone every day. If it makes you more productive, it could be worth it, but if it’s going to com... More

Plain, elegant design

Samsung Galaxy A5

from Notebookcheck (12 days ago)

The Galaxy A5 is not exactly cheap, but the buyer gets a round total package. The stylish, slim and very rigid casing sets standards in the mid-range, the camera configuration is generous, and the input devices are pleasingly accurate. Besides that, it sports a superb screen, useful battery runtimes... More


The high price of elegance

Samsung Galaxy A3

from Digital Versus (14 days ago)

We struggled to score the Galaxy A3. On the whole, it's difficult to fault the model. Of course, it has weaknesses, but it makes a pretty decent daily smartphone for anyone looking for a classic handset—particularly if you have little need for multimedia. On top of that, the A3 isn't an unreal... More


The coolness factor is pretty high

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

from Notebookcheck (14 days ago)

A pretty cool smartphone should be available for a street price of 749 Euros, and Samsung can in fact deliver that. The "curved" screen is perhaps not always absolutely handy, but it is definitely an eye-catcher. There is actually never enough screen area, and the extra bar on the side is a clear ga... More


Premium build quality and performance

Samsung Galaxy A5

from Geek Squad (16 days ago)

It’s not unfair to say that Samsung’s phones have looked a bit uninspiring of late. Whilst the phones always performed well you wouldn’t look at a Samsung phone and think “Wow, I really like the look of that!” They’d settled into the role of the dull, safe option... More

Improved in almost every way

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

from Reviewed (17 days ago)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of the most powerful phones you can buy right now. It's got a faster processor than just about every other flagship phone on the market, it's got a better camera than nearly every other phone on the market, and it's got a better battery than just about any other phon... More

I love E7

Samsung Galaxy E7

(14 hours ago)

Good Camera, superb screen , slim body , light weight ,good battery backup, no heating .


A Perfect mid-range phone

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

(3 days ago)

Best device to buy at lower price tag of $230. Mind blowing handset with very great features of expensive phone. Nice work by Samsung. It is running android kitkat 4.4.4. Good browsing experience at low cost. According to me this device should be sold at price of $400-$450


Lives up to expectations...and more..

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime

(5 days ago)

First of all this is decent choice for peoe who're looking for smartphones within 10k INR with standard specs. I've been using the phone for little over 2 months and I'm quite satisfied with it. Previously i had the bad impression on low end/entry level Samsung smartphones as they tend to hang a lot... More


Samsung galaxy e7

Samsung Galaxy E7

(6 days ago)

1.The phone looks good 2. Only white color is widely available 3. Looks like old Samsung galaxies 4. Poor net work performer in fringe area 5. if v use sim2 no place for SD card great draw back make worth less for the price that is being purchased 6. less appealing when... More


I want this phone to die

Samsung Galaxy Centura

(9 days ago)

So disappointing. It makes calls on its own. Never assume that after you've said goodbye and hung up, and clicked off, you won't hear a "hello? hello?" in your pocket a minute later. Sometimes its the person you've just spoken to, sometimes it's someone else in your contacts. It doesn't let you kn... More



Samsung Galaxy E7

(9 days ago)


One tough little phone.

Samsung Galaxy Rugby

(14 days ago)

I have always been rough on phones and have had to replace a few but this is one that I do not plan on upgrading from. Between dropping it on the sidewalk numerous times, dropping it in water at work and then recently losing it outside in the snow overnight this is the phone for me. I do find that... More


I've used this phone for 11 years now. It finally just broke.

Samsung E316

(15 days ago)

It did what it did greatly. I am now upgrading to an iPhone 6 Plus. I hope the upgrade is worth it.


I love samsung phone

Samsung Galaxy E7

(16 days ago)


I do not love this phone.

Samsung C3590

(17 days ago)

I am very disappointed with my Samsung GT 3590 as I am unable to download my photographs onto my computer. I have downloaded 3 lots of Samsung Keis and followed all instructions. I have also a memory card in my phone.


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