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Great if you like big, expensive phones

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

from PC Advisor (1 day ago)

The Galaxy Note 4 is a bit of a handful and is rather expensive but lovers of the Galaxy Note range will likely be enamoured with this edition. It is, on the whole, a great device with plenty of power and features. As long as you're aware that you're buying a huge phone and will get the most out of... More


Brings plenty of improvements over last year’s model

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

from uSwitch (3 days ago)

As phablets go, this is still one of the best, though it is facing increased competition from the iPhone 6 Plus, LG G3 and Google Nexus 6.Its size means it won’t be for everyone. And it’s not a massive improvement over the Note 3, so it’s probably not worth upgrading, unless your c... More


Mini not mighty

Samsung Galaxy S5 mini

from Pocket-lint (4 days ago)

The Samsung Galaxy S5 mini is a respectable handset that offers ample speed, a bright and colorful screen and good battery life. What lets it down is the build quality, which is chunky and plastic.A year ago this phone would have been a really impressive mid-range handset, but now with more competit... More


Consistent improvement over the predecessor

Samsung Galaxy Ace 4

from Notebookcheck (4 days ago)

The Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 is cheaper than its predecessor and better at the same time. It offers more performance, a good AMOLED display, a better front camera and the overall power consumption is reduced, so the battery lasts longer. For 199 Euros (or even less on the Internet), the Samsung Galaxy A... More


A special screen on a proven phone

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

from The Verge (5 days ago)

But there’s no reason to think that any other 2014 Android phone would leave you better off. The most pessimistic assessment possible of the Note Edge is that it’s a slightly cooler-looking version of the best Samsung phone yet. Assuming no major difference in price — which may be... More


The stylish flagship that you can afford

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

from The Indian Express (8 days ago)

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is a good option for Samsung fans as well as those trying to switch over to a top end smartphone.


A great and a much needed addition to the Galaxy line up

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

from Fone Arena (9 days ago)

Samsung Galaxy Alpha is a brilliant compact flagship smartphone with all round performance. And, for the first time, the South Koreans have a chance to rub its shoulders against Apple. With the familiar Galaxy tag, the Alpha is bound to win many hearts in the Indian market and across the globe.

Responsive, decent battery life, excellent camera

Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 10.1

from Digital Versus (9 days ago)

The Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 has a lot going for it. Unfortunately, it's basically just a revamped Galaxy Note 10.1 without the stylus, and it's cannibalised by the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 with a similarly priced and slightly better-equipped 4G model. All the same, it's a great alternate choice thanks to its p... More


A handful of great specs

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

from Droid Life (10 days ago)

The Alpha could have been a real contender, however, its exclusiveness on AT&T, coupled with poor performance and average battery life should keep most buyers away from it.If Samsung wants to make a real “iPhone Killer” device, all they need to do is remake this same exact hardware,... More

Cosmetic improvements backed up by excellent hardware

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

from Geek Squad (10 days ago)

Samsung has really excelled itself with the Note 4. Admittedly, I’ve never been the biggest fan of the Note range but the Note 4 has really won me over. For starters there’s the styling, which is a vast improvement over what came before, save for the Galaxy Alpha. Indeed, when the Alpha... More

Throw away phone is ok for basics

Samsung S390G

(7 days ago)

Cons: Likes to butt dial if not locked, and even then I've had it call 911 for me 3x. When you text, it likes to put a period in whenever you hit the space bar. Looks. Like. This. If you are careful & only touch the left side of the space bar it helps keep that in check. But should that be necessary... More


A Giant Step Backwards

Samsung Galaxy Avant

(about 1 month ago)

I had to buy a new phone (because my Galaxy SIII crashed and burned when I did a factory reboot. I went with the Avant because it's what I could afford. Big mistake. The entire system layout has been changed. What used to be the HOME button is now a second power-on switch (which means if you don't... More


Terrible battery life!

Samsung Galaxy Centura

(about 1 month ago)

The title says it all. I have never gone a whole day (one day) without the battery freaking out, AND....I have all the power saving stuff on. What a clunker!


Size, ease of use, features equal to iPhone

Samsung Galaxy Light

(about 1 month ago)

Good battery, music sounds great, easy to use, phone volume,Size, netflix and hulu look and work well. Pre installed apps etc ( loved that). It has a battery and sim card. You can add up to 32 gigs memory ( or more if I'm not mistaken). The price is the biggest draw. I bought 4 phones 2 of these an... More


More than Garabage

Samsung Galaxy Q

(2 months ago)

Name anything that can go wrong with a phone, and you will end up with this phone. Anything from powering off in the middle of a conversation to not being able to download the smallest picture. Can't wait to get rid of it before I throw it in the garabage.


It may look like An s3 but TRUST ME...ITS NOT!!!!

Samsung Galaxy Discover

(3 months ago)

Phone is junk Great for ur 12yr old fb junkies



Samsung Galaxy Q

(3 months ago)

My Galaxy Q is a piece of garbage. Most apps takes ages for me to load or straight up freeze and shut down my phone. Also, it'll arbitrary decide to wipe itself clean from any MP3 files I add to it, so I can't use anything but the generic sounds for ringtones, alarms and various sound effects (that... More


Good phone undone by software glitches

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

(3 months ago)

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was renowned for large screen, fast processor & a mean camera to top it up. That was certainly the case when I bought the Note 3 with the Jellybean OS. Samsung due to some brain freeze decided to upgrade their OS to Kit Kat to address various pertinent issues with the phone.... More


Rugged Rugby

Samsung Rugby A837

(3 months ago)

I purchased this phone because it allegedly a tough phone. Inadvertently left it in my coveralls when I put them in the wash. After a 52 minute wash cycle I retrieved it and noted the phone was searching for a signal. After several days imbedded in rice to assist in the drying process it fired up to... More


Great economic phone!

Samsung Chrono 2

(4 months ago)


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