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Tough, rugged exterior removes the need for a case

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

from TechSpot (2 days ago)

Depending on what you want from your smartphone, the Galaxy S6 Active is a fantastic choice, especially for those that love smartphone cases and want superb battery life. My personal preference is still the Galaxy S6 for its sleek design, but the Galaxy S6 Active is just as good of a choice, especia... More


An impressive Android tablet, but I wish the fun lasted longer between charges.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7

from Laptop Magazine (3 days ago)

The Galaxy Tab S2 is so thin and light that it almost seems like someone digitized a piece of paper. This is one gorgeous display, too. The Super AMOLED screen delivers richer colors and deeper blacks than the iPad Air 2. The tablet is especially compelling if you own both a Samsung phone and a Sams... More


Attractive design, a brilliant display, a powerful processor, and a crisp new camera

Samsung Galaxy S6

from PC Magazine (3 days ago)

Five months after its release, the Samsung Galaxy S6 remains the best Android smartphone we've seen this year. The S6 has a revamped design that incorporates a premium glass-and-metal build, a gorgeous display, an improved camera, and a blazing-fast processor—making it one of the best-looking... More


Samsung did a great job in designing and building a high-end smartphone that performs well in nearly every way

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

from Phone Scoop (3 days ago)

The S6 Edge+ is one of those phones that puts its money where its mouth is; it delivers the goods. Samsung did a great job in designing and building a high-end smartphone that performs well in nearly every way. The hardware is fantastic, the display is incredible, the wireless performance is top-no... More

Curved and sleek design, vibrant display, high-resolution camera

Samsung Galaxy Note5

from PC Advisor (3 days ago)

So, what do we think of the Galaxy Note 5? We’re very fond of just about every aspect of the Galaxy Note 5, from its curved and sleek design to its vibrant display and high-resolution camera. It can handle almost anything you can throw at it thanks to its CPU, GPU and 4GB of RAM and we experie... More

The Edge+ is a conversation starter, and nothing else looks like it

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

from The Next Web (3 days ago)

If you’re not in the old world, then the legitimate usefulness of the S-Pen and high cost of the Edge+ make the Note 5 a no-brainer. The Edge+ is to the Note 5 what the steel version of the Apple Watch is to the Sport – except in this case, a little less functional. But that’s the... More

The most beautiful smartphone you can buy

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

from G Style Magazine (4 days ago)

Even with the negatives, the S6 Edge+ is still a very solid phone. You wouldn’t be losing if you decide to have one. It’s a head turner. I’m not quite sure I would recommend this phone over the Galaxy Note 5 but I’m not mad that I have this phone to use. Samsung did a great j... More

Great aesthetic, wonderful performance

Samsung Galaxy Note5

from Android Authority (4 days ago)

This phone may not feel like a power user’s device anymore, and people who feel that way are completely validated in doing so. For those who expected more, this new iteration feels too much like the Galaxy S6 in terms of what features it leaves out. On the flip side, the Note 5 takes the best... More


Samsung is still king of big phones

Samsung Galaxy Note5

from N4BB (4 days ago)

Overall, if you pick up a Galaxy Note 5 you won’t be disappointed. It might be a rough transition for those that love that removable hardware, but once you get past that, it’s smooth sailing. With all the competition in the phablet space, Samsung had to reestablish its self as the bigges... More


The best big phone you can buy

Samsung Galaxy Note5

from The Next Web (4 days ago)

I didn’t expect to like the Note 5 as much as I do. The idea of sacrificing power-user functionality on a device made for power users didn’t sit well with the tinkerer in me, and as someone who uses a microSD card every day, I came into this review fully ready to complain about sacrifice... More

Piece of junk.

Samsung Galaxy Gio

(15 days ago)

Do not buy this phone. Awful mistake. The home screen is always glitching out. It has a horrible static phone line and sometimes never turns on. For the price that they charge, you are not getting what you pay for. Do not buy this phone!!!!!!!!


Galaxy S6 looks stylish and trendy

Samsung Galaxy S6

(20 days ago)

The Galaxy S6 has given the consumer a better looking phone, better camera, better display. But, at the end of the day, it is a consumer likes and preference which makes a smartphone thumb’s up or down. The Galaxy S6 looks stylish and trendy. This improvisation in the looks and the body of the Galax... More


The camera is Fantastic.the display is also full hd....And what you Want?

Samsung Galaxy E7

(about 1 month ago)

The camera is Fantastic.the display is also full hd. the mobile is slim.battery backup is good. Disadvantage the speaker is not good we cannot Remove the battery


Decent phone for the price

Samsung Galaxy Light

(about 1 month ago)

It's a pretty decent phone. Yeah, the screen is a little small, but I don't use my phone for much that requires a large HD screen, that's what I use my tablet for. I mostly use it for the Maps/Directions and to plug into my car for music, aside from obviously the phone side of things. I have notic... More



Samsung Galaxy E5

(about 1 month ago)


Galaxy Star pro: A phone for the lighter pockets

Samsung Galaxy Star Pro

(about 1 month ago)

The phone is easy to operate with various toggles for Wi-Fi, sound cloud etc. It is a dual SIM phone and a slider option is available to switch SIMs. The phone fits any kind of budget and is a good initiator to android phones. It operates on a standard Jelly Bean OS which gives it average speed,... More


When is a phone not a phone?

Samsung Galaxy Q

(about 1 month ago)

When is is the worst TELEphone I've ever used. It texts (slide-out QUERTY) and does e-mail reasonably enough, but the dropped calls, horrible reception and now-you-see-it-now-you-don't SD memory is atrocious.


Its not a bad gaming fone load speaker nice selfies and lovely pictures

Samsung Galaxy J1

(about 1 month ago)

have been using it ,month nice screen and good camera quality good fone at the price it is at


Good performance and camera Quality

Samsung Galaxy E5

(about 1 month ago)

Good Display resolution and Battery Back ...


I don't love this phone it gets me by since my s5 was stolen i do like the android system.

Samsung Galaxy Ace II X

(about 1 month ago)

Lag,lag,and more lag ,tried all I could to smooth it out!


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