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Attractive looking, solidly constructed smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

from PhoneArena (1 day ago)

Cost aside, if we’re to choose a phone in this latest series, we’d have to go with the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge mainly because it’s every bit the class-leading performer of its sibling, but in a more aesthetically pleasing design. Superficially, the two Galaxy smartphones share sever... More


The Galaxy S6 is setting the bar really, really high for everyone

Samsung Galaxy S6

from PhoneArena (1 day ago)

In all fairness, the good outweighs the bad with the Samsung Galaxy S6 – we’ll gladly forgo some of those previous offerings in favor of its new, premium design. Here in the US, it’s expected to sell for the usual $200 with a 2-year contract. Change is good, that’s unquestion... More


A triumph of engineering, curved form and function

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

from The Telegraph (1 day ago)

Does the Edge have, well, the edge? Everyone I showed it to was initially sceptical of the curves, but they all ended up cooing "Ooh, I really want one actually" after playing with it for a while. Because that's the appeal of the Edge - Samsung have excelled themselves by making their first handset... More


Solid-gold success

Samsung Galaxy S6

from uSwitch (1 day ago)

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a delight and breeze to use. From the swift set up to the easy handling thanks to that sharp design, this is a phone that hardcore tech nerds and smartphone first-timers alike can get on board with. Samsung has finally turned a corner. This is its best ever smartphone and... More


Samsung finally delivers the change we've been waiting for

Samsung Galaxy S6

from Android Authority (7 days ago)

For all that has changed on the outside, what has changed on the inside might even out the negatives, though. Touchwiz is better than ever, which is something I never thought I would say. The camera experience continues to improve and keeps Samsung among the top Android shooters, and a powerful scre... More


Much improved build quality over previous Galaxy devices

Samsung Galaxy S6

from Mobile Syrup (9 days ago)

When the Galaxy S6 is released on April 10th, many Canadians approaching the end of their three-year contracts will have a big decision to make: stay with Android, or switch to iPhone. Despite its modest declines over the past year, Samsung reportedly shares with Apple the top spot in Canadian smart... More

The best-designed phone Samsung has ever created

Samsung Galaxy S6

from Digital Trends (9 days ago)

I won’t speculate on how many units Samsung will sell, but while testing the Galaxy S6, I did ponder whether consumers would leave it behind in favor of the S6 Edge. I imagine Samsung is curious as well because if the Edge wins out by a fat margin, this may be the swan song for the “flat... More


A mid-range smartphone with high-end looks and feel

Samsung Galaxy A5

from The Guardian (9 days ago)

The Galaxy A5 is a solid, perfectly usable and attractive mid-range smartphone, which is unusual for Samsung, which has a habit of making its lower-priced smartphones frustrating to use. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of current flagship smartphones, but is thin, light and has eno... More


Feels like Samsung’s best phone

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

from AlphaBeatic (10 days ago)

If you’re looking for something a little different and have the money to spend, the S6 Edge is a great choice. But there’s really no compelling reason to go with the curves other than novelty, which means the plain, old, flat Galaxy S6 might be the better choice for most buyers.

An enterprise device with features many consumers will find appealing

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active

from TabletPCReview (11 days ago)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active is not a boring enterprise device. It’s an enterprise device disguised as a ruggedized variant of the Galaxy Tab 4. Its relatively high price and moderate specs are reflective of the b2b market, where enterprise-level services and support are at a premium.Excludin... More


White Screen

Samsung Rugby 4

(3 days ago)

I bought this Rugby 4 less than three months ago, I started getting a white screen when I open the phone to use it. Then it went to having a mirrored screen every thing was backward and then the screen would be half fuzzed out, but I could still get my incoming calls and messages. I would have to ta... More


Horrible phone!

Samsung Galaxy Ace II X

(6 days ago)

Unresponsive, slow, freezes up. Totally user unfriendly. Tried to return it to Rogers, but they wouldn't hear of it. I'm stuck with a two-year contract. Rogers is still unloading these even though they are aware of the problems. They should be ashamed!


Best feature phone

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

(10 days ago)


Poor sound quality

Samsung Galaxy E7

(12 days ago)

all over the phone is good . built quality is awesome. but still don't have the gorilla glass and the sound quality is very poor, some low quality phone may have the better sound, not expected from Samsung.


Its like they're not even trying

Samsung Galaxy Ace II X

(12 days ago)

Its slow it freezes it came with not even 2 GB of memory. Dont waster your time or money


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Price and Amazing Features

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8-inch

(15 days ago)

The Samsung Galaxy tab 3 price is not very high. The phone offers impressive and clear images that can easily attract attentions of those around. You can multitask with the help of this tablet. The 8 inch screen helps you view photos and videos at ease. You can hold the devise in one hand, without f... More


Beautifull phone

Samsung Galaxy E5

(16 days ago)


Good phone for the price

Samsung Galaxy Avant

(18 days ago)

Replaced an HTC One with this. Comparing the 2...Avant screen is dimmer but acceptable. Sound volume is lower but OK. Camera speed is comparable (somewhat slow on indoor shots). But video is much better especially indoors. The big difference is that the Avant is faster surfing the web. It has a much... More



Samsung Galaxy Ace II X

(19 days ago)

sucks, barely any memory. crashes often. if your running low on memory the phone wont let you access your gallery and tells you to "delete unnessescary files like apps and photos etc" HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DELETE PHOTOS WHEN I CANT ACCESS MY GALLERY. ridiculous, dont buy it. WHen it crashes sometimes... More


Receiver problem

Samsung Galaxy E7

(20 days ago)

i bought this phone on 1st feb. used it for a days and the receiver was not working. samgsung has agreed for a replacement but it is almost a wk and the status is pending. they keep saying some stupid story every day.


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