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A perfectly average messaging phone

Pantech Vybe

from PC Magazine (about 1 year ago)

The Pantech Vybe is a decent messaging phone, but there's just so little new here that I don't understand its place in AT&T's lineup. It's almost the same phone as the Pantech Renue, and I'd probably get the Renue instead for its eco-friendly, more durable build and slightly better call quality... More


Bare-bones QWERTY great for basics

Pantech Vybe

from Cnet (about 1 year ago)

Featuring a QWERTY keyboard and a 3-megapixel camera, the ultrabasic Vybe is available for just $30 on-contract.


An entry-level flip phone that covers the basics

Pantech Breeze IV

from Phone Scoop (2 years ago)

The Pantech Breeze IV is a fine little phone, but definitely has some limitations. It's hard to ask for much more from the hardware itself. The B4 is an inexpensive flip phone, which means we can't expect the world. The hardware works well enough for anyone considering a flip phone, though I wish it... More


Comfortable, compact, attractive design

Pantech Discover

from Digital Trends (2 years ago)

In many ways, the Pantech Discover is more impressive than some phones we can name at twice the price. It can’t compete directly with the big flagship devices, but within the realm of budget phones it’s well worth the asking price. For just $50 on contract at AT&T, you get a large sc... More


Offers an HD display and excellent camera, but it's hurt by poor battery life

Pantech Perception

from Laptop Magazine (2 years ago)

With its crisp display, above-average performance, excellent camera and fast speeds on Verizon's 4G LTE network, the $99 Pantech Perception has the makings of a great buy. We especially like the Starter mode for first-time smartphone owners. Unfortunately, our perception of the Perception is clouded... More


The poor camera quality and digital-sounding call quality is holding it back

Pantech Perception

from PhoneArena (2 years ago)

If we were back in January, the Pantech Perception would be a halfway decent mid-level smartphone for the price. But as we mentioned earlier, with higher end devices from last year being discounted down to under $100 on-contract, it is really a tough sell for the Perception. Even though we like its... More


A solid mid-range device that includes some features offered by more expensive devices

Pantech Perception

from Phone Scoop (2 years ago)

Pantech did an admirable job with the Perception. It has a simple but charming design and offers more customization options than most other devices. The Perception's screen is quite good, call quality is excellent, and battery life is stellar. Though I wish it had a more modern version of Android,... More

Pantech does appear to have created a solid device for the masses

Pantech Perception

from SlashGear (2 years ago)

The Pantech Perception is a fine addition to Pantech’s archive of relatively unique devices, and makes one wish they’d continue to push forth in the USA for a more on-time release. This device could have been a really great addition to Verizon’s ranks if it’d been brought to... More

A great device at great price

Pantech Discover

from Daily Mobile (2 years ago)

While the Pantech Discover is not a Samsung Galaxy S it is however a great device at great price. This phone is snappy, with a large display, decent camera, great speakers, great design, and AT&T's 4G LTE network. If this phone was 200USD on contract I'd have a hard recommending it however for only... More

It consists of offering top shelf specs for entry-level money

Pantech Discover

from GSMArena (2 years ago)

The Pantech Discover is stylish and affordable without compromising on functionality. If the handset had launched six months ago, it would have been one of best value offerings in the Android smartphone game. Unfortunately, it missed its chance and now it's merely a decent proposition in its price r... More

I hate this phone and Pantech - they're both useless

Pantech Swift

(about 1 year ago)

This phone is horrible, much like the entire Pantech product line. Customer support, device functionality, and the overall design is lacking any intelligible characteristics. I for one will never buy another Pantech device. They're sluggish, out of touch, and behind the times. If you're looking for... More


Best thing

Pantech C3

(4 years ago)

I've had this phone for over three years now, giving it constant use and dropping it all the time, and it's never failed on me. Granted, it doesn't have all the features that smartphones have, but what it does have it does great. And it's cheap. I recommend it.


I hated it!

Pantech Crux

from Phonedog (4 years ago)

Pro: It was a good music Phone Con: Using experience: 5 days Well when I first got it I kind of liked it but after I used it for a few days and I started texting a lot on it I realized that it was a horrible messaging phone. If you are looking for a good music phone with no data package required... More


Worst phone I have owned.

Pantech Pursuit

from Phonedog (4 years ago)

Pro: Easy to text on. That's about all that I like. Con: Bad battery. Really crappy memory that does not hold much. When your messages are full, it doesn't tell you beforehand but right as you are about to send the message. Not the best camera, you have to be really steady to make sure it doesn't... More


Instant Gratification

Pantech Breeze II

(5 years ago)

I finally found a phone that is easy to use, and works well. It even has Font sizes which enables you to make the letters larger. Bluetooth capable and was easy to add to the car. So far the phone works great.


This is the best phone I have ever / will ever own.

Pantech 3200

(5 years ago)

I know this phone isn't on the market anymore, but just in case anyone comes across a cheap used one I figured I'd better throw in my two cents. This is the best phone I have ever / will ever own. Sure it doesn't have an mp3 player, expandable ring tones, an HD camera, etc., but if you're looking... More


The biggest flaw of this phone.....

Pantech c520 Breeze

(5 years ago)

I love the phone. It fits in my pocket so I don't need a case. It's easy to use and must be made well because I've dropped it many times but when I take pictures I can't download them to my computer. I bought a data cable but can't get any software on line or from AT&T. Anyone have any solutions... More


Awesome Phone! I LOVE everything about it!

Pantech c520 Breeze

from Amazon (5 years ago)

I have had many cell phones and bought dozens of them for a large family. For the ADULTS, this is the best phone I have ever had! I don't text or use social groups so who needs a smart phone? This has nice large keys, 3 speed dial keys- see 1,2,3 buttons under display(you can program more)voice act... More


Flawed Product

Pantech Ease

from Phonedog (5 years ago)

Pro: good key board Con: Software problems, bad camera, battery life 48 hrs with 4 calls Using experience: 90 days The Ease I flawed!!! Randomly does not go back to stand by, but will remain in full screen ready mode indefinite. battery life is about 48 hours with about 4 - 2 minute calls. ATT... More


Good Phone

Pantech PN-820

(5 years ago)

I like this phone because it syncs with my outlook. It doesn't require you to pay for the internet package. I've used it for a year. I recently changed to a new phone and wish I hadn't. The new phone didn't sync with my 2002 outlook that I use with my Pocket PC. I switched back. It's a good little p... More


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