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Tough as nails and built like a tank

Panasonic Toughpad FZ-M1

from PC Magazine (about 1 year ago)

With its Intel Core i5-4302Y processor, the Panasonic Toughpad FZ-M1 offers significantly better performance than Atom-based counterparts. Its small size makes it easier to tote around, whether you're carrying it from house to house checking gas meters or accessing real-time data in a war zone. The... More


Certainly a handsome device with a satisfactory performance

Panasonic Eluga U

from Fone Arena (about 1 year ago)

The Panasonic Eluga U is a good phone without a doubt but the bigger question here is if it is worth the price. The competition has stepped up its game and the likes of Xiaomi are offering much higher specced devices for a much lower price point. We were satisfied with the performance and software b... More

The Subdued Flagship

Panasonic Eluga U

from NDTV (about 1 year ago)

Panasonic's latest flagship has many niggles that prevent it from provide a cohesive smartphone experience despite a few redeeming features. The Eluga U's price tag  makes it even more difficult for us to recommend. We think Panasonic needs to go back to the drawing board to create a bette... More


Incredibly durable but screen is small

Panasonic Toughpad FZ-M1

from Expert Reviews (about 1 year ago)

In an ideal world, you'll use the FZ-M1 to run custom-made applications that are designed with a Windows tablet of this size in mind. If you’re running a small business, though, it’s more likely that you’ll be using off-the-shelf programs and tablet apps, and, when it comes to busi... More


Usage is good enough for the most part occasional lags

Panasonic P81

from Fone Arena (about 1 year ago)

We quite liked the Panasonic P81. It offers a sensible balance between design, specifications and price point. The design while nothing extraordinary, looks good enough and the slim bezels, faux leather improves ergonomics. The phone feels great when held in the hand. Performance too is fine for the... More


Panasonic GD21

(5 months ago)

how to view contact no. and name please suggest me bcz my Panasonic GD 21 Mobile Phone only Show Name . not Show Name and Number ... Please Reply me


I love this phone

Panasonic P61

(5 months ago)

nice phone but it would be better if its cases be available in the market.


I hate this pone

Panasonic Eluga S

(10 months ago)

no install app on memory card or no move app


Great for working environment, but not a toy

Panasonic Toughpad FZ-M1

(about 1 year ago)

This is clearly a working-environment tablet. The size is made small for in-the-field, as easy as portable as possible. It is not a light tablet, but very robust and pretty fast. The thing I like about it, is the battery life. It last easily 8 to 12 hours when using constantly. I'm sure the peop... More


Great phone!

Panasonic TX210

(8 years ago)

i've had this phone for almost 3 years, and it gave me no problems whatsoever. Plain, reliable, good reception. My only complaint was a short battery life; it lasted 2 days at most. too bad, rogers discontinued their TDMA service and I had to switch to GSM phone.


Lots of bells and whistles here, but best for those with good vision.

Panasonic GD55

(9 years ago)

The most important quality for any phone is reception. My home lies in reception limbo. From televisions, radios, to cells, reception (for all but the most powerful signals, like the radio station you can still pick up in your car, hundreds of miles away)is spotty to nonexistant. My former Sprint... More


panasonic eb-gd55

Panasonic GD55

from Yahoo (9 years ago)

Pro: loudness,fastness,littleness Con: dosent have a camera, colour My dad got me this phone so my motorolla v3 razor didnt get stollen at school. Its a funky little phone and has evrything you need.Its fast working and as loud as could be and is definetly a great phone.


Great little phone.

Panasonic GD88

(10 years ago)

i was lucky enough to come across the G.D. 88 buy pure chance,somebody left it sitting on top of the local mail box, & at the time i was using a pretty well clapped out nokia 3315,anyway after waiting for somebody to ring to request there phone back in which they never did i tried my sim card in th... More


Best Functional Cell Phone

Panasonic TX310 Allure

(10 years ago)

Damn, now that I have to replace it I can''t find anything like it. Voice memo button is great, and I can''t find it on anything else. Speakerphone is good too. Only thing lacking is long battery strength.


Great Phone- not outrageously priced!!!

Panasonic TX220 Duramax

(10 years ago)

nice phone, no lights and buzzers to be confused by!!! Does the job it is supposed to! Highly recommended!!!!


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