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Great camera but overpriced

Nokia Lumia 830

from The Indian Express (6 days ago)

his is one of the better Windows Phone devices, but I simply cannot agree with Microsoft calling it an ‘affordable flagship’ by just giving a PureView camera at Rs 28,799. For those bored Android users out there, the Nokia Lumia 830 might offer a good break only if you are dying to get a... More


Hits the right balance between manageability and screen real estate

Nokia Lumia 730

from GSMArena (6 days ago)

Microsoft is doing well to shake things up in the Lumia lineup. A couple of devices shown at IFA in September have hit the shelves and, the software boost courtesy of Lumia Denim aside, the lineup is being updated in the right place. The upgrades are even slightly overdue perhaps - busy adding a tab... More

Would be one of the best smartphones available if it wasn’t for that processor

Nokia Lumia 830

from GottaBeMobile (7 days ago)

Buyers are going to have to decide for themselves whether the Lumia 830 equation make sense for their needs.Those who need the most powerful phone that’s going to offer best-in-class performance should definitely look elsewhere. Those stuttering issues are indicative of a deeper problem that a... More

Affable, affordable Lumia 830 does the 'Nokia' name proud

Nokia Lumia 830

from Cnet (8 days ago)

Holding the unenviable position of being the one of the last scions of Nokia, the Lumia 830 does its dynasty proud. It's a well-made phone, smartly designed and with solid mid-range performance. At the price, you'll be hard pressed to find a better Windows Phone option, no matter where you live. It'... More


Not a bad phone, but not a great one either

Nokia Lumia 830

from PC Pro (10 days ago)

In all, the Nokia Lumia 830 isn’t a bad smartphone. It has a very good camera, a decent screen, we like the design – for a phone costing less than £300 its line-up of features isn’t half bad. The wireless charging, microSD expansion and user-replaceable battery are all well w... More


Worth its money and is convincing in total

Nokia Lumia 830

from Notebookcheck (12 days ago)

Nokia's Lumia 830 sets sail under the old flag one last time. The design strongly resembles that of the Lumia 930, and pleases with high-quality materials and an excellent build. This impression stretches over every detail. For example, both the SIM and micro-SD slot feature an eject mechanism, alth... More


A treat for the selfie addict

Nokia Lumia 730

from The Indian Express (12 days ago)

This phone is a good buy for its price and if you’re okay with the Windows OS and not having all the apps an Android device would give. The camera simply blows you away and will be a favorite with selfie addicts. The Moto G and only outscores the Lumia on built-in memory, marginally bigger scr... More


Cheap and cheerful - say cheese

Nokia Lumia 730

from TechRadar (18 days ago)

There is no doubt that the Nokia Lumia 735 will sell to those like me who have wholeheartedly joined the selfie bandwagon, with its 5MP camera able to take the clearest and highest quality snaps. No promises that it will make you look better though.The bright colours will also help it stand out agai... More


Bringing the Icon down to the mid-range

Nokia Lumia 830

from Engadget (20 days ago)

The Lumia 830 is clearly a "bridge" device. It's got the high-end looks and capable camera of flagship-level phones, along with the performance and display resolution of mid-range and budget models. Whether Microsoft Mobile made the right trade-offs really depends on what you want out of your smartp... More


A great mid range camera phone for the selfie lovers

Nokia Lumia 730

from Coolsmartphone (24 days ago)

Nokia have a wide range of Windows Phone devices on sale now, each with their own strengths. The new Lumia 735 is no different thanks to the larger ‘selfie’ front facing camera.The camera on the back is not a bad one, just not up there with the best. The lower 6.7 megapixel sensor means... More


It's cheap. It does the job.

Nokia 106

(about 1 month ago)

Ultra basic phone for text and calls. Long battery life and includes a flashlight. For the price is just ok.


It better than iPhone

Nokia Lumia 635

(2 months ago)


Cheap phone, bad quality

Nokia 106

(2 months ago)

Got one as a simple phone for talk/texts. Half the time the 2G isn't not available. It feels cheap and weights nothing. Wont be using it for long :(


Don't like this phone

Nokia 1661

(8 months ago)

Is awesome on everything except on network coverage NO NETWORK COVERAGE A phone is suppose to be useful, You know, like you have to be able to call. Thats why I don't like it sooo practickly is a big junk, I wasted my money


Very fast and great performance balanced by additional features.

Nokia Lumia 525

(8 months ago)

Great entry level smartphone under 200 USD with Windows Phone Black out of the box.


I hate this phone because it is faulty.

Nokia 208

(10 months ago)

The screen flashes and blurs excessivley, brand new straight out of the box. Absolute rubbish phone.



Nokia 106

(10 months ago)

nokia have gone well down in my opinion!!


Great Price for a Great Windows 8 Phone!

Nokia Lumia 520

(10 months ago)

My first Windows/Nokia was a Lumia 710 but when it finally stopped working I upgraded to the Lumia 520. The reason why I went with the 520 was because I was already familiar with Windows and already loved it but wanted more apps. Windows 8 offers a lot of new apps that other platforms offer and ther... More


It is smart and simple to use idael for oap wll done nokia

Nokia 515

(11 months ago)

bought direct from 02 service and delivert was perfect


Best camera

Nokia Lumia 1020

(about 1 year ago)

Best camera on a phone that you can find. Great phone in most aspects. Has it's issues, such as display rendering when zooming in and out on websites can sometimes take a few seconds, and Windows Phone OS is still catching up app-wise. All in all though, probably one of the top 5 phones out there... More


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From the early Cityman 200 model to today’s high-end N-series devices, Nokia has been a major player in the manufacturing of cell phones. Nokia has been making phones for the public since the late 1980’s and is definitely one of the more prolific manufacturers, with its models making up part of the product mix of all major carriers.

Based in a town just outside of Finland, Nokia is a large multi-national corporation employing over 112,262 people in 120 countries.

Nokia builds for GSM, CDMA and WCDMA. Their products have traditionally been considered durable and on balance have received good to excellent reviews.

Interestingly, Nokia sold over 15 mobile phones with MP3 players, effectively making it the world’s largest producer of digital audio players, out-pacing Apple, Sansa, Creative, et al.

At a 2008 stockholder meeting Nokia made the surprising announcement that the plan to shift their attention to the internet, no longer wanting to be seen as a telephone company. This means their competition will shift as well, from Motorola, HTC, LG to Google, Apple and Microsoft.

Considering that Nokia was formed in 1865, their ability to know where they need to be in the market seems a keen one indeed.

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