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Good overall responsiveness and satisfactory battery life

Nokia Lumia 2520

from Digital Versus (1 day ago)

Now a member of the Microsoft family, the "Nokia" Lumia 2520 doesn't offer much that the Surface 2 doesn't already—other than higher brightness and 4G. Plus, the materials aren't as nice, and it generally isn't as convenient to use. More than anything, we have trouble imagining Redmond promoti... More


Iconic once again

Nokia Lumia 930

from GSMArena (4 days ago)

The Nokia Lumia 930 is undoubtedly one of Nokia's top offerings, which is particularly significant considering the message it sends. The Nokia spirit still lives after the Microsoft acquisition. The Lumia 930 isn't in the best position, being the first flagship following the transition, but what's m... More

Very quick and snappy

Nokia Lumia 635

from Geek Squad (6 days ago)

Simply put, the Lumia 635 is a very powerful handset for an excellent price. The 4G functionality will give your browsing and streaming a much-needed shot in the arm, but be aware that if you don’t live in a 4G area or have a 4G contract, this will be largely useless for you – and may ma... More

A well-priced, well-made Windows 8.1 smartphone that performs well where it counts

Nokia Lumia 930

from PC Pro (7 days ago)

The Nokia Lumia 930 is the best Windows Phone-based smartphone yet. Windows Phone 8.1 provides a welcome boost, the design is among the best in the business – as long as you don’t choose the green version – and the camera is a real cracker.The OS update can’t help with Window... More


Very good, but not quite great

Nokia Lumia 635

from Wired (8 days ago)

It’s a very basic phone that meets almost all the requirements of a modern smartphone user (reminder: NO front-facing camera). But the 625′s 4G capabilities and its low price make it something more than just another satisfactory phone. They make it a good buy.


Bigger and better

Nokia XL

from Digital Versus (8 days ago)

Although we weren't expecting much after the clunky Nokia X, the XL managed to win us round. At this price, it obviously isn't the best out there, but it has a decent screen, nice photo capture and a much better set-up than the Nokia X. However, the handset isn't without fault, and it's certainly no... More


Attractive to buyers looking for a low-cost Windows Phone

Nokia Lumia 635

from Computerworld (8 days ago)

Overall, the Lumia 635 is an odd mix of hardware cutbacks for affordability with some premium software features thrown in.It's rather strange that the Lumia 635, which has a single camera and only a moderately good display and processor, is the first to offer Windows Phone 8.1 and the perks that com... More

The best Windows Phone yet

Nokia Lumia 930

from The Guardian (8 days ago)

The Lumia 930 is the best Windows Phone yet. It looks as unique as a black slab can, is solidly built and will appeal to those looking for something a bit different. It’s even got an FM radio, which is becoming rarer these days.Windows Phone 8.1 is the best version of Microsoft’s softwar... More


Amazing value for money

Nokia Lumia 635

from PC Magazine (8 days ago)

Low-cost Windows Phones are excellent choices for first-time smartphone users who aren't obsessed with the latest apps and social networks. In exchange for a few missing apps, you get a much better-looking phone than same-price Android devices, with access to T-Mobile's super-speedy LTE network. So... More


Sleeker, faster, better

Nokia Lumia 930

from Notebookcheck (8 days ago)

A new Lumia smartphone of the 900 series comes along with a complete reboot in terms of design. Still, this is not the only aspect where (useful) changes have been made. The Finnish smartphone maker which has recently been acquired by Microsoft has managed to produce a highly impressive smartphone (... More


Don't like this phone

Nokia 1661

(4 months ago)

Is awesome on everything except on network coverage NO NETWORK COVERAGE A phone is suppose to be useful, You know, like you have to be able to call. Thats why I don't like it sooo practickly is a big junk, I wasted my money


Very fast and great performance balanced by additional features.

Nokia Lumia 525

(4 months ago)

Great entry level smartphone under 200 USD with Windows Phone Black out of the box.


I hate this phone because it is faulty.

Nokia 208

(6 months ago)

The screen flashes and blurs excessivley, brand new straight out of the box. Absolute rubbish phone.



Nokia 106

(7 months ago)

nokia have gone well down in my opinion!!


Great Price for a Great Windows 8 Phone!

Nokia Lumia 520

(7 months ago)

My first Windows/Nokia was a Lumia 710 but when it finally stopped working I upgraded to the Lumia 520. The reason why I went with the 520 was because I was already familiar with Windows and already loved it but wanted more apps. Windows 8 offers a lot of new apps that other platforms offer and ther... More


It is smart and simple to use idael for oap wll done nokia

Nokia 515

(7 months ago)

bought direct from 02 service and delivert was perfect


Best camera

Nokia Lumia 1020

(10 months ago)

Best camera on a phone that you can find. Great phone in most aspects. Has it's issues, such as display rendering when zooming in and out on websites can sometimes take a few seconds, and Windows Phone OS is still catching up app-wise. All in all though, probably one of the top 5 phones out there... More


Could be a great phone

Nokia Asha 501

(11 months ago)

Whatsapp, Skype, Viber, do not work in Nokia ashia 501. Not even the Nokia Suite and the phone can be synchronized yet. The battery is not much anything if you use the Internet and make many calls. Could be a great phone but still it is not because they lack important applications.


Awesome phone

Nokia Lumia 520

(about 1 year ago)

Go for it.....the best phone i ever had in my life.


More Cons than pros

Nokia Lumia 710

(about 1 year ago)

I've had my phone for 4 months Pros: - $0 on wind tab for 2 years (budget friendly smart phone) - a "decent" amount of apps I suppose....not great though - relatively easy to understand & use once you get used to it - decent size & fit - decent storage space - good fb app - makes for a good flashli... More


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About Nokia

From the early Cityman 200 model to today’s high-end N-series devices, Nokia has been a major player in the manufacturing of cell phones. Nokia has been making phones for the public since the late 1980’s and is definitely one of the more prolific manufacturers, with its models making up part of the product mix of all major carriers.

Based in a town just outside of Finland, Nokia is a large multi-national corporation employing over 112,262 people in 120 countries.

Nokia builds for GSM, CDMA and WCDMA. Their products have traditionally been considered durable and on balance have received good to excellent reviews.

Interestingly, Nokia sold over 15 mobile phones with MP3 players, effectively making it the world’s largest producer of digital audio players, out-pacing Apple, Sansa, Creative, et al.

At a 2008 stockholder meeting Nokia made the surprising announcement that the plan to shift their attention to the internet, no longer wanting to be seen as a telephone company. This means their competition will shift as well, from Motorola, HTC, LG to Google, Apple and Microsoft.

Considering that Nokia was formed in 1865, their ability to know where they need to be in the market seems a keen one indeed.

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