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Great design and good display at an affordable price

Motorola Moto E

from Pocket-lint (10 days ago)

The Moto E is a brilliant device for the price. If your budget doesn't stretch beyond £100 then we would say - ignoring the lack of 4G connectivity - that there isn't a competing device that offers the same overall experience, specification and design.Despite the price point the Moto E has gli... More


Designed to be as fluid and functional as a flagship device and yet cost a portion of one

Motorola Moto G

from Coolsmartphone (16 days ago)

Overall the Motorola Moto G with 4G is a nifty little device. It basically has most things you’d want in a budget device and it has a user experience that feels like something costing twice the price. Once again hats off to Motorola for creating the Moto G. This new 4G version of the Moto G ke... More


Like a low-cost dual-SIM Nexus

Motorola Moto E

from Digital Versus (21 days ago)

With such serious multimedia and battery shortcomings, the Moto E is clearly no Rolls Royce of the phone industry. But it would be unfair to judge it based solely on that. After the Moto G's excellent value for money, Motorola is striking the same chord with the Moto E, offering up an extremely inex... More


Best budget phone gets even better with 4G LTE, but a little pricier too

Motorola Moto G

from Cnet (about 1 month ago)

With its decent specs and rock-bottom price, the Motorola Moto G was already a fantastic bargain, not only outpacing its low-end rivals, but offering much more than most mid-range mobiles. The addition of 4G LTE and expandable storage addresses our two original quibbles with the Moto G.There's been... More


Feels really solid in the hand and navigates extremely smoothly

Motorola Moto E

from UnleashThePhones (about 1 month ago)

The Moto E is the type of device I would recommend you to recommend to others. Get it as a first smartphone for your child/younger sibling. Get it for your maid/driver/whoever. If you have to buy a smartphone for yourself, and intend to use it for a long time, I would *strongly* recommend you try an... More

A phone that redefines consumer expectations of a low-cost smartphone

Motorola Moto E

from Everything Android (about 1 month ago)

If you are an enthusiast, this isn’t going to be your primary phone. It does however make for an inexpensive backup or a great way for folks on other platforms to test drive and experience Android as it was intended. Outside of the Nexus program and rumored Android Silver phones, Motorola is t... More

You get what you pay for...and a little more

Motorola Moto E

from MobileBurn (about 1 month ago)

Motorola has rested its hat on delivering the most phone possible for the least money necessary. The company cut corners on the Moto X and focused on software, then cut even more corners with the Moto G and focused on price. With the Moto E, it's raced to lower depths and still managed to create a p... More

Delivered successfully in so many departments

Motorola Moto E

from GSMArena (about 1 month ago)

The Moto E is another bulls-eye by Motorola. It's not the best performer out there, but it packs a serious punch for the least amount of money. We especially appreciated the unspoiled Android OS and the solid promise for timely updates. The camera is certainly a letdown, but not everybody needs a go... More

A smartphone that looks to shake up the affordable smartphone market

Motorola Moto E

from The Inquirer (about 1 month ago)

The Moto E has some impressive features. It ships with a largely vanilla version of Android 4.4.2 Kitkat, and it has good battery life and plenty of storage.Howevever, the Moto E has a tough act to follow in the Moto G, and we can't help but think that it might be worth paying £40 more for an... More


Flawed affordability

Motorola Moto E

from SlashGear (about 1 month ago)

Competing on price is a tough business. The race to the bottom end has seen firms like Huawei and ZTE flourish, though perhaps not in the US where Motorola at least has brand advantage. The $129 Moto E is ambitious in a similar way to the Moto G, undercutting its midrange sibling by $50, and deliver... More

Best budget phone, ever

Motorola Moto G

(about 1 month ago)

Amazing phone for the $150 price point. The screen is very good and it comes with a decent battery also. Trendy looking, speedy updates, quad core processor. The camera is definitely not high quality, just OK. Wish for an SD slot. Cannot complain for the price


This is a great little PHONE

Motorola MOTOGO! Flip

(3 months ago)

I just got this phone as a gift and I thought it was just a phone. This is fine. The help is just two pages long, but if you have the internet get on as many WX416 sites as you can find. There are lots of sites with lots of information. There are more features than I had hoped for and will use, but... More


Good basic phone

Motorola Grasp

(4 months ago)

My three year contract is coming to the end. The phone is still working well. Had no problem with text messaging or phone calls. Good entry level phone. If you are just looking for a phone that allow you to make a phone call and send a text message - it will do the job.


Excellent BASIC phone.

Motorola MOTOGO! Flip

(4 months ago)

If you want a no-nonsense phone, you came to the right place. If you think you can take pictures that are worth a spit, or a decent user manual, or a mp3 player or a web browser, you chose the WRONG phone. I am very happy with mine. I had a Samsung flip phone from Telus but when they started screwi... More


Great for its price

Motorola Moto G

(4 months ago)

It's a really good phone for its price, but there are a few hassles. First, the stock launcher only allows 5 pages on the main screen; no more, no less. Second, there's no memory expansion capability. It's also somewhat fragile. Do not press the vol. dn and power buttons at the same time or it could... More


Exceptional for its price

Motorola Moto G

(7 months ago)

It's a great phone. It has a good amount of memory, a nice screen size, good resolution. It's very fast, even for casual gaming. What's best is the very low price, which is very low for the phone's performance, which competes against higher priced phones. The only thing is that this phone has poor W... More


Don't Spice It Up

Motorola Spice

(8 months ago)

This phone is very diificult. It's my very first phone, and it has very many problems. Calling is somewhat difficult for a first time user. Texting some letters might bring you to other applications, and you have to restart the phone every time you have a problem. Weak battery life. Taking out the b... More


The instructions are -where?

Motorola MOTOGO! Flip

(9 months ago)

This little phone has more features than I will ever use, partly because I need only a basic phone, but also because the instructions for this device are all contained in a measly little two page pdf file. How much instruction can one expect to find in a two page document, anyway? Probably not much.... More


Horrible waste

Motorola Milestone

(9 months ago)

I get "your SIM card does not allow you to register on this network" about half the time when trying to connect to my own network. Connecting to wireless can completely drain a full battery in around 20 minutes. I get no connections if I am more than 1 yard from an outside wall in my house. Attempts... More


I love this phone because..

Motorola MOTOGO! Flip

(10 months ago)

Have not had a lick of trouble with this phone! I charged it completely when I received it and the battery goes 24 hours with moderate use, on standby it goes at least 48 hours. My ONLY complaint is the memory. My brother sends pictures with text and I have 5 messages that "are to large to download"... More


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Motorola proved the naysayers wrong and got this whole crazy cell phone business started back in the 1980’s when they produced “The Brick”, a large, um, ‘portable’ cell phone that was short on looks, but worked!

Shortly thereafter, business really took off when Motorola came out with the StarTac, a sexy flip that was futuristic by anyone’s standards at the time and a huge seller.

Since those early days, Motorola has continued to produce numerous and popular phones, including the extremely successful Razr, a model which ushered in the “thin” fad.

Unfortunately, Motorola has hit hard times during the past couple years with a combination of record losses, an exodus of top CEO’s and ultimately the company being put up for sale.

Motorola is based in Schaumburg, Illinois and was founded in 1928 as the Galvin Manufacturing Corporation.

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