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Attractive, premium design without breaking the bank

Meizu MX4

from Android Authority (6 days ago)

With the MX4, it seems like a tantalizing deal. A beautifully crafted device with a huge 1080p display, all for under $450? That sounds like a no-brainer. Unfortunately, the OS is filled with bugs, the battery life is a huge let down, and the camera struggles to take acceptable photos in anything bu... More


Beautiful hardware is marred by buggy software

Meizu MX4

from Cnet (about 1 month ago)

The Meizu MX4 may look like it has what it takes to be a great phone, or at least an interesting one, but it's plagued by a bug-ridden operating system that fails to deliver a positive experience. I would recommend staying away from it, until Meizu manages to get the OS in order. 


Snappy overall performance with very sturdy and ergonomic design

Meizu MX4

from PhoneArena (2 months ago)

A worthy flagship device that can be had for the price of a much inferior upper-mid range phone from a brand like Sony, LG, or Samsung. That said, do keep in mind that the phone ships from Hong Kong, and all warranty-related repairs will have to be carried out there as well. So it follows that the M... More


Good specs and display

Meizu MX3

from Android Authority (10 months ago)

"Made in China." A term that is unfortunately saddled with a negative connotation in regards to quality – however, in the smartphone space, companies are making moves to reverse this notion. With offerings like the MX3, we think they are succeeding – and we are very excited to see them c... More

Machine that'll be able to compete with a look that's smooth and abilities that are quite nice

Meizu MX3

from SlashGear (10 months ago)

Meizu continues to impress with their latest smartphone entry here with the MX3. We were already impressed with the abilities of the Meizu MX all the way back in 2012 - here two generations later, things have only gotten better. While we wouldn't recommend a USA-based consumer to pick this model up... More

Meizu M8 gets English-language video review

Meizu M8

from Engadget (5 years ago)

The Meizu M8 has been caught on camera plenty of times before, but we can't recall seeing an English-language version until now. One tester at MP4 Nation has managed to get some hands-on time with the unabashed iPhone doppelganger, and calls the audio and video playback quality a disappointment, esp... More


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