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Super portable with some useful exclusive features and reasonably priced

LG G Pad 7.0

from TrustedReviews (4 days ago)

The G Pad 7.0 is a decent choice if you're seeking portability in a tablet. It's about the size of a book and is therefore easy to slip into your bag. While it maintains parity with the G Pad 8.0 and G Pad 10.1 in some respects, the lower internal memory and weaker main camera make it a less appeali... More


Underpowered compared to other Android tablets

LG G Pad 8.0

from TrustedReviews (9 days ago)

Like its larger sibling, the G Pad 10.1, the G Pad 8.0 has been forced to endure some compromises in order to hit its impressively low price point. The sluggish Snapdragon 400 chipset often struggles to keep up, and the overall experience is generally skittish.However, the low-res screen is less of... More


Excellent battery life, some appealing unique features but sluggish performance

LG G Pad 10.1

from TrustedReviews (12 days ago)

Budget in price and budget in nature, the G Pad 10.1 is sorely lacking when compared to many other Android tablets, but the low price makes it worth a look if you're after big display for little outlay.


Doesn’t even manage to compete head on against phone with a cheaper price tag

LG G3 Beat

from Fone Arena (18 days ago)

LG G3 Beat is already available in the market and is officially priced at INR 25,000. However, the device is up for grabs for about INR 17,000 in the market. Considering what the smartphone has got in store, the pricing is so last year.The good thing about the device is the design and the overall bu... More

The pen isn't mightier than the touchscreen

LG G3 Stylus

from NDTV (26 days ago)

We still aren't fans of LG's buttons-on-the-rear philosophy but we do have to give the company credit for its software enhancements. Considering the potential for one-handed use, the stylus, the low-resolution screen and the size of this phone, we suspect it might really appeal to people with weak e... More


Smooth performance, impressive battery life

LG G3 Beat

from TrustedReviews (about 1 month ago)

It's not a bad option, but there are better phones you could buy at this price. Though it looks and feels good, it's a mishmash of lazy compromises elsewhere. A lower resolution screen and reduced processor can be expected, but the lack of an ambient light sensor is an unacceptable oversight.The big... More


Elegant design and good screen but not well priced

LG G3 Beat

from Digit (about 1 month ago)

The LG G3 tries to imitate the LG G3 but the thing is, it can’t, it doesn't have the hardware to do that. On top of that, LG has priced the phone just below the Huawei Honor 6 which, on paper, has almost 3 times the firepower. All in all, this is a good try from LG, but maybe next time, they c... More


Beauty is only skin deep

LG G3 Beat

from Recombu (about 1 month ago)

If you’re after a premium user experience, the LG G3 S can undoubtedly deliver. It also packs a contemporary design and number of helpful and handy features; it just a shame that the end result isn't particularly memorable.The handset does a decent job of emulating the flagship experience of t... More


High-end style with a low-end price

LG G3 Beat

from Cnet (about 1 month ago)

The LG G3 Vigor nicely combines premium, must-have features with a wallet-friendly price tag. The phone is well built and it's comfortable to hold, giving it an expensive feel. Likewise, the design, which is close to the LG G3, makes it unique and I'd be proud to show this phone off.Though the proce... More


Very useful in routine operation

LG G Pad 10.1

from Notebookcheck (about 1 month ago)

Everyone who picks up LG's G Pad 10.1 for the first time will be surprised just how compact a 10-inch tablet can be. It is nice to hold and provides very good battery runtimes. Additionally, LG's software features are a real added value.Unfortunately, the screen does not have a particularly high res... More


I don't love it

LG L50

(2 days ago)

the phone is always running out of internal memory even when there are no aps on phone this phone is pretty useless not been able to access emails automatically through shortcut for over a month I have only used phone for about three months I have even deleted my films off the phones memory card sti... More


Do not buy this phone

LG Optimus Select

(6 days ago)

phone will not hold a charge, loses service constantly. carried it back once and they gave me a new phone, still no better. took it back a week later to trade in for a different phone (33 days after buying it origanally) and they said they would give me 40.00 for it. this phone sucks. will never pur... More


Like phone. Heavy. Didn't need the slide keyboard

LG Exalt

(23 days ago)

My first smartphone. Heavy. Awkward to use keyboard. Better to use touch screen. Got phone on accident. Ordered extrovert and got exalt.


Don't even waste your money!

LG Optimus Select

(24 days ago)

This phone was awesome at first, don't get me wrong. I've had two, the first one broke because it was thrown and the screen cracked internally. The second one was dropped on the tile and the screen shattered. It is the slowest phone I've ever owned. I am constantly buying chargers because the connec... More


Wouldnt recommend because

LG Optimus L5 II

(about 1 month ago)

The screen is extremely difficult to read on sunny days. Also I have owned mine approximately a year and its no longer working. I called into my service provider and they said that its sending out error messages 5-6 times an hour. Which explains why I frequently dont receive the messages people send... More


I hate this phone because it's the slowest phone I've had in years

LG Optimus Select

(about 1 month ago)

This phone is extremely slow. The battery does not last well either.


I love this phone beacause its simply the best


(about 1 month ago)



LG Revere 3

(2 months ago)

LG Does not stand behind their products, you can't get help, and the hands free blue tooth doesn't work with Toyota. Junk


Its fast

LG Optimus Showtime

(2 months ago)

its a fast phone i like the size and everything about the phone


Good battery, great screen, good camera


(2 months ago)

Small phone for this screen size.


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LG is an enormous multinational corporation with 75 subsidiaries throughout the world, but their cell phone division has truly been one of their showpieces. You may be familiar with the “Shine Line” of phones that include a number of shiny flips and sliders that have racked up huge sales for carriers.

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