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Blazing fast performance, good ergonomics

LG G Flex

from NDTV (6 days ago)

We like the LG G Flex but there is a caveat - its price. Even for early adopters the price is prohibitively expensive. The argument is that you're is paying for exclusivity - but it still seems as though you're not getting enough of it to justify the price premium over other phones with similar... More


A good tablet with a few areas where users will need to accept tradeoffs for the lower price

LG G Pad 8.3

from GottaBeMobile (13 days ago)

The Verizon LG G Pad 8.3 is a good tablet with a few areas where users will need to accept tradeoffs for the lower price. The G Pad 8.3 is leaps and bounds above cheap Android tablets that shoppers will find in big box stores and places like Walmart, but it is not that much more expensive than those... More

Curved screen smarthphone doesn't fool us

LG G Flex

from PC Advisor (16 days ago)

The LG G Flex has some decent hardware including a great camera and more storage than usual. Excellent software is also a lure but its main feature, the curved screen, is too big, only 720p and offers no real benefits. This phablet is too gimmicky so you're much better off saving some money and going... More


Decent hardware performance with atypical design

LG G Flex

from Brighthand (17 days ago)

Even with its odd appearance, the LG G Flex brings its highly up-to-date chipset to the phablet, which ensures supreme performance. Even with its drawbacks, the G Flex is one of the most attractive and powerful phablets currently available on the market. Still, its display is full of flaws and it is... More


The curve is interesting but not that useful

LG G Flex

from Mobile Syrup (19 days ago)

The G Flex is a successful experiment from a company that likely never expected it to expand far beyond its Korean borders. While it’s hard to recommend on the hardware differentiation alone — the curve is interesting but not that useful — the device is a great all-round performer,... More


Curve is too gimmicky

LG G Flex

from WordsByNowak (20 days ago)

The G Flex is probably best suited for those phone buyers who want a conversation piece. It certainly stands out from the rest, but it’s not the best in its class by any stretch.

Could be a great alternative if you find yourself switching on your phones hotspot

LG G Pad 8.3

from Android Guys (23 days ago)

I would recommend this device to anyone who either knows they want a tablet with its own data plan, or is opened to the idea of switching over. The G Pad 8.3 is a wonderful size, and it my opinion, a size that should have been common before 7 inch displays became popular. The device is plenty quick,... More


Innovative design and runs butter smooth

LG G Flex

from Tech Ticker (about 1 month ago)

It won’t be wrong to say that LG has packed in a lot of innovation in the G Flex but that innovation comes at a price. LG has priced the G Flex at Rs. 69,999 that suggests G Flex to be LG’s proof-of-concept, albeit with the intention to sell in as many countries as possible. However, the... More

Powerful processor and great design but very costly

LG G Flex

from What Mobile (about 1 month ago)

The LG G Flex is an impressive phone with a powerful spec sheet and excellent display. But the curve adds very little. It feels more like a gimmick than a design breakthrough. We can’t blame LG for trying something different but this isn’t an essential innovation. Add the hefty price tag... More


A powerful, feature-packed handset with a brilliantly attractive design

LG G Flex

from Coolsmartphone (about 1 month ago)

Fast, well designed and with a battery that out-lasted all my other phones, I have to rate this highly. It definitely stands out from the pack and definitely pushes LG up the ladder in my estimation. That screen, at least on this model, was a bit of an issue for me, so I’d advise giving it a try... More


Interesting spec review...

LG 505C

(13 days ago)

the specs indicate that the capacity MicroSD card is 16 GB. I use a 32 GB MicroSD and it works just dandy. Otherwise I believe it is the perfect 'starter phone' for those who do not want or need all the perks of advanced smartphone technology.


Has all you need in a phone, also it isn't MASSIVE like moto g, fantastic

LG Optimus L1 II

(22 days ago)


Worst phone ever.

LG Optimus Showtime

(23 days ago)

This phone is almost useless to me. The most basic thing is to be able to answer the phone when it rings. With the ridiculous "Swipe" feature I cannot answer the phone. I miss 9 out of 10 calls. I just now missed one after "swiping" 13 times. Calls go directly to voicemail. I have... More


This phone rocks

LG Optimus Showtime

(28 days ago)

I've owned it for roughly 8 months or so. It is a pretty responsive phone and I love it. No problems at all.


Its big screen size and solid performance due to its processor and ram...great phone by lg keep it up

LG G Pro 2

(about 1 month ago)


Great cell and fast

LG Optimus Showtime

(2 months ago)


Good basic phone good value owned for 2 yrs no problems

LG A341

(3 months ago)



LG Rumor

(4 months ago)

I have had the phone for over 1 year and it has been completely functional.


New phone 1st time on Verizon

LG Lucid 2

(5 months ago)

I got this phone when I switched from att to Verizon I had the galaxy s2 the lucid 2 works well no major complaints the battery life on this is better then the s2


I Really Like This Phone !

LG 505C

(5 months ago)

I have had this phone for about 3 months and it works perfect !, for talking , texting and data !. I have no complaints. I bought it new for about 75.00, with free shipping.


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Few cell phone manufacturers have received as much attention as LG over the past several years, mainly because they keep coming out with great devices. LG is responsible in large part for turning cell phones into show phones, with sexy form factors, brushed metal fascias and functionality to back up the good looks.

LG is an enormous multinational corporation with 75 subsidiaries throughout the world, but their cell phone division has truly been one of their showpieces. You may be familiar with the “Shine Line” of phones that include a number of shiny flips and sliders that have racked up huge sales for carriers.

By 2005 LG was a Top 100 global brand. In addition to great cell phones, LG is the largest manufacturer of liquid crystal displays.

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