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A conservative handset with a somewhat generic look

LG Tribute 5

from Phone Scoop (1 day ago)

If your priority is a handset that delivers a good in-hand experience that is also inexpensive, attractive, and flexible (battery, memory card), then the Tribute 5 fits those bills. I found the screen and sound quality lacking, but battery life is quite good. The Android operating system functions w... More


Definitely the one to beat right now

LG V10

from The Gadgeteer (1 day ago)

I was a little confused when the LG V10 first came out because I didn’t see a need for another line of LG phones that are so similar to the LG G4. Now I am seeing that the LG G5 which will soon be unveiled, will also have a second screen. Regardless as to why LG decided to create the V series,... More

A mid-range Google smartphone for the masses

Google Nexus 5X

from Softpedia (about 1 month ago)

LG Nexus 5X is clearly an improvement over the previous Nexus flagship smartphone, but it's not a true flagship by its own nature. Instead, it's a mid-range device that offers users the raw Android experience.Google has decided to include some new features into the mix, such as USB Type-C port and f... More


Good display and ergonomics, with fast performance

Google Nexus 5X

from Fone Arena (about 1 month ago)

The LG Nexus 5X is not without faults and it probably isn’t the best Nexus phone to buy either. But it is a worthy update to the aging Nexus 5 and while I may not have recommended it at the initial price at which it was launched in India, since it was too close to the Nexus 6P in terms of pric... More

An attractive, affordable Android smartphone

LG Volt 2

from PC Magazine (about 1 month ago)

The Volt 2 runs Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, with LG's Optimus UI, some preloaded LG apps, and a significant amount of bloatware from Boost. Some of it is uninstallable, but most of it isn't, and you'll likely run out internal storage, as there is only 3.26GB available out of the box. That's where the mi... More


High-end specification for half the price of most premium flagship phones

Google Nexus 5X

from Android Guys (2 months ago)

The Nexus 5X is almost everything I wanted for the successor to Google’s 2013 flagship phone, but it’s not enough for me to keep as my new daily driver. The build quality feels cheaper than it should be considering other options in the same price range with better build materials, such a... More


Feels like a solid phone

LG V10

from Absolute Geeks (2 months ago)

The V10 is a step in the right direction in many ways, but, in the end, the biggest seller of the V10 is the camera, and not the second screen. The tiny screen offers some advantages, but they’re largely forgotten in the grander scheme of things. The V10 is a stylish camera phone and sells its... More


Upping the ante

LG V10

from Pocketnow (2 months ago)

The story of the V10 is a basic LG smartphone — with a removable back cover and battery, microSD expansion and a ton of screen acreage, it’s a great canvas to expand upon — and instead of adding on curves and leather, it’s replaced with armor, a toolbelt and more control. Sty... More


Definitely a good choice in the affordable segment

Google Nexus 5X

from Android Authority (2 months ago)

So there you have it for this second opinion look at the Nexus 5X! I really wanted to love this phone, and in a lot of ways I really do. However, there were a few issues, mainly to do with performance, that proved to be a let down. On way more than a few occasions, I did have an issue with getting e... More

Offers good performance for the price

LG Tribute 2

from PC Magazine (2 months ago)

The Tribute 2 ships with Android 5.1 Lollipop. It won't get updates beyond that, but neither will the Moto E. That said, the Moto E runs a near-stock version of Lollipop, while the Tribute 2 has LG's Optimus UI skin, which changes the look of icons and settings menus, among other things. Of its 8GB... More


BEST of mine

LG KF600

(26 days ago)

I fell in love with this phone/ as it reflects my optimal user style - the screen is interactive (I'm highly visual) + it's very comfortable to hold & type too. Extremely user-friendly. It's really sad I can't find a new one like that again!


No digital compass

LG Joy

(about 1 month ago)

The phone was advertised on other sites as having a digital compass, which is a basic requirement for a smartphone. It appears there is confusion as to whether the phone does or doesn't have a digital compass. LG technical staff I've talked to claim not to know what a digital compass is! The phone i... More



LG 441G

(2 months ago)

My son gets many random texts and calls all the time, but the screen only shows "new message". You have to open it to find out it's spam, which of course deducts minutes. Haven't found a block option either to cut back on the spam.


Hardware Issues

LG V10

(2 months ago)

My carrier is Verizon, bought phone new. 16 days later screen was frozen and glitching non responsive, I had to pull the battery to get it going again. 18 days later and the phone shut off in between a call, again screen went black and was non responsive, had to pull battery to get going again. Veri... More



Nexus 5

(2 months ago)

This phone is .by far the best phone I've ever owned .. Although I will agree the battery life is poor. But buying a new battery and replacing the factory one is 100% difference. I've had so many different kinds of phone from sony xperia ,Amazing Galaxy, Htc and this phone by far beats them all .... More


The worst phone I have ever had the misfortune to own


(4 months ago)

Maybe it's because I didn't have a choice in what phone to get. Maybe it's because I absolutely LOVED my old phone (HTC One S) and didn't want to get rid of it. Or maybe it's because the phone really is as annoying as I think it is. The bottom line is, I hate it. Although some people might like the... More



LG A341

(4 months ago)

I've had this phone for about 3 years now without one single problem !! No dropped calls, always good reception, very easy to use BUT, it is not a smart phone so if you just need a device to make and receive calls and text ( all a phone really should do), then I recommend it. a lot of previous revi... More


It is amazing for the price.

LG Optimus L1 II

(4 months ago)

Costs less than an old school flip phone style. If you cant really afford a smart phone, think again!


Poor battery life


(5 months ago)

no talk time or standby time. battery has to be charged every night or it will die suddenly


Hate it

LG Aspire

(5 months ago)

This phone came with no manual...it came with a booklet entitled important information for the LG Aspire but it doesn't tell you how to use it...I called Assurance and they said I could download the manual but it's over 50 pages long....said they couldn't help me with a manual. I hate this phone be... More


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Few cell phone manufacturers have received as much attention as LG over the past several years, mainly because they keep coming out with great devices. LG is responsible in large part for turning cell phones into show phones, with sexy form factors, brushed metal fascias and functionality to back up the good looks.

LG is an enormous multinational corporation with 75 subsidiaries throughout the world, but their cell phone division has truly been one of their showpieces. You may be familiar with the “Shine Line” of phones that include a number of shiny flips and sliders that have racked up huge sales for carriers.

By 2005 LG was a Top 100 global brand. In addition to great cell phones, LG is the largest manufacturer of liquid crystal displays.

The company got its start in 1958 under the name GoldStar, making radios, TVs, refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners.

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