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Android has a new king


from BGR (1 day ago)

The G3 is powerful and smooth, with cutting-edge specs and surprisingly nice software additions on top of Android KitKat. It also sports a ridiculously sleek design and a gigantic display that is currently in a class by itself.If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, you would be doing yo... More

Well built but mediocre display and cameras

LG Volt

from PC Magazine (2 days ago)

While the Lucid 3 was simply another entry-level option in a sea of subsidized phones on Verizon, the quality and breadth of options on Boost elevate the Volt above its Verizon counterpart. $180 gets you a modern Android smartphone with bonuses like extra-long battery life and a built-in IR blaster... More


Supreme performance for a midrange device

LG G2 mini

from Brighthand (3 days ago)

The LG G2 Mini is among the biggest compact versions of a flagship on the market today. On paper, its specs have been reduced in every aspect compared to the bigger LG G2, and its display is neither as sharp nor as rich thanks to its lowered resolution. On the other hand, it provides satisfying perf... More

Taking smartphones to a whole new level


from NDTV (4 days ago)

It's really hard not to like the LG G3. It definitely stands out against the current crop of flagship phones, and it isn't outrageously expensive either. If you're looking for an extra-large phone, it doesn't get a lot better than this. That said, you have to be willing to get used to the buttons on... More


Makes significant strides in design, quality, and features


from Phone Scoop (4 days ago)

The G3 is an excellent effort from LG. It evolves from last year's flagship in exactly the right way by fixing the G2's problems while carving out its own identity. The G3 is a classy, well-made phone that offers the best display currently available from a smartphone. The materials are better, the b... More


Performance is still good, despite the high resolution


from TechSpot (4 days ago)

There’s a lot to like about what LG has achieved with the G3, building upon the strong foundation laid by the G2. I really like the low-bezel design of the device, which allows a 5.5-inch display to fit into a chassis only millimetres larger than its direct competitors. The curved back makes t... More


Ambitiously Regressive


from Fone Arena (4 days ago)

Make no mistake, it’s a great device. The display is still very good, despite its short comings in heat dissipation and the amount of pixels stressing the GPU, the camera is very decent, with neat tricks in autofocus and image stabilization. LG have finally nailed the build quality and design,... More

First Quad HD screen on a phone with the latest specs and a laser-focusing camera


from UnleashThePhones (4 days ago)

I’m incredibly happy with what LG has done with the G3. They’ve taken what we liked about the G2 and improved on it. The large size is a worthy trade-off for that fantastic screen, though performance purists might be annoyed at how all those pixels means slower performance compared to ot... More

Comes with quite notable specifications


from Droid Life (7 days ago)

The LG G3 is the best phone you can buy right now.Its camera is as good if not better than other flagship phones from competitors. Battery life will surprise you, even with its Quad HD display. The size isn’t going to bother most of you, and that’s coming from the guy who hates massive p... More

Everything you want in a smartphone with the best display ever


from ZDNet (7 days ago)

LG continues to show they have what it takes to compete with the latest and greatest smartphones and the G3 is easily their best effort yet. They are listening to consumers with an update to the button design, lightening of the software elements, and providing a removable battery and microSD card wi... More


The good, the bad and the ugly


(3 days ago)

I have the LG G2 for a month now. It takes some time to like it, but I love it now. Initially I was looking for a Nexus 5, since I like the idea of having a concept phone with a clean Android OS. Basically the LG G2 is the same phone, minus the clean Android OS (bad?), but with a lot more battery li... More


The best qwerty keyboard ever! I LOVE this phone

LG Shine Plus

(20 days ago)

The camera IS good and web browsing is amazing!


Connectivity problems


(22 days ago)

I've had this phone for about a year now. It works fine but i've come to have connectivity issues. I don't know for how long but since i added voice mail i get regular missed calls that never rang. Talked with support and it seems the only thing is the network strength at the time of the call. Going... More



Nexus 5

(25 days ago)

Had this phone for a week. Somehow (i really don't know how) a hairline crack appeared in the top left corner of the screen. Because of this the bottom of the screen would no longer work. Sent it away for repairs and they denied the coverage because of the cracked screen. Now i get that cracked scre... More


Dont mind this phone one bit

LG Optimus L1 II

(about 1 month ago)

I dont mind this phone one bit. It does what I need it to do. I mean, what they say is true. You get what you pay for. People pay 80.00 for a phone and expect it to be a saving grace. It makes calls, it sends texts, plays games and wakes me up in the morning.If you are paying next to nothing for a p... More


Durable phone

LG Xenon

(2 months ago)

I've had this phone for a couple years now and it's still kicking! Battery life is really good, might have to charge it once a week. The qwerty keyboard is super helpful for long texts. Only problem is that the phone will shut off every now and then when I slide the phone shut after sending a text.... More


Interesting spec review...

LG 505C

(3 months ago)

the specs indicate that the capacity MicroSD card is 16 GB. I use a 32 GB MicroSD and it works just dandy. Otherwise I believe it is the perfect 'starter phone' for those who do not want or need all the perks of advanced smartphone technology.


Has all you need in a phone, also it isn't MASSIVE like moto g, fantastic

LG Optimus L1 II

(3 months ago)


Worst phone ever.

LG Optimus Showtime

(3 months ago)

This phone is almost useless to me. The most basic thing is to be able to answer the phone when it rings. With the ridiculous "Swipe" feature I cannot answer the phone. I miss 9 out of 10 calls. I just now missed one after "swiping" 13 times. Calls go directly to voicemail. I have called LG several... More


This phone rocks

LG Optimus Showtime

(4 months ago)

I've owned it for roughly 8 months or so. It is a pretty responsive phone and I love it. No problems at all.


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Few cell phone manufacturers have received as much attention as LG over the past several years, mainly because they keep coming out with great devices. LG is responsible in large part for turning cell phones into show phones, with sexy form factors, brushed metal fascias and functionality to back up the good looks.

LG is an enormous multinational corporation with 75 subsidiaries throughout the world, but their cell phone division has truly been one of their showpieces. You may be familiar with the “Shine Line” of phones that include a number of shiny flips and sliders that have racked up huge sales for carriers.

By 2005 LG was a Top 100 global brand. In addition to great cell phones, LG is the largest manufacturer of liquid crystal displays.

The company got its start in 1958 under the name GoldStar, making radios, TVs, refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners.

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