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Well-rounded behemoth


from Brighthand (4 days ago)

The LG G3 takes every notable smartphone fad of the last several months and expands upon it. A big screen isn’t enough, so it has to stuff a phablet screen in a smartphone body. Full HD resolution isn’t enough, so it has to go Quad HD. A strong camera with the usual autofocus isn’t... More


It’s as well built as the latest HTC One and more discretely stylish than the Samsung S5


from The Telegraph (9 days ago)

This is a phone that is firmly among the very best on the market right now: if it’s not perfect, it’s close, and the niggles are minor. But it comes before the iPhone 6 is released next month, and when Samsung and others are known to be planning significant improvements. There’s pl... More


Battery life is superb but performance is adequate

LG G Pad 10.1

from GSMArena (14 days ago)

Going for a 10-inch tablet but not in the mood to splash out? Maybe you just want a big screen to idle the hours away on the couch or you feel your 5" smartphone isn't doing your YouTube feed any justice? The LG G Pad 10.1 has got you covered - it's reasonably priced and an adequate performer.LG isn... More

A killer phone with a whole lot of pixels


from Pocketnow (15 days ago)

Many of LG’s very best smartphones over the years have been easily forgettable, not visually stimulating, and overwhelmingly mundane. We’d also call them under appreciated, as many of them were firsts for the industry.The Optimus 2X, for instance, won a Guinness World Record for being th... More


Simple and functional design, fluid and responsive interface

LG G Pad 7.0

from GSMArena (18 days ago)

Any way you look at the G Pad 7.0 it's hard to find much to frown at. Not much to get excited about either - after all the Nexus 7 had the exact same specs two years ago. 7-inchers have since been trying to beat Google's price without making too much compromise. Well, they're finally getting there.H... More

A phone with great specs, but real-world issues


from Computerworld (23 days ago)

The G3 boasts no shortage of compelling qualities. The device has a big, beautiful display in a sleek and nicely designed body. It has decent battery life, expandable storage and some genuinely useful features like a tap-to-wake option and limited-use guest mode.At the same time, however, the phone'... More

Feels modern, fast, and very well thought out


from Geek (23 days ago)

What LG has accomplished here is nothing less than a top-tier smartphone. The G3 doesn’t upset the smartphone hierarchy apple cart, but the G3 is a device worth comparing to the best products released by HTC, Samsung, and Apple. The G2 suffered from having decent hardware bogged down by terrib... More

Certainly an improvement over its predecessor


from Mobile Syrup (24 days ago)

The LG G3 is a solid flagship with a great camera, enviable ergonomics, an excellent speaker and a sharp, vivid screen. But it’s a big phone, with a display that may be too early to market, impacting brightness, viewing angles, battery life and more.It’s a great phone, but you’ll n... More


May be the best giant screen phone yet


from Business Insider (24 days ago)

The LG G3 is an attractive, slim, and powerful Android phone. The G3’s screen is impressive in its own right, but it gets too dim. LG has also made some improvements across its software that make it feel much cleaner and easier to use than previous its previous phones.However, LG’s decis... More

Lacks LTE, but a strong prepaid contender

LG Optimus L70

from Cnet (25 days ago)

For $50 off-contract, the LG Optimus L70 makes a few compromises. You'll have to make do without a blazing-fast processor and despite having decent 4G speeds, it does lack LTE. But at that price range, the device does offer a lot -- especially compared with its other 4G prepaid competitors.Cricket's... More


What they fail to tell you!!

Nexus 5

(4 days ago)

They fail to mention that if your nexus 5 needs repairs, they will refuse to fix as it comes unlocked when purchased! Not impressed AT ALL! Now I'm without a phone because of this!


It gets the job done

LG Eclypse 4G

(26 days ago)

Although there are a few glitches, I've had my LG Eclypse for 2 years now and it has worked great, even after I dropped in in a bucket of water. BUT, just a couple of weeks ago my speaker randomly stopped working so I cannot talk on the phone anymore. Besides that I love the keyboard and it works g... More


The good, the bad and the ugly


(about 1 month ago)

I have the LG G2 for a month now. It takes some time to like it, but I love it now. Initially I was looking for a Nexus 5, since I like the idea of having a concept phone with a clean Android OS. Basically the LG G2 is the same phone, minus the clean Android OS (bad?), but with a lot more battery li... More


The best qwerty keyboard ever! I LOVE this phone

LG Shine Plus

(about 1 month ago)

The camera IS good and web browsing is amazing!


Connectivity problems


(about 1 month ago)

I've had this phone for about a year now. It works fine but i've come to have connectivity issues. I don't know for how long but since i added voice mail i get regular missed calls that never rang. Talked with support and it seems the only thing is the network strength at the time of the call. Going... More



Nexus 5

(about 1 month ago)

Had this phone for a week. Somehow (i really don't know how) a hairline crack appeared in the top left corner of the screen. Because of this the bottom of the screen would no longer work. Sent it away for repairs and they denied the coverage because of the cracked screen. Now i get that cracked scre... More


Dont mind this phone one bit

LG Optimus L1 II

(2 months ago)

I dont mind this phone one bit. It does what I need it to do. I mean, what they say is true. You get what you pay for. People pay 80.00 for a phone and expect it to be a saving grace. It makes calls, it sends texts, plays games and wakes me up in the morning.If you are paying next to nothing for a p... More


Durable phone

LG Xenon

(3 months ago)

I've had this phone for a couple years now and it's still kicking! Battery life is really good, might have to charge it once a week. The qwerty keyboard is super helpful for long texts. Only problem is that the phone will shut off every now and then when I slide the phone shut after sending a text.... More


Interesting spec review...

LG 505C

(4 months ago)

the specs indicate that the capacity MicroSD card is 16 GB. I use a 32 GB MicroSD and it works just dandy. Otherwise I believe it is the perfect 'starter phone' for those who do not want or need all the perks of advanced smartphone technology.


Has all you need in a phone, also it isn't MASSIVE like moto g, fantastic

LG Optimus L1 II

(4 months ago)


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LG is an enormous multinational corporation with 75 subsidiaries throughout the world, but their cell phone division has truly been one of their showpieces. You may be familiar with the “Shine Line” of phones that include a number of shiny flips and sliders that have racked up huge sales for carriers.

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