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Very reliable and virtually indestructible companion

Kyocera Torque

from Notebookcheck (3 months ago)

The Torque is a successful debut for Kyocera on the European smartphone market. Of course, the device is primarily designed for use in adverse conditions, but is in no way tied to only that purpose. The loud speakers sound good even for music playback, the extremely bright screen is pleasing during... More


It's worth a look if you need a durable Android smartphone

Kyocera DuraForce

from Phone Scoop (6 months ago)

The DuraForce is a great entry from Kyocera. It fills a nice role in the rugged handset lineup at AT&T. It's a really tough device that looks good enough to use anywhere and everywhere without fear. The device is well designed and made. The screen is good, and so are calls, data speeds, and bat... More

Is about covering the basics

Kyocera DuraXV

from Phone Scoop (7 months ago)

The Kyocera DuraXV is a solid, if somewhat simple, handset for Verizon Wireless customers. The phone delivers the goods if you're looking for a tough feature phone.The handset is modern looking and made of durable materials that feel good to use. The size and weight are good, and the various buttons... More


An adventure-ready Android smartphone

Kyocera DuraForce

from PC Magazine (8 months ago)

Ruggedized smartphones run the gamut from the flagship-level performance and svelte construction of a phone like the Galaxy S5 Active, to oversized, ultra-rugged devices like the Sonim XP7. The Kyocera DuraForce sits at a nice middle ground, offering extreme durability in a package that mostly resem... More


Heavy duty

Kyocera Brigadier

from Brighthand (10 months ago)

It’s neither the slimmest nor the sexiest device out there, but the Kyocera Brigadier offers lots of extra value for its relatively moderate bulk. It’s not that much larger or heavier than a slightly older phone like the Motorola Droid MAXX, which offers similar battery capacity isn&rsqu... More


The only rugged smartphone I'd buy

Kyocera Brigadier

from iTechTriad (10 months ago)

Overall the Brigadier is a pretty decent option, if you fit the target demographic. The phone is aimed at those who need a phone that can handle some tough conditions without damage and for that it certainly fits the bill. For the average person, I probably wouldn’t recommend this phone simply... More


A tough one-trick pony

Kyocera Brigadier

from Phandroid (11 months ago)

The question I always ask myself when rating a device is “would I recommend this phone to someone?” The answer to that question is tricky for the Kyocera Brigadier. On one hand it’s an excellent device for people who need something durable. But on the other hand it’s nothing... More


A rugged smartphone that delivers a good smartphone experience

Kyocera Brigadier

from GottaBeMobile (11 months ago)

If you lust after the new iPhone or Galaxy S5 but you want a rugged smartphone you’re better off getting a rugged case, but if you absolutely need a rugged smartphone that can withstand drops, water and more the Brigadier is a good choice.You’ll need to live with a 720P display and camer... More

Impregnable durability, high-quality display, and solid midrange performance for the price

Kyocera Brigadier

from PC Magazine (about 1 year ago)

Despite ho-hum specs and a rather disappointing camera, I'm still enamored by the Kyocera Brigadier. It's a rare worry-free piece of kit, and that alone can be quite liberating for something as essential as a smartphone. The Brigadier is a beast in the best way possible, nearly impervious to anythin... More


An ugly, indestructible mid-range phone

Kyocera Brigadier

from PCWorld (about 1 year ago)

Like most heavily ruggedized phones, the Brigadier is a hyper-specific smartphone that caters to a small subset of users. Nonetheless, the mid-range phone performs well, has a battery that will easily last you all day, and is very affordable. Plus, you'll get a Sapphire Shield display and Qi-Wireles... More

Very sorry I purchased this phone!

Kyocera Hydro Wave

(2 days ago)

I thought I was going to love this phone, but I actually hate it! the camera is awful! the battery does not last! picture quality is poor, and internal storage fills up way too fast!



Kyocera Rally

(about 1 month ago)

This phone is a piece of junk! I bought it loaded it and it died all in a matter of 3 days and I was on vacation Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr


I hate this phone dont get it

Kyocera Hydro Icon

(4 months ago)

I had it for a month it turned off and didnt turn back on i tried charging it but still so do not get this phone


It's sturdy and durableNot even our truck drivers will

Kyocera DuraForce

(7 months ago)

Durable enough for our most rugged truck drivers


I hate this phone

Kyocera Brigadier

(7 months ago)

I returned the Kyocera Brigadier within 13 days of purchase due to battery issues. It was replaced at the store with a new Phone. That phone lasted 28 days before having the same issue with the battery. At full charge the battery life was 6 hr. Because I was past the 14 day return policy, I had t... More


Phone didnt last 4 months

Kyocera Brigadier

(8 months ago)

Purchased back in Sept, decent phone at first but became very slow and laggy . Phone stopped working from light water exposure and no negligence on my part, phone was never exposed to anything more then a few rain drops on the screen, and all ports were closed with out damage and free of any obstruc... More


It's beautiful

Kyocera DuraForce

(8 months ago)


Ok phone

Kyocera Hydro

(9 months ago)

I got it because its supposed to be break proof i had it for a year and today when i took it out of my back pack the screen was broken it freezes up a lot and is slow sometimes but its a pretty good first phone


Excellent phone best that i have own

Kyocera DuraXT

(10 months ago)

this phone is very sturdy, and the call volume is very loud, have no complaints here everything works excellent, the phone is very solid and sturdy, plan on keeping this phone for as long as i can.


The truth.

Kyocera Brigadier

(10 months ago)

If you want the latest name brand or new shiney sleek phone, this isn't it. I love this phone because I'm a contractor and regularly crack screens and break body's. its bullet proof in comparison to the Samsung's models and will outlive any and all apple pieces of crap I see people constantly crying... More


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While Kyocera is a 'top dog' in some consumer manufacturing circles, perhaps most notably its copiers, it’s a much quieter player in the cell phone business. Though their offerings may not grab headlines for breakthrough technology, they are certainly a respectable line of well-made and reliable phones.

Kyocera was formed in 1959 and went on to become a very well regarded general consumer electronics manufacturer, but their cell phone business did not begin until early 2000 when they purchased the phone manufacturing unit of American company Qualcomm to form Kyocera Wireless.

With the exception of a handful of clamshell models and one swivel, all of Kyocera’s models are of a candy bar form factor and most are sold to CDMA carriers. Many of the models are entry level and a few offer a slightly more enhanced feature set.

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