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Superb screen for the price but performance issues only partly fixable

Huawei Honor 3C

from TrustedReviews (5 days ago)

The Honor 3C is actually a year old. It was announced in December 2013 for the Chinese market, but for some reason it look a year to make it to UK shops.This dated-ness shows in some respects. The UK version doesn’t have 4G, and it runs an old version of Android with a custom interface taped o... More


Superb design and build-quality, system is very fluid

Huawei Ascend Mate 7

from Digital Versus (17 days ago)

Huawei gets better with each model, but the Mate 7 is verging on perfection. We might bemoan the battery life—the immense capacity led us to hope for much better—but it still lasts a perfectly acceptable amount of time. As for the rest, the build-quality is excellent, responsiveness exem... More


Has the capabilities to be a great handset in any market

Huawei Ascend Mate 7

from Fone Arena (18 days ago)

The Ascend Mate 7 is not only a decent rival to these flagships but also packs a lesser price tag which increases its appeal; whether it’s a success or not is still to be seen but one thing’s clear – Huawei aren’t going anywhere and 2015 could be their greatest year yet.

Plenty of muscles for multitasking and gaming, superb design

Huawei Ascend P7

from The Mobile Indian (19 days ago)

The Huawei Ascend P7 offers a smooth performance and plenty of storage facility. Design wise it is quite compact and stylish as well. Battery back up was the only area where I found it wanting as compared to its rivals. Also, at Rs 27,499, the Ascend P7 has plenty of rivals especially from some big... More

A surprisingly solid affordable 4G smartphone

Huawei Ascend Y550

from Recombu (26 days ago)

Despite some pretty uninspiring first impressions, the Huawei Ascend Y550 actually packs a lot of nice and even some distinctive power-user features into a low-to-mid range specced device. There’s obvious work that could be done to improve it but it nails the goals is set out to do well.With t... More


Good build quality and decent display with competitive price tag

Huawei Honor Holly

from Fone Arena (27 days ago)

Huawei has offered a decent package. This directly competes with the Xiaomi Redmi 1S, which is still one of the best budget smartphones. Even though the Honor Holly is not good enough with Redmi 1S in terms of performance and camera, it offers good value for money. Availability is the main concern f... More

A rock-solid mid-range phone that will barely disappoint anyone

Huawei Ascend G7

from Notebookcheck (about 1 month ago)

The metal casing of Huawei's Ascend G7 lets it stick out from the masses of not-quite-phablet smartphones for below 300 Euros. The build fits, the device is thin, and the communication modules have a good reception performance. The decent software with a multitude of options and the good cameras are... More


A budget phone that disappoints in almost every way

Huawei Ascend Y550

from Cnet (about 1 month ago)

Even with its low price, the Huawei Ascend Y550 leaves a lot to be desired. With its low resolution screen and underpowered processor, even getting on with the everyday basics can be a chore. The camera isn't worth bothering with -- and the HDR mode doesn't even work.Sure, it has 4G LTE, but that do... More


Great industrial design, fast and reliable performance

Huawei Ascend Mate 7

from Android Authority (about 1 month ago)

With no option of subsidized rates available, the Huawei Ascend Mate 7 features an expected price tag of around $700, when imported from markets that the device is currently available in. North American users will have to wait for their official release, but Huawei has expressed a strong desire to m... More


A decent offering for its price

Huawei Honor Holly

from NDTV (about 1 month ago)

If there is one thing that we managed to establish for sure in the course of our review, it was that the Huawei Honor Holly trumps the competition in one area (at least for the moment) - storage space. If that is one of the most important points on your checklist when deciding which phone to buy, we... More


If you are looking for a good phone certainly dont buy this one. Solid feature phone

Huawei U2801

(3 months ago)

Horrible camera, and not a very good user interface


Worst phone / company ever

Huawei Ascend Y210

(5 months ago)

It's funny reading comments on here of people actually liking this phone, I use iPhone and live it but recently tried out a few phones , this huawei is the worst phone on the market, very dated , horrid memory issues , terrible cheap processors , freezes and switches apps, loads constantly ( what it... More


Poor battery life

Huawei Ascend Y215

(5 months ago)

It seems this phone must go on the charger every day even when not used. Info says 14 day stand by.


Good Phone Great Price

Huawei Ascend Y210

(7 months ago)

It is nothing too fancy but gets the job done. It cost me $100.00 with an extended warranty and a pay as you go credit. Takes pretty good pictures and video's. Keyboard took a bit of getting use to but it is all good now. Perfect for what I need really a great little phone.


Good phone

Huawei Ascend Y210

(9 months ago)

good phone for on the go but all phones are the same you talk and e-mail with each other no different from 500 to 50 dollars. that all work the same but you pay more for the name of the phone.


Piece of shit!

Huawei Ascend Y210

(9 months ago)

It really is a horrible phone


Still Works as Good as the Day I Bought It!

Huawei Premia 4G

(9 months ago)

I've had this phone for almost a year and it works just as good as when i bought it. Don't get me wrong it has a little bug every once in a while but nothing serious that has stopped it from working. The battery is a negative for the phone and its not got a big enough screen for me, i watch alot of... More


Stink phone. No instructions hopeless keyboard no easy user friendly indications of calls, texts rcd hate it

Huawei Ascend Y210

(10 months ago)

Got the phone as a gift unfortunately so cant throw it in the sea where it belongs



Huawei Ascend P6

(10 months ago)

very slim, nice, fast, smart, ...i like that he's defect is the little tool from headset.


I hate this phone because...

Huawei Prism

(10 months ago)

The most shitty phone ever it lags too many complications bugs it sucks I can go in forever how crappy it is dint waste your money on this shit


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