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Flagship pricing, but this is no winner

HTC One A9

from Alphr (6 days ago)

In short, the HTC One A9 is a decent mid-range phone at a price that nobody should consider. In the US, the A9 can be had for $399.99, with an additional 1GB of RAM and 16GB internal storage. That’s around £262, and a fair price for a stylish handset that doesn’t quite perform as w... More

Not the iPhone challenger you were looking for

HTC One A9

from The Guardian (8 days ago)

The HTC One A9 feels great and is well made. That it looks like an iPhone is a bit of a problem. The number of people who asked me whether it was “the new iPhone” was remarkable. It would get tiresome, quickly.The rest of the phone is good but not exceptional. The camera is ok, the batte... More


High-end design and price, mainstream performance

HTC One A9

from Notebookcheck (10 days ago)

The HTC One A9 is a new approach for the Taiwanese manufacturer. The focus of the new smartphone is clearly on the design. Despite the big similarities to the current iPhones from Apple, it would not be fair to say that the One A9 is just an iPhone clone. The handling actually differs quite a lot be... More


A cheap Android device that sacrifices too much

HTC Desire 520

from Cnet (16 days ago)

The main draw of the phone will be its price -- it's incredibly cheap. The Desire 520 could be appealing to first-time smartphone buyers or parents looking to for an affordable device for a child. While the phone has some impressive features and a decent camera, it sacrifices too much. The screen is... More

This phone shows why pricing matters

HTC One A9

from TechnoBuffalo (17 days ago)

I had a real internal battle with myself while drafting this review. I wanted to buy the A9 when it was first introduced (the red model is gorgeous.) The $399 price point for a phone with the latest version of Android, expandable storage, decent performance and good battery life just seemed to good... More

Desirable but the price is simply bonkers

HTC One A9

from PC Advisor (21 days ago)

We prefer the design of the One A9 to the flagship One M9 and it does have a decent fingerprint scanner. However, these things combined are not enough to justify buying it instead of its bigger brother or various even cheaper Android rivals. HTC has made a nice phone in the One A9 but its price tag... More


Despite all the fancy features, this is still a mid-range phone, and an overpriced one at that

HTC One A9

from Phandroid (23 days ago)

If you can put the pricing aside, the One A9 is HTC’s best work in a while. All the talk has been about the similarities to the iPhone, but perhaps that was HTC’s plan all along. It’s hard to imagine a phone with these specs getting the same attention if it looked like this. If thi... More


Very well rounded device that is absolutely worth considering as your next phone

HTC One A9

from Droid Life (27 days ago)

I think the One A9 is a great phone and possibly a contender for phone of the year. If you’re looking for an unlocked phone in this price range and you don’t mind having to charge during the day (which seems to be the compromise on most Android phones today) then this could be the phone... More

iDentity crisis

HTC One A9

from AndroidPIT (28 days ago)

The HTC One A9 was apparently built for users who want an iPhone that runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow at a reasonable price. You get what you pay for, as they say, but here you might be disappointed. Apart from the good camera and lightweight software, the One A9 falls short in too many places.The soft... More


This isn't the smartphone that's going to save HTC

HTC One A9

from The Inquirer (28 days ago)

The HTC One A9 is by no means a bad phone. In fact, given its high-end design, improved software and great camera, it's one of the company's best.However, the HTC One A9 is not a £450 phone, nor is it a £400 phone. HTC has completely missed the mark when it comes to price, making it a de... More


This phone makes me crazy

HTC Desire 626G+

(14 days ago)

Phone getting hanged while trying to load the contacts..Some times unable to attend a call..It takes a lot of time to display the call logs..Unable to find the display name even though the contact is saved,..... Can't find the option to move apps from internal memory to SD Card....


Best Smartphone

HTC Desire 626G+

(17 days ago)

I have bring this HTC Desire 626G+ smartphone online from Amazon and it working fine. Phone capture amazing photos with its 13 MP primary camera and perform well.


Best phone I've had

HTC Desire 601

(30 days ago)

Of the eight (8) phones that I have had over the course of ten years, I have never had one better. I had it for a few months shy of a full two year term. For me, this phone was as fast as the major brand phones (S series, iPhone,etc.) But at a fraction of the cost. The best thing about it was the du... More


Bad, Stupid, not Accepted at all!

HTC Desire 516

(about 1 month ago)

The HTC Desire 516 Dual sim is one of the worst Smartphones! Based on my experience, and after using the phone for 8 month, i can't recommend anyone to buy this phone. First, there's the Apps transfer issue: You cannot move or transfer any of your apps from the internal memory to the SD Card. Now... More


HTC Hate This Cell-phone

HTC Desire 601

(about 1 month ago)

Had to send back 3 times during the first year. Had to pay return shipping every time. HTC would not cover any shipping costs. Was told because i live in Canada. One month past warranty phone went crazy would come on and off every 15 seconds and could not do anything about it. Threw it in the garbag... More


Zero rating from my side

HTC Desire 820

(2 months ago)

I give zero to this phone


HTC Desire 510 is a terrible cellphone it has not storage and many other problems

HTC Desire 510

(3 months ago)

June 30, 2015 Time: 4:52pm Boost Mobile HTC Desire 510 cellphone I am beginning to hate this "Boost Mobile" HTC Desire 510 cellphone that I bought with their monthly unlimited talk and text, & data. 1. On the home screen there is a lock and the icon locks without you locking it and you can not ac... More


Camera quality bad..............

HTC Desire 626G+

(4 months ago)

very bad camera quality like a 2 Mp camera.......bakwaas h yaar



HTC One (M9)

(5 months ago)

Virginmobile is the most useless company next to Bell I have ever dealt with. Corrupt. It is all about the money.


I hate this phone because

HTC Desire 626G+

(5 months ago)

1- rear camera is worst, flash is very poor and in night it captures pics like a 2mp camera. 2- sound quality is poor. 3- didn't show the caller name during the screenlocks. 4- touch sensors is not smooth, behave like a resistive touch screen. 5- although a octacore processor, but shows a much lags... More


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