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It comes packed with a large and beautiful looking display with the premium build quality

HTC Desire 816

from Android Authority (2 days ago)

So there you have it for the HTC Desire 816. Overall, this is a fantastic phone and although it’s being pushed as a midrange offering I never felt that way about this phone during my time using it. It comes packed with a large and beautiful looking display with the premium build quality that we... More

A big bet on small changes

HTC One (M8)

from Android Police (4 days ago)

The One M8 is, in a word, iterative. Rather than redefine, HTC chose to refine. Sometimes that's OK, and I think that for buyers coming up on the 2-year replacement mark, the M8 is a perfectly respectable choice. It has a great display, beautiful looks, solid battery life, and those wonderful Boomsound... More

A deluxe phone for Android purists

HTC One (M8)

from Cnet (5 days ago)

Looking a little closer, it's clear that the One M8 GPE offers more value than you might expect. First, its metal design is utterly gorgeous. Second, as the only other phone outside of the Nexus 5 to serve up the powerful and attractive Google Now Launcher interface, the M8 GPE is truly a uniquely compelling... More


Definitely a strong contender for the best smartphone of the year

HTC One (M8)

from UnleashThePhones (5 days ago)

Compared to other flagship smartphones, the HTC One (M8) stands out because of it’s impeccable design. Honestly, it’s one of the few smartphones today, that boasts a stylish, and solid metallic body, which results in it feeling very premium. The secondary rear camera definitely helps with... More

As gorgeous on the inside as it is on the out

HTC One (M8)

from What Hi-Fi (6 days ago)

The HTC One M8 is a resounding success, building on one of the best phones of last year, and making it even better in every way. The few small grumbles with the camera can’t take away from an excellent bigger picture and we like this phone a lot. There’s plenty of competition heading its... More


Pushing forward with everything but hardware

HTC One (M8)

from Techland (6 days ago)

The HTC One (M8) is a fine piece of hardware. It has a sharp display, an attractive design and great speakers, and while the camera isn’t the best in its class, it still runs circles around the basic shooters on cheaper phones. But if anything, the lack of huge hardware improvements only underscores... More

A huge phone with a great screen, but the camera is poor and performance only middling for the price

HTC One max

from Expert Reviews (7 days ago)

Whether or not you want a phone this big is a matter of personal taste. If you have a 6in smartphone you really don’t need a tablet, as a phone this size is perfectly big enough for casual web surfing. However, it does poke out the top of a jeans pocket, and you'll find you often can’t sit... More


The One to impress your M8s

HTC One (M8)

from Pocket Gamer (8 days ago)

HTC has once again produced an exceptional phone, and one that deserves to succeed, despite being in Samsung's vast shadow. When pitted against the Galaxy S5 and Sony's forthcoming Xperia Z2, the M8 arguably has the most robust design, exceptional battery life, acoustics that even Sony might struggle... More


Fine tuned hardware and software experience

HTC One (M8)

from Android Authority (8 days ago)

With the similarity in appearance to the original One people might be inclined to suggest that HTC was playing it safe with the One (M8). But after a couple weeks with the phone, it certainly doesn’t feel that way. Despite a couple quibbles, this design taken as a whole is perhaps the best we have... More


Gorgeous build and top-notch front-facing camera

HTC One (M8)

from PC Magazine (8 days ago)

The One (M8) continues HTC's reign as the maker of the best-designed Android smartphones. It oozes with style and sophistication, but makes some compromises compared with the Galaxy S5.


Best QWERTY available

HTC Status

(4 months ago)

This phone has THE BEST Qwerty keyboard of any phone I've ever handled - and I still say so after 2 years of owning it and handling the newest Blackberry's. Great "clicky" feel, and the spacing and size of buttons is perfect - even for my man hands. I LOVE that it has the 4 arrow... More


My Favourite Phone!

HTC Windows Phone 8S

(4 months ago)

The HTC 8S has an amazing design as well as a amazing screen. The only flaw is the amount of internal storage for apps... An micro SD card can hold the music and pics... It is a great entry level WP!


Great price for what you get...

HTC Windows Phone 8S

(4 months ago)

This is my first smartphone so I don't have much to base it on but so far, no complaints! The camera is the only thing I am not crazy about because it is far too sensitive. Shake it just a bit and the camera disappears and defaults to the Bing search screen. Otherwise I am pretty happy with the... More


Pretty nice phone but a bit expensive for what it offers

HTC Desire 601

(5 months ago)

The phone itself looks really good but for the specs it has to offer seems to me like 100$ overpriced from the htc 300 wich has similar specs. If this phone wants to have a bit of succes I think they should lower the price alot more like 220$ Compared to the moto g for the price and the specs this phone... More


Good for only $100


(5 months ago)

I got the Telus 1V prepaid at Walmart, then $130 now $100. Android 4.0.3 (ICS) is dated but way better than Gingerbread on previous phone. The HTC launcher is fine for a phone, HTC Mail is great improvement over ICS Email. The main flaw is only 512MB of RAM, much slower app start up than a 1GB device.... More


Not worth it. Do not buy it

HTC Desire C

(6 months ago)

Forget about this phone. It is a piece of junk. I had the phone for 1 year now, and I had sent it out for repair at least 6 times, each turnaround is 2 weeks. Worst yet, most of the time, it came back as "refreshed software", nothing else was done. But the phone will every now and then reboot... More

  1/10 taught me how to use Android

HTC Nexus One

(7 months ago)

This phone worked well at first, I was lucky to find one that didn't have the broken power button problem. But I quickly learned how annoying this phone can be: my main issue was typing on it, for no reason the screen would repeatedly lose all accuracy when typing which made it impossible to hit... More


HTC Desire C is the worse phone

HTC Desire C

(8 months ago)

I would personally recommended every one make sure never buy any HTC Desire phone they have the worse phone service & the option in there phone. I try talk to the customer service that is even worse than the phone.


I hate this phone

HTC Raider 4G

(8 months ago)

It is not a good phone. I had it repair as it kept crashing and it work fine for a few months now it is starting to crash once week the is a little over a yet old . Will never buy HTC phone again.


Screen shattered within a month

HTC Windows Phone 8S

(10 months ago)

HTC says its physical damage. Which I guess means I shouldn't be carrying it around in my pocket. They offered to fix it for $150. I can't spend more on this and suffer another set back. The only pro: Windows 8 is awesome! It's sad that Microsoft is teaming with third rate vendors for... More


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