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An adequate package for the price

HTC Desire 510

from GSMArena (1 day ago)

The HTC Desire 510 is the kind of phone that's likely to be in high demand for a good while. Perhaps not the device itself, which will soon start dealing with growing competition, but the very concept of an affordable phone with the fastest network data will make more and more sense as 4G networks e... More

Subpar display, paltry built-in storage

HTC Desire 510

from PC Magazine (4 days ago)

Simply put, the HTC Desire 510 is a feeble flag bearer for 64-bit on Android. Its display quality is marginal even for a low-end device, and it's hobbled out of the box thanks to nearly non-existent internal storage. The Desire 510 receives no clear benefit from its 64-bit processor. Skip this phone... More


Nokia Lumia’s true nemesis

HTC One (M8) for Windows

from Softpedia (5 days ago)

The most appealing trait of the HTC One M8 for Windows is design. The smartphone is the best looking on the market and the fact that it’s made of aluminum is another plus. Hardware-wise, HTC’s device should be the most powerful smartphone, at least on paper, running the Windows Phone pla... More


Same genes, different DNA

HTC One (M8) for Windows

from Pocket-lint (8 days ago)

There's a lot to love about the HTC One M8 for Windows - it's the device that proves the importance of a premium build and construction, irrelevant of software platform. We love the M8 design because it enhances the overall experience. The things that work really well on the Android device from a ha... More


HTC offers speedy 4G connectivity in a budget handset

HTC Desire 510

from TechRadar (9 days ago)

If you just want a phone for taking advantage of the new, super fast 4G network at a low price, then you'll be quite happy with the HTC Desire 510.However, if you want your smartphone to be more than just a portal to the internet, and to watch high definition media and take superb photos, then you'l... More


A great smartphone, but it should have been even better to deserve its flagship price

HTC One (M8) for Windows

from GSMArena (12 days ago)

If you were hoping to switch Android and Windows at your will, we have to disappoint you. But look at this on the bright side - for the first time ever you can choose the OS of your flagship phone. It is a huge step forward and we hope other manufacturers will follow suit, especially now when using... More

Solid build quality, flagship specifications

HTC Butterfly 2

from Android Authority (17 days ago)

The HTC Butterfly is 2 is available in the US directly from HTC or Expansys for $619.99. Unfortunately, the option for subsidized rates from network carriers isn’t available.So there you have it – a closer look at the HTC Butterfly 2! The Butterfly 2 is basically the One (M8) in a plasti... More


A decent phablet with a cheap data plan

HTC Desire 816

from PCWorld (18 days ago)

If you can live with the camera and a few other shortcomings, the Desire 816 fares well as a budget phone for game and media junkies. For $300, it can stand in for both a smartphone and a tablet, and the service comes cheap on Virgin Mobile, whose $35 plan gets you 300 minutes, unlimited text and 2.... More

A budget phone without a purpose

HTC Desire 610

from PCWorld (23 days ago)

There was a time, back in Android’s early days, when any $350 phone that worked reasonably well would have been a triumph. But those days are long gone, and if you’re looking to save money on an AT&T-supported phone, you have several better options than the HTC Desire 610.For the sam... More


Almost as good as the metal version

HTC One (E8)

from Phone Scoop (23 days ago)

The HTC One (E8) is almost as good as the One (M8). It trades the latter's aluminum skin for polycarbonate, and in so doing loses a little bit of luster. Even so, the plastic is strong and well made. It still offers BoomSound and Zoes, but loses the TV remote and fancy two-camera setup.The E8 has a... More


Its amazing phone better than apple i4 just there is a problem of battery backup

HTC Desire 516

(3 days ago)


It has everything I need

HTC Desire C

(2 months ago)

This is my second smartphone and I love it, its so user friendly. I would change a few things on the camera, it doesnt take very good pics, but all in all gives me everything I need.


It's not just bad, it doesn't function as a phone


(5 months ago)

Never in my life have I seen a phone as utterly useless as this one. Fresh factory reset, ZERO apps installed and after a couple of weeks it starts to hang for five, ten, twenty seconds. Restarting doesn't help. The most embarrassing moment it caused me was at a meeting. I forgot to silence it and... More


Best QWERTY available

HTC Status

(10 months ago)

This phone has THE BEST Qwerty keyboard of any phone I've ever handled - and I still say so after 2 years of owning it and handling the newest Blackberry's. Great "clicky" feel, and the spacing and size of buttons is perfect - even for my man hands. I LOVE that it has the 4 arrow keys for navigati... More


My Favourite Phone!

HTC Windows Phone 8S

(10 months ago)

The HTC 8S has an amazing design as well as a amazing screen. The only flaw is the amount of internal storage for apps... An micro SD card can hold the music and pics... It is a great entry level WP!


Great price for what you get...

HTC Windows Phone 8S

(10 months ago)

This is my first smartphone so I don't have much to base it on but so far, no complaints! The camera is the only thing I am not crazy about because it is far too sensitive. Shake it just a bit and the camera disappears and defaults to the Bing search screen. Otherwise I am pretty happy with the phon... More


Pretty nice phone but a bit expensive for what it offers

HTC Desire 601

(10 months ago)

The phone itself looks really good but for the specs it has to offer seems to me like 100$ overpriced from the htc 300 wich has similar specs. If this phone wants to have a bit of succes I think they should lower the price alot more like 220$ Compared to the moto g for the price and the specs this... More


Good for only $100


(11 months ago)

I got the Telus 1V prepaid at Walmart, then $130 now $100. Android 4.0.3 (ICS) is dated but way better than Gingerbread on previous phone. The HTC launcher is fine for a phone, HTC Mail is great improvement over ICS Email. The main flaw is only 512MB of RAM, much slower app start up than a 1GB dev... More


Not worth it. Do not buy it

HTC Desire C

(about 1 year ago)

Forget about this phone. It is a piece of junk. I had the phone for 1 year now, and I had sent it out for repair at least 6 times, each turnaround is 2 weeks. Worst yet, most of the time, it came back as "refreshed software", nothing else was done. But the phone will every now and then reboot all b... More

  1/10 taught me how to use Android

HTC Nexus One

(about 1 year ago)

This phone worked well at first, I was lucky to find one that didn't have the broken power button problem. But I quickly learned how annoying this phone can be: my main issue was typing on it, for no reason the screen would repeatedly lose all accuracy when typing which made it impossible to hit the... More


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