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Waste of money

Emporia CLICK

(3 years ago)

my sister is disabled so thought would like this phone. does not work well and she says it is the worst phone she has ever had. calls disconnect and the battery fails all the time. she tried calling the number listed for the company for support all the way in AUSTRIA and they couldn't help at all.... More


Agree with reviewer

Emporia SOLID plus

(3 years ago)

have a diff model but EXACT SAME PROBLEMS. apparently the company just can't make a decent phone that works. ironic how their motto is simplicity but they cant even get that right. will never buy this brand again. when works, sound is loud and good but often drops calls.


Simple but still does not work well

Emporia SOLID plus

(3 years ago)

this phone easily broken, software hangs, emergency button alarm goes off without being pressed. dad said it was worst phone ever. manual not in english and no support from company.


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