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Dell's most versatile professional Windows 8.1 Pro tablet yet

Dell Venue 11 Pro

from Notebookcheck (about 1 month ago)

Those searching for a larger-sized tablet with an acceptable detachable keyboard and touchpad, great battery life, a bright, vivid screen, and full-blown Windows 8.1 should seriously consider the merits of the Venue 11 Pro. It has all of these, plus a full-sized USB 3.0 port on the tablet itself, mi... More


An inexpensive 8-inch tablet with a premium feel

Dell Venue 8 Pro

from Cnet (3 months ago)

I've been waiting for the perfect 8-inch Windows 8 tablet, offering just the right design, features, and price. I'm still waiting, but the Dell Venue 8 Pro gets closer than anything else has to date. If Dell made it available from Day One with its paired keyboard accessory, put the Windows button ba... More


Solid build and good performance

Dell Venue 8

from Fone Arena (3 months ago)

The Dell Venue 8 is a decent tablet in this range. It is a bit costly compared to other WiFi-only tablets in the market, but this has GPS that is commonly not seen on WiFi-only tablets. If you are looking for a large-screen tablet with good build and performance, but can compromise on the camera and... More

A Full HD Windows 8.1 tablet that's a blend for business brilliance

Dell Venue 11 Pro

from TechRadar (3 months ago)

The Dell squares up to the Surface Pro with great versatility, better accessories and a stunning screen, and it's just as good value when bought with its best peripherals. The Surface Pro might be a bit faster, but the Venue has enough power to get the job done – if you need a tablet for work,... More


Tablet plus accessories makes three good devices

Dell Venue 11 Pro

from PCWorld (4 months ago)

Dell’s Venue 11 Pro ups the ante in the hybrid arena, thanks to is versatile accessories. The hardware isn’t strong enough for hardcore games or producing the next great animated short, but its three combinations were more than adequate for my entertainment and routine computing needs.

Windows slates can deliver great performance without the hefty price tags

Dell Venue 11 Pro

from GottaBeMobile (4 months ago)

At $500, the Dell Venue 11 Pro seems like a steal, but once you start to pack in more accessories, like the $130 MSRP Slim Tablet keyboard (the equivalent of the Surface Pro 2′s Touch 2 Cover) or the $160 MSRP Tablet Keyboard (the equivalent of the Surface Pro 2′s Type Cover but with add... More

Snappy performance in an attractive package

Dell Venue 8 Pro

from Ars Technica (5 months ago)

By most important measures, 8-inch Windows tablets are about a year or a year-and-a-half behind Android tablets. Applications for many major services exist, but they aren’t always up to the versions on other tablets. Windows 8.1 still needs some work before its touch interface is quite up to s... More

A good tablet for Windows fans to use for personal and occasional professional tasks

Dell Venue 8 Pro

from Tablet News (5 months ago)

This tablet hits the "sweet spot" of price vs. functionality. It does just about everything a casual consumer needs at a very good price -- the list price is $300, but can regularly be found for much less.But that doesn't mean it's a great option for business use. This is a fine tablet for a prosume... More


A 10in Windows 8 tablet that makes perfect sense for business

Dell Venue 11 Pro

from Expert Reviews (5 months ago)

By focusing on the business market with the Venue 11 Pro Dell has sensibly avoided any comparisons with Android, iOS and even Windows RT tablets. Instead, the Venue 11 Pro’s main rival is Microsoft’s own Surface Pro 2, although the Surface Pro 2 costs almost twice as much as the Venue 11... More


Quite a decent Windows tablet

Dell Venue 11 Pro

from Notebookcheck (5 months ago)

Overall, the Dell Venue 11 Pro is quite a decent Windows tablet. Considering that Microsoft does not offer WWAN, the lower price is even more appealing - as long as the lower performance of the i3 processor is not an issue. Users who work on construction sites or those needing a bright display shoul... More


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