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A good value for multimedia tablets

Dell Venue 8 (2014)

from PC Magazine (about 1 month ago)

In the 8-inch tablet realm, budget and full HD were once mutually exclusive; you'd typically expect to pay up to $400 for that privilege. Spending that much will still get you a great tablet, like the Editors' Choice Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4Best Price at Amazon, but it's no longer required. The Dell... More


Fails on so many levels.

Dell Venue 8 Pro

from GottaBeMobile (2 months ago)

Like so many other tablets. How great the Dell Venue 8 is going to be for your needs comes down to what you care about. At $179, it’s not a terrible eReader at all. Again, text is crisp and there’s plenty of storage if you ever want to watch a movie.However, the Dell Venue 8 at $179 is a... More

Mid-range and proud

Dell Venue 8 (2014)

from SlashGear (2 months ago)

The Dell Venue 8 currently sits at the $149.99 price point; a market segment many overlook. The 8-inch screen won’t blow you away, but the slightly larger real estate comes in handy for reading or casual gaming.This is a great tablet for a few people: kids, older folks (grandma and grandpa who... More

This budget Android tablet checks all the boxes it needs to

Dell Venue 8 (2014)

from TechRadar (2 months ago)

Simply put he Dell Venue 8 is an excellent value. It's kept speedy, thanks to a lack of annoying or useless UI elements. Stock Android 4.4 KitKat really works well here, and the battery life is lengthy.If you could design a clean slab of glass, plastic and pixels, and throw in Android KitKat at its... More


A solid device that punches above its weight class given its price

Dell Venue 8 (2014)

from Hothardware (2 months ago)

All told, the Venue 8 is a solid device that punches above its weight class given its price, though it won’t redefine the segment. Dell has thrown a few nice extras onto the Venue 8, but at $179, it can occasionally feel a touch under-powered--again though, this is the norm for tablets in this... More

A well-equipped budget compact tablet

Dell Venue 8 (2014)

from PC Pro (3 months ago)

The Dell Venue 8 has all the makings of a superb compact tablet: the Intel hardware racks up impressive benchmark scores and the display gives the Nexus 7's Full HD panel a run for its money. Ultimately, though, the impressive benchmark scores don't tell the whole story – in everyday use, the... More


Supremely powerful and super secure

Dell Venue 11 Pro

from PCWorld (4 months ago)

The Venue 11 Pro is a versatile business tablet/laptop/mini all-in-one that’s surprisingly usable in all three orientations—provided you can live with the heft and smallish display (as a desktop without a second monitor, that is). This high-end model proved particularly adept at movies a... More


A tempting choice for budget-conscious shoppers

Dell Venue 7 (2014)

from Laptop Magazine (4 months ago)

For $160, the Dell Venue 7 offers solid performance and audio, a bright display and strong battery life, making it an excellent option for those looking for an affordable 7-inch Android tablet. The $150 ASUS MeMO Pad 7 is more powerful and has a slick Zen UI interface, but it doesn't last as long on... More


A good choice for budget-minded buyers looking for a minimalist device

Dell Venue 8 (2014)

from CRN (4 months ago)

Despite its bare-bones feature list and scant options, the Dell Venue 8 is a good choice for budget-minded buyers looking for a minimalist device for solution deployment that's free of vendor-specific UI whistles and bells.

Better performance, battery life and audio quality

Dell Venue 8 (2014)

from Laptop Magazine (4 months ago)

The new Dell Venue 8 delivers a sharper display, improved performance and longer battery life than its predecessor, for just $20 more. The refresh also makes this device the only $200 Android tablet to offer a full HD screen.If you're looking for a more powerful Android slate in this size, we recomm... More


It works great and fast. Does everything I want it to do and is user friendly.

Dell Venue 7

(2 months ago)


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