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Looks terrific on paper, but several odd design choices

Dell Venue 8 (2014)

from PC Magazine (4 days ago)

I'm very frustrated here, as the Dell Venue 8 7000 is one of those gadgets that doesn't deliver in person what it promises on paper. Yes, it's the most beautiful tablet available today. But the camera location is downright idiotic, the depth camera is a gimmick, Dell Cast hardly works, and the laggy... More


Strong computing power

Dell Venue 11 Pro

from Notebookcheck (25 days ago)

Good gets even better? While Dell's Venue 11 Pro 7130 (Haswell i5) was almost penalized with a rating of 78% in the tablet sector, the Venue 11 Pro 7140 Broadwell update (Core M 5Y10a) reaps in more points. We tested it as a convertible alongside its keyboard dock, which we believe does the 10.8-inc... More


A good value for multimedia tablets

Dell Venue 8 (2014)

from PC Magazine (2 months ago)

In the 8-inch tablet realm, budget and full HD were once mutually exclusive; you'd typically expect to pay up to $400 for that privilege. Spending that much will still get you a great tablet, like the Editors' Choice Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4Best Price at Amazon, but it's no longer required. The Dell... More


Fails on so many levels.

Dell Venue 8 Pro

from GottaBeMobile (3 months ago)

Like so many other tablets. How great the Dell Venue 8 is going to be for your needs comes down to what you care about. At $179, it’s not a terrible eReader at all. Again, text is crisp and there’s plenty of storage if you ever want to watch a movie.However, the Dell Venue 8 at $179 is a... More

Mid-range and proud

Dell Venue 8 (2014)

from SlashGear (3 months ago)

The Dell Venue 8 currently sits at the $149.99 price point; a market segment many overlook. The 8-inch screen won’t blow you away, but the slightly larger real estate comes in handy for reading or casual gaming.This is a great tablet for a few people: kids, older folks (grandma and grandpa who... More

This budget Android tablet checks all the boxes it needs to

Dell Venue 8 (2014)

from TechRadar (3 months ago)

Simply put he Dell Venue 8 is an excellent value. It's kept speedy, thanks to a lack of annoying or useless UI elements. Stock Android 4.4 KitKat really works well here, and the battery life is lengthy.If you could design a clean slab of glass, plastic and pixels, and throw in Android KitKat at its... More


A solid device that punches above its weight class given its price

Dell Venue 8 (2014)

from Hothardware (3 months ago)

All told, the Venue 8 is a solid device that punches above its weight class given its price, though it won’t redefine the segment. Dell has thrown a few nice extras onto the Venue 8, but at $179, it can occasionally feel a touch under-powered--again though, this is the norm for tablets in this... More

A well-equipped budget compact tablet

Dell Venue 8 (2014)

from PC Pro (4 months ago)

The Dell Venue 8 has all the makings of a superb compact tablet: the Intel hardware racks up impressive benchmark scores and the display gives the Nexus 7's Full HD panel a run for its money. Ultimately, though, the impressive benchmark scores don't tell the whole story – in everyday use, the... More


Supremely powerful and super secure

Dell Venue 11 Pro

from PCWorld (5 months ago)

The Venue 11 Pro is a versatile business tablet/laptop/mini all-in-one that’s surprisingly usable in all three orientations—provided you can live with the heft and smallish display (as a desktop without a second monitor, that is). This high-end model proved particularly adept at movies a... More


A tempting choice for budget-conscious shoppers

Dell Venue 7 (2014)

from Laptop Magazine (5 months ago)

For $160, the Dell Venue 7 offers solid performance and audio, a bright display and strong battery life, making it an excellent option for those looking for an affordable 7-inch Android tablet. The $150 ASUS MeMO Pad 7 is more powerful and has a slick Zen UI interface, but it doesn't last as long on... More


It works great and fast. Does everything I want it to do and is user friendly.

Dell Venue 7

(4 months ago)


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