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Super slim design, a great screen and offers smooth performance combined with good battery life

Dell Venue 8 7000

from PC Advisor (9 days ago)

The Dell Venue 8 7000 is an attractive Android tablet with a super slim design, a great screen and offers smooth performance combined with good battery life. However, it's more expensive than closely matched rivals and the RealSense camera technology which is supposedly a selling point isn't worth t... More


A laptop in disguise

Dell Venue 11 Pro

from PCWorld (3 months ago)

Statistics aside, as a tablet or a small laptop, the Venue 11 Pro is a joy to use. The display is bright and evenly lit, and it couldn’t be any more responsive to touch. Movies look great and it even sounds halfway decent when music emanates from the speakers. The Venue 11 Pro isn’t skin... More


Thin design, great screen, gimmicky camera

Dell Venue 8 7000

from TUAW (4 months ago)

At $399, the Dell Venue 8 7000 isn't exactly cheap, but it mostly merits its flagship price. Thanks to a combination of a thin and beautiful design, excellent build quality, long battery life and a stunning screen, the Venue 8 earns its status as one of the best Android tablets you can buy. As the f... More


Beautiful display, decent overall performance

Dell Venue 8 7000

from TechSpot (4 months ago)

The Dell Venue 8 7000 is arguably one of the best looking tablets currently on the market. If you’re a fan of slim profiles, you’ll love what Dell has done here. The mostly aluminum chassis makes for a lightweight slate given its size. 


This is the 'world's thinnest' tablet and turns out to be one of the best

Dell Venue 8 7000

from TechRadar (5 months ago)

Instead of the Dell Venue 8 7000, this should have been called "Dell - the world's thinnest tablet" to tell us more about all of its iPad-beating features. No, it doesn't match Apple's A8 chip with its unconventional use of a smaller Intel processor. That does make it slower than today's best table... More


Premium hardware, work-in-progress software

Dell Venue 8 7000

from SlashGear (5 months ago)

Should you buy it? That’s the question, right? Should you even take a hard look at the Dell Venue 8 7000? With all the camera tricks and tweaks, and that downright sexy 6mm frame, it’s definitely attractive.When it comes to performance, the Dell Venue 8 7000 didn’t let me down... More

Fantastic design and build quality, solid performance

Dell Venue 8 7000

from Android Authority (5 months ago)

Our biggest cause for concern with this tablet is its ergonomics. In just about anything but portrait, it doesn’t feel quite right, and accidental screen taps or button presses are inevitable. Those issues are aren’t enough to out shine all the high points of this tablet though. It&rsquo... More


It feels like the future, but the future is a little awkward

Dell Venue 8 7000

from Android Police (5 months ago)

I find myself torn with regard to the design of the Venue 8. On one hand it's cool to use a device that's almost all screen. As technology advances, I think we're going to be seeing more tablets that have design features in common with the Venue 8. On the other hand, Dell might have made too many sa... More


A tablet that breaks design convention

Dell Venue 8 7000

from Notebookcheck (5 months ago)

Not everybody might appreciate the somewhat industrial-looking design - but the Venue 8 7000 is quite a striking tablet in our book. The razor-thin chassis features extremely high build quality, tight tolerances, and high-end materials. The hardware is no slouch either and offers decent performance... More


A tablet that takes photography seriously

Dell Venue 8 7000

from Cnet (5 months ago)

Thin-as-a-rail designs, speedy specs and razor-sharp HD screens reign as must-have high-end features, but few tablets bring anything fresh or intriguing to the table. The Dell Venue 8 7000 is a rare exception that delivers all of that and does one better: it gives you a new toy to chew on.It's easy... More


It works great and fast. Does everything I want it to do and is user friendly.

Dell Venue 7

(10 months ago)


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