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Designed with business in mind

BlackBerry Passport

from Geek Squad (22 days ago)

Overall, I like the BlackBerry Passport. Yes, it's big. Yes, it's square. But once you look past that and see what the phone is capable of doing, you realise what a game-changer it is. While it does have its flaws, it’s aimed at a more business-savvy user. Games are most certainly not a priori... More

The best BlackBerry 10 device you can buy

BlackBerry Passport

from Engadget (25 days ago)

The Passport is an odd duck; it's difficult to bestow one final judgment that applies to everyone. It's your only choice if you want a high-end phone with a physical keyboard, and it's the best-performing BlackBerry in the lineup. But it also feels niche, thanks to its peculiar shape and keyboard la... More


A striking business-focused handset with plenty of plus points

BlackBerry Passport

from ZDNet (30 days ago)

BlackBerry hopes to revive its fortunes with the Passport, and has come up with an innovative business-focused handset. We've seen the Passport ridiculed on size grounds, but this is unfair in our view. Yes it's large and difficult to use one-handed, and it lacks 'blingy' consumer features, but ther... More


A Passport to Nowhere

BlackBerry Passport

from Digit (about 1 month ago)

The Blackberry Passport has great specs, a display of fantastic quality and solid build quality but it feels like a novelty device and not one for mainstream consumption. The Passport’s design and size puts it alongside the many ‘Porsche’ branded smartphones or those made by Vertu... More


BlackBerry’s comeback smartphone

BlackBerry Passport

from tech2 (about 1 month ago)

This is BlackBerry’s comeback smartphone, and whether it is wildly successful or a moderate success, or even a failure, the company has got everyone’s attention. And I think that’s the strategy at work here — not about setting sales registers afire, but about making a stateme... More


Enough to keep fans hanging on

BlackBerry Passport

from TechnoBuffalo (about 1 month ago)

I’ll be perfectly honest: I don’t think this is the phone for me, and I know there are plenty of other phones on the market that offer a much better experience in terms of apps, software, design and more. That said, BlackBerry also told me that this phone is for the enterprise market, wh... More


Novelty, high-grade execution

BlackBerry Passport

from GSMArena (about 1 month ago)

Finding a way out of the doldrums has become a do-or-die for BlackBerry, time perhaps to do something different than just do better. Not that the Z-series did anything wrong. But if the mindset back then was all about catching up to Android and iOS, the BlackBerry Passport marks a return to an ident... More

Stunning modern design, snappy performance

BlackBerry Passport

from PhoneArena (about 1 month ago)

Visually, the BlackBerry Passport is a delectable treat – one that not only pays homage to the BlackBerry smartphones of yesterday, but it oozes with a modern design to die for. For all of its attractiveness, we’re confused by the company’s decision to go with an entirely different... More


For every benefit, there’s a compromise

BlackBerry Passport

from The Next Web (about 1 month ago)

The no frills approach of BlackBerry 10 might be something you’re yearning for – and if you’re not already familiar, it likely wouldn’t take you too long to get up to speed – it keeps certain similarity with rivals’ platforms, like a pull down notifications bar. B... More

World's best QWERTY in a uniquely functional form factor

BlackBerry Passport

from ZDNet (about 1 month ago)

I was going to skip testing out the BlackBerry Passport, but my curiosity got the best of me and I am thankful that it did. The BlackBerry 10 OS has always interested me with the fantastic BlackBerry Hub, swiping interface, and app expansion through Android.Unlike other smartphone operating systems,... More


Best phone ever!

BlackBerry Passport

(17 days ago)

Day 2 with The Passport and guys if you have a chance to get this just get it !!!! it s Diffrent from the competition !!! WOW


Great comeback for BlackBerry

BlackBerry Z30

(18 days ago)

Although mine only has an above average battery life, I found the HUB and swipe much more fluent than other phones I've had. The browser is very fast and it surprised me by the quality of the screen. All in all, I would defiantly recommend this phone to friends and colleagues alike.


The best

BlackBerry Passport

(about 1 month ago)

Awesome battery life !



BlackBerry Z30

(3 months ago)

If you are looking for a communication device rather than a camera then do not overlook the Z30. The upgraded platform is app friendly and I love the Hub, where I can get all my messages in one convenient spot. Most of all, being a Canadian, I get to support a national company.


Good But!!!

BlackBerry Z10

(3 months ago)

Problematic when loading pictures to Main PC. Very poor battery life


Great phone

BlackBerry Curve 9360

(4 months ago)

I had this phone for a little over a year and I can say that it is a good phone for it's price. It takes great pictures and is capable of viewing the internet as well as watch videos. Sometimes though the internets lags and the videos get blurry but I can live with it. The keyboard is really nice an... More


Phone issues

BlackBerry Curve 9310

(5 months ago)

I got this phone from a friend turned it on and can't use it the phone locks and turns on but I can't do anything with it when it turns on a loading screen shows and does not go away and it stops me from calling texting I can't add numbers or get into the menu! Please help!!!


The Media Couldn't Cloud the Quality of BB Z30

BlackBerry Z30

(6 months ago)

So many amazing little details that BB looked after. Everything is so organized and has it's own little place. Super fast, 4g, memory heat sensors in key pad that remember where you put your fingers where you type. THE SWIPE AND WORD PREDICT IS AMAZING AND ALWAYS RIGHT. Color coded messaged, you c... More


Blackberry Z30 is a great and attractive phone.

BlackBerry Z30

(9 months ago)

I just replaced my Blackberry Bold with Z30 and think that the Z30 is awesome. I like it a lot. It handles great, and looks nice although I haven't used its camera yet. I am glad that I bought it!


Best phone in the Industry - A Multi-Media/Gaming/Communications Monster

BlackBerry Z30

(10 months ago)

Though I enjoyed the Z10, this Z30 is not only BBRY's best smart phone out to date, but its also one of the most highly competitive versus the competition, with BB10 OS taking it to the next level with the most advanced mobile OS ever released on a smart phone. The Z30's shape, size, the fluidness... More


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Research in Motion, RIM, is a Canadian-based wireless device company famous for the development of the BlackBerry smart phone line.

RIM was founded by Mike Lazaridis and is based in Waterloo, Ontario. Before the development of the BlackBerry, RIM worked with RAM Mobile Date and Ericsson, assisting in converting the Ericsson-developed Mobitex wireless data network into a two-way paging and wireless email network.

RIM has gone on to develop many different BlackBerry devices, which have become the smart phone of choice among business and government professionals. So loyal are BlackBerry users that the devices have come to be known as Crackberries, a back-door joke aimed at users who claim they cannot live without them.

Major competitors include Apple Inc., HTC, Palm, Motorola, Samsung and others.

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