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A killer smartphone for keyboard lovers

BlackBerry Classic

from Network World (3 days ago)

The BlackBerry Classic is designed to look, feel and function like one of the most popular BlackBerry devices ever made, and it achieves all three of these goals. The Classic is great-looking and well-built. The keyboard can't be beat. It's a great size for a "candy bar" style phone. It does notific... More

BlackBerry returns to its roots

BlackBerry Classic

from Cnet (3 days ago)

The Classic is a clarion call to the faithful, a reminder that BlackBerry is still at the top of its productivity game. The company has also clearly taken recent lessons to heart: smartphones live and die by the apps you can run on them, so the admittedly limited presence of Android apps is a boon f... More


Set-up works well

BlackBerry Classic

from uSwitch (3 days ago)

BlackBerry customers old and new will find something familiar, in this solidly build, QWERTY keyboard phone.However, a dedicated keyboard isn't for everyone.The Classic's appeal is most likely primarily to businessmen, for whom email is number-one priority and anything else is a bonus.It's a shame t... More


Better late than never

BlackBerry Classic

from The Telegraph (3 days ago)

There’s a huge amount to like in the BlackBerry Classic. It will make you more productive. It feels serious. And it doesn’t look too bad either. But in part you’re more productive because there are fewer distractions, and therein is the root of the problem. While this may be a tool... More


Bringing back more than nostalgia

BlackBerry Classic

from N4BB (3 days ago)

A lot of people will look at the BlackBerry Classic, and just ask “why?” Rest assured, if you’re asking that question, this device is not made for you. And that’s okay, it doesn’t have to be. If you want a powerhouse smartphone with all the latest specs and a cool innov... More


Quality hardware with a great feeling of durability

BlackBerry Classic

from CrackBerry (3 days ago)

It's a device worthy of the Classic name in my opinion. With the navigation keys and optical trackpad now in place and BlackBerry 10 adapted to support them, a lot of of the things that made a BlackBerry a BlackBerry are back. The BlackBerry Classic is a device you can hold in one hand and still get... More

A very good smartphone for a very small number of people

BlackBerry Classic

from Mobile Syrup (3 days ago)

The Classic is a beautiful, nostalgic mess. It’s a good phone with ample battery life to take on the day, and a familiar-feeling hardware keyboard for those who can’t go without.While I understand the device is, by virtue of its name, a concession to long-suffering BlackBerry loyalists,... More


A real workhorse for the always be closing crowd

BlackBerry Passport

from Ars Technica (27 days ago)

After finishing up my two-week test run on the Passport, there was a brief pang of regret over having to send it back. Some may blame Stockholm Syndrome, others may blame my high tolerance for the ratchet and general low expectations.The strong business and security features of the Passport make it... More

Suffers from BlackBerry 10's weak ecosystem and a build that's both bizarre and inconvenient

BlackBerry Passport

from Brighthand (about 1 month ago)

BlackBerry’s intentions with the Passport were good. It wanted to create something groundbreaking in spite of multiple inherent risks, and that’s an approach that is rarely seen in the world of smartphones today. That’s worth commending. Unfortunately, all the Passport proves is th... More


Designed with business in mind

BlackBerry Passport

from Geek Squad (about 1 month ago)

Overall, I like the BlackBerry Passport. Yes, it's big. Yes, it's square. But once you look past that and see what the phone is capable of doing, you realise what a game-changer it is. While it does have its flaws, it’s aimed at a more business-savvy user. Games are most certainly not a priori... More

Best phone ever!

BlackBerry Passport

(about 1 month ago)

Day 2 with The Passport and guys if you have a chance to get this just get it !!!! it s Diffrent from the competition !!! WOW


Great comeback for BlackBerry

BlackBerry Z30

(about 1 month ago)

Although mine only has an above average battery life, I found the HUB and swipe much more fluent than other phones I've had. The browser is very fast and it surprised me by the quality of the screen. All in all, I would defiantly recommend this phone to friends and colleagues alike.


The best

BlackBerry Passport

(2 months ago)

Awesome battery life !



BlackBerry Z30

(3 months ago)

If you are looking for a communication device rather than a camera then do not overlook the Z30. The upgraded platform is app friendly and I love the Hub, where I can get all my messages in one convenient spot. Most of all, being a Canadian, I get to support a national company.


Good But!!!

BlackBerry Z10

(4 months ago)

Problematic when loading pictures to Main PC. Very poor battery life


Great phone

BlackBerry Curve 9360

(5 months ago)

I had this phone for a little over a year and I can say that it is a good phone for it's price. It takes great pictures and is capable of viewing the internet as well as watch videos. Sometimes though the internets lags and the videos get blurry but I can live with it. The keyboard is really nice an... More


Phone issues

BlackBerry Curve 9310

(6 months ago)

I got this phone from a friend turned it on and can't use it the phone locks and turns on but I can't do anything with it when it turns on a loading screen shows and does not go away and it stops me from calling texting I can't add numbers or get into the menu! Please help!!!


The Media Couldn't Cloud the Quality of BB Z30

BlackBerry Z30

(6 months ago)

So many amazing little details that BB looked after. Everything is so organized and has it's own little place. Super fast, 4g, memory heat sensors in key pad that remember where you put your fingers where you type. THE SWIPE AND WORD PREDICT IS AMAZING AND ALWAYS RIGHT. Color coded messaged, you c... More


Blackberry Z30 is a great and attractive phone.

BlackBerry Z30

(10 months ago)

I just replaced my Blackberry Bold with Z30 and think that the Z30 is awesome. I like it a lot. It handles great, and looks nice although I haven't used its camera yet. I am glad that I bought it!


Best phone in the Industry - A Multi-Media/Gaming/Communications Monster

BlackBerry Z30

(11 months ago)

Though I enjoyed the Z10, this Z30 is not only BBRY's best smart phone out to date, but its also one of the most highly competitive versus the competition, with BB10 OS taking it to the next level with the most advanced mobile OS ever released on a smart phone. The Z30's shape, size, the fluidness... More


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Research in Motion, RIM, is a Canadian-based wireless device company famous for the development of the BlackBerry smart phone line.

RIM was founded by Mike Lazaridis and is based in Waterloo, Ontario. Before the development of the BlackBerry, RIM worked with RAM Mobile Date and Ericsson, assisting in converting the Ericsson-developed Mobitex wireless data network into a two-way paging and wireless email network.

RIM has gone on to develop many different BlackBerry devices, which have become the smart phone of choice among business and government professionals. So loyal are BlackBerry users that the devices have come to be known as Crackberries, a back-door joke aimed at users who claim they cannot live without them.

Major competitors include Apple Inc., HTC, Palm, Motorola, Samsung and others.

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