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Perfect mobile phone for consumers not willing to make great investments in mobile

Siemens C65

from GSMArena (11 years ago)

Pros and cons+ Very good price/performance ratio+ Excellent phonebook+ 10 MB of memory- Unattractive menu design- Low resolution camera, no video

Love this phone , bought it in 2006 , still in use (2013)

Siemens CF62

(2 years ago)

only problem i have now is the battery and the charger , can`t find the original battery (lasted 4 years) and the the next battery I bought I had to charge everyday , so still doing that now , problem is the cable of the chargers (original died 2 years ago , no replacements to be found in Suriname (... More


Tough phone, but not user-friendly.

Siemens CF62

(4 years ago)

Pros I dropped the phone outside in the rain and somebody found it two days after. The phone was still working just fine. The buttons and screen are made tough so I still use it now in 2011. So physically the pone is good. Cons The interface is not so user friendly. It does not have all the letters... More


the best i guess

Siemens S55

(6 years ago)

I have this phone for over 6 years and I can't get rid of it. Still working, no faults, battery good. Looks like this phone will last forever. German precision


Great Phone Overall

Siemens A65

(7 years ago)

This Siemens was the first cell phone I owned - came free with a FIDO contract for me, and I've had it for almost 3 years now. Considering that: great find. Like the previous reviews have mentioned, it's pretty basic. But considering its simplistic nature, it does a good job with: - sound clarity... More


Best cell phone ever made !

Siemens S55

from Yahoo (7 years ago)

Pro: The whole thing Con: Could not find any, even after five years of permanent use Folks: I bought my S55 in 2003 and it is still working absolutely error-free, even after five years! It did never let me down, in any situation. I just love it and I dearly hope that it will never leave me (at l... More


Some very negative reviews.

Siemens S55

from Yahoo (8 years ago)

Pro: Apparently - the poor performance for a "$1200" phone Con: Don't know because I don't own one (or wish to!) Just an observation, rather than a review. This phone is shown on Yahoo/Amazon as being available for just under $1200! I only hope that either it's a pricing error, or Siemens have h... More


bullet proof

Siemens C56

from Amazon (8 years ago)

I liked the phone it was small and light and gave several years of no problems. We just upgraded our phones to stay with the tech curve. easy to use very user friendly. It is great for the not so technologically inclined. Dave Tulsa, OK


excellent reception and extraordinarily durable

Siemens C56

from Amazon (8 years ago)

I've had this phone for 4 years. I have dropped it so many times I lost count. More than once I've had to put it back together again after it broke apart (into 3-5 pieces). It continues to work perfectly. The reception is excellent. More than once friends or family I have been traveling or shop... More


Nice and feature rich

Siemens M55

(8 years ago)

I've had this phone for over 3 years now, and I am surprised that I still have more than I need. It is small, has color screen, long lasting batteries, still like new, dropping it and kicking it didn't damage it. Internet, and many more features, made this phone a good choice. Worked even in SouthA... More


Siemens cf62 I can't fault it.

Siemens CF62

(8 years ago)

Had mine for about 4 years? and its fine. It works, is nice and small, neat package. Has no camera but If I want to take photos, I'll use a camera! No Blue tooth etc but its a cheap phone and it works ok at what its meant to do. Only cost me £30 new as well. no complaints from me.


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About BenQ Siemens

BenQ-Siemens is the mobile communications subsidiary of Taiwanese BenQ Corp., better known in Canada and the US as ‘Siemens’. BenQ-Siemens was formed when BenQ bought Siemens in 2005.

According to the company’s stated goal, they want to pull together BenQ’s lifestyle experience, their renowned design team and Siemens’ engineering capabilities to create a new leader in the mobile communications environment.

Competitors include LG, Motorola, Noikia, Sony Ericsson and other cell phone manufacturers.

BenQ currently manufactures mobile phones in China (Shanghai).

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