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Keeps going on forever!

Audiovox CDM 9100

(3 years ago)

This phone is 11 years old and in 3rd users hand with original battery and operating fine. Sits in my car thru hot and cold as emergency phone with 100 min/mos local free calls per mos, for $100 per year + tax with Bell mobility(they don't advertise this plan). Yes that's me below too, 2 years ago.... More


Bought this new in 2001

Audiovox CDM 8100

(3 years ago)

Yes, I have hung onto this phone for 11 years (2012 now). BUT it is an amazingly durable phone, and costs me $100/year prepaid.


Love this phone

Audiovox 8600

(5 years ago)

Feb 2011, got it free with a plan more than 6 years ago and it's still going, the speakers, the reception, is amazing. Although I don't use most of the features, I love this phone, hope I don't have to put it to rest.


Super phone!

Audiovox CDM 9000

(5 years ago)

I've had my phone since 1996...yes, 15 years! We've drive all over the country and in picks up a signal often when other newer phones do not. Though my husband thinks I'm nuts and I now need to buy batteries online.....I'm not relinquishing this great and super sized model! PJ


Basic Indestructable Cellphone.

Audiovox 8615

(5 years ago)

I got this as a present from my dad 5 years and it still hasn't broken. I've dropped it so many times and it at the most it's only gotten scratched a bit and the battery fallen out. Still works exactly the way it did when I bought it. It's great if you only use your phone for random talking and text... More



Audiovox CDM 9100

(5 years ago)

Used cell phone given me and started again by me as new owner....been in my car as emergency phone summer hot and winter freezing, in glove box,charging when car runs ...still runs fine after about 7 years with original battery and 3 cars!!


Love it

Audiovox 8615

(5 years ago)

Had this phone for almost 4 years until it finally broke because the charging pin came loose. I could toss this phone all over the place and it would bounce right back, not flimsy like these new ones. Cant do anything with it except make calls and text but what else would you need to do? Great phone... More


Audiovox CDM9200 phone

Audiovox CDM-9200

(5 years ago)

The first thing I don't like is that the phone does not have a picture chip, so you need to text your picture(s) out of the phone, or get a ubs transphere cable. Second, the battery for this phone was discontinued in sept.2009, and even on the internet, tracking one down is geting harder and harder... More



Audiovox 8930

(5 years ago)

It's okay I guess. Good for everyday basic use. Gets bad connection and the camera is terrible! I'm sorry. But if you're just looking for something that makes calls and texts and doesn't cost much. I'd suggest it.


Great Basic cell phone

Audiovox CDM 8150

(6 years ago)

Buy it in the year 2004 and now its 2009 and it still works great and I will used it ontill it wears out. It is a basic cell phone it has a monocone screan and it will not play games or take pics. If you would like a basic no frells cell phone then this one is it. :)


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Audiovox Corporation is an international distributor and service provider specializing in mobile and consumer electronics industries. Audiovox conducts business through its seven subsidiaries.

Audiovox markets its products under the Audiovox name and others, including: Car Link, Advent, Discwasher, Energizer, Heco and others.

Founded in 1965 by John J. Shalam, Audiovox reached $100 million in sales in 1975. Other milestones include going public with an IPO in 1987, splitting into two Marketing Groups in 1991, begins selling aftermarket mobile video systems in 1997 and reaches $1 Billion in sales in 1999.

In addition to mobile products, Audiovox also makes radios, speakers, amplifiers, compact disc changers and other products.

Main competitors include Sony, Panasonic, Kenwood, Alpine, Monster Cable and others.

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