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A mixture of pleasant surprise and some disappointment

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

from GSMArena (1 day ago)

Apple said they will never make a small tablet, or a large phone. Maybe some of you know better than to trust such claims, but we're surprised with the results - a mixture of pleasant surprise and some disappointment.It was clear that the 4" screen of the iPhone was too limiting for the modern marke... More

Hits all the right marks in its new, larger chassis

Apple iPhone 6

from Mobile Syrup (1 day ago)

The iPhone 6 is one of the best smartphones available today because it performs consummately in every category a smartphone should excel, and falls behind only slightly in a few.It’s well-made, easy to use and extremely performant, with an industry-leading camera experience and the best app st... More


Lovely, but not groundbreaking

Apple iPhone 6

from Beta News (2 days ago)

The iPhone 6 is a lovely handset. Beautifully crafted in terms of hardware design, with fingerprint recognition that just works, a great screen and efficient processor. iOS 8 adds lots of tweaks while keeping the familiar look and feel intact. It has to be said that there's nothing really ground-bre... More

New design, bigger screen and updated OS

Apple iPhone 6

from uSwitch (2 days ago)

Apple has done it again. The iPhone 6 is a beautifully designed and fantastically executed handset.There are some niggles, and it certainly isn’t cheap. But it’s the best iPhone ever. What more do you need to know? 


Looks like a comfortable size, but handling it may be an issue

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

from Techgoondu (3 days ago)

So should you get the iPhone 6 Plus? It depends. If you are an iPhone user, and you’re in your comfort zone but want something larger, go ahead. The camera improvements are also good reasons to upgrade if you’re a shutterbug.

Excellence exemplified

Apple iPhone 6

from Pocketnow (4 days ago)

The folks in Cupertino have brought the iPhone into 2014 in typical Apple fashion: by implementing deceptively simple upgrades with admirable finesse. The new iPhone is more than just a bundle of software refinements mated to a larger display; it’s a near-perfect blend of new ideas and proven,... More


Too much iPhone but a decent dose of iPad

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

from Venture Beat (5 days ago)

It’s difficult for me to wholeheartedly recommend the iPhone 6 Plus. Many consumers aren’t fully aware of what they may need from their smartphones, which could easily lead to prioritizing screen size over portability when that’s the last thing they need. And given the reports of s... More

It's not the just best phone, it's a dream phone

Apple iPhone 6

from Business Insider (5 days ago)

I found myself using the iPhone 6 Plus more than the iPhone 6. If the two were sitting on the desk next to each other, I naturally gravitated toward the bigger screen.Still, I'd recommend that most people buy the iPhone 6. It strikes the perfect balance of getting a bigger screen while remaining man... More

This is Apple like we've never seen before

Apple iPhone 6

from GSMArena (5 days ago)

As you can see, the iPhone 6 is hardly our sweetheart. It may not be the iPhone we dreamt of, but it's the best iPhone to date and the iOS app ecosystem is just begging for a screen that's bigger than a mere 4 inches. So more than likely, it will be on many people's Christmas wish lists. But if you... More

A superb all-round handset

Apple iPhone 6

from PC Pro (6 days ago)

The iPhone 6, however, has so far been trouble-free, and a thorough pleasure to use. An iPhone with a larger screen works very well indeed, so much so that we wonder why Apple didn't do it sooner. But the question is: has Apple done enough? In some respects, we'd say they have: battery life is excel... More


It's so awesome to own one I love it

Apple iPad mini 2

(3 months ago)

I love them I use them for everything I do I have one in my hand I'm very pleased with it i'm satisfied with it I love it


It’s a great phone and a very good evolution of the iPhone line

Apple iPhone 5s

(4 months ago)

The iPhone 5s is a great phone. Do we recommend it? Absolutely. It’s clearly the best iPhone Apple has ever built. But if you’re an iPhone fan we need to answer whether or not it’s worth an upgrade from an older device. That depends on the device you have currently. Yes, we think there’s enough here... More


Not impressed

Apple iPhone 5s

(7 months ago)

I've owned the iPhone for less than 6 months. The fingerprint technology isn't great. Often it doesn't recognize the fingerprint for so long that its faster logging in through pass ID. In recent days, the batter life drains to 30% within 3-4 hours of a full charge. This phone cost me over $900 and... More


It is perfect for people ....

Apple iPhone 5c

(8 months ago)

it is a great phone, its fast, never crashed on me, never glitches or anything. I'm not going to say that the battery is AWESOME but its okay ... every iPhone is like that though. For people who don't know who to use an iPhone or never even used one, it's great, My mother purchased it and I just t... More


Still a good phone

Apple iPhone 5s

(about 1 year ago)

But that's about it. Apple's innovation has been lacking for years and it is basically reselling the same product over and over with little to no improvement. iOS 7 has mixed reviews as well with its childish appearance. Still a good phone, in the way that the iPhone 4 is still a good phone, just... More


Worst phone I have ever used

Apple iPhone 5

(about 1 year ago)

Having received this phone from work I am shocked at what I have lost moving from an older Blackberry - Call quality and reception is poor and a great selection of apps doesn't make up for pitiful email, address book, and voice dially functionality. This has all the pretty with none of the substanc... More


Good Christmas gift

Apple iPhone 5

(about 1 year ago)

Very good phone. Got it today for Christmas. I am through Fido and have the 60 max plan. Very fast and works wonders. I would reccomend.


Works wonderfully, wears horribly

Apple iPhone 5

(about 1 year ago)

Almost 3 months with the 5..... - Is it lighter? Quite a bit. - Is it thinner and nicer to hold? Noticeably. - Is the screen better? No question. The size makes a difference. - Is it faster than say the 4s? I can't say I notice. - Does it scratch easily? Your darn right it does. This is Applegate.... More


It needs improvement because...

Apple iPhone 3G

(2 years ago)

i think the pictures section of the phone could be improved where instead of having to go through picture by picture deleting everyone individually i think it would be better if you could check off all the pictures you wanted deleted and then delete them all at once. that would make it a faster and... More


Its a pretty good phone!

Apple iPhone 3G

(2 years ago)

I love this phone but then again i hate it at the same time. The reason why i love this phone because i can do everything on it and anythign i want. The part that i hate about the phone is that the battery life isnt the very best. I have to charge it up everyday. I also dislike the fact about the ca... More


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Apple Inc. came on the stage as a wireless phone manufacturer with massive fanfare when it introduced its revolutionary iPhone in 2007.

Rather than build “just another cell phone”, Apple, as it is known to do, built something incredible and hard to forget. A large part of the fascination with the iPhone centers on its smooth, touch screen user interface(UI).

Invented by Palm over 20 years ago, the touch screen had never been so fun and sexy as when Apple began playing with it. Rather than using a stylus or having to ‘accommodate’ the interface, Apple created something that all but redefined ‘intuitive’. Natural finger motions allowed the user for the first time to interact with a device as though it were truly an extension of themselves.

Established in Cupertino, California on April 1, 1976 by Steven Jobs, Bill Gates one time friend and current business nemesis, Apple Inc. was known for its first 30 years as Apple Computer. And as with the iphone, Apple has a reputation for developing superior and intuitive computers, so much so that the company has a great many loyal customers to whom Apple is more like a lifestyle choice than a company.

Apple may have begun in a modest California garage, but it now employs over 20,000 permanent and temporary workers globally and had $24.01 billion in sales in 2007.

Apple is one of those few companies whose name alone has transcended into the rarified air of household names and worldwide logo recognition.

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