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Low price for a 4G phone with cute design

Alcatel One Touch POP S3

from TrustedReviews (8 days ago)

The Alcatel One Touch Pop S3 feels like a phone made with one aim in mind – to become the cheapest 4G phone around. However, it hasn’t been made with quite the attention to the core experience that you get with some alternatives, especially non-4G ones.The elephant in the room is the Mot... More


Makes good calls, but expect nothing more

Alcatel 768

from Cnet (22 days ago)

There are plenty of budget phones under the sun, but most device manufacturers manage to slap a fanciful moniker onto their wares, no matter how basic. Consider the Huawei Pal, the Pantech Vybe, or the Kyocera Verve. The T-Mobile 768's nondescript name doesn't exactly exude confidence -- the phone i... More


Those looking for LTE, a super-fast CPU and expandable storage will be disappointed

Alcatel One Touch Idol X+

from Notebookcheck (2 months ago)

So where exactly can the "plus" of the Alcatel One Touch Idol X+ be found? The manufacturer's response would probably include "improved battery life and performance". And indeed, the Idol X+ delivers with regard to these two aspects. Although the 8-core CPU sounds more impressive than it is, its per... More


The overall performance leaves a lot to be desired

Alcatel One Touch Idol X+

from Android Authority (2 months ago)

The Alcatel OneTouch Idol X+ may not have the most unique design in the world, and by looking at it, you can definitely tell where the inspiration came from, but that of course doesn’t mean that it’s a poorly designed smartphone. The build material is a combination of glossy plasti... More

A solid phone with an attractive price and a few understandable flaws

Alcatel One Touch Hero

from Android Authority (2 months ago)

Alcatel gets a lot of things right with the One Touch Hero, including a great design, a large and vivid display, and some impressive hardware, but as expected, some corner-cutting was needed to achieve that affordable price tag. The large display with its very thin bezels is truly a beauty, the spe... More

Very good 1080p display, excellent noise-canceling mics

Alcatel One Touch Idol X+

from PhoneArena (3 months ago)

The Idol X+ fights back with enhanced audio output and the JBL headphones included in the price, as well as stellar call quality and dual SIM functionality, but the software part pulls it back in the murky mainstream. It runs an older version of Android, with a shady chance for update to KitKat or b... More


Solid build and decent battery life but price could have been lower

Alcatel One Touch Pop 7

from PhoneArena (3 months ago)

The display of the Alcatel OneTouch Pop 7 – it is really of very poor quality, with low resolution, awful colors, and bad reflexive glass that makes it hard to read when the sun is shining. It really is the deal breaker. Otherwise, the Pop 7 is a decent budget tablet that has nice build, reaso... More


A highly attractive smartphone with a great screen, decent performance and 4G support, all at a ridiculously low price

Alcatel One Touch Idol S

from PC Pro (3 months ago)

The Idol S is a superb handset that matches the Motorola Moto G almost all the way. Its slimmer design, larger display and the presence of 4G and a microSD slot push it up the rankings, and it only falls behind on battery life and overall performance. Overall, we prefer the Moto G, especially since... More


One of the most affordable tablets with mobile data

Alcatel One Touch Pop 8

from PhoneArena (3 months ago)

The Alcatel OneTouch Pop 8 is a device that focuses on a budget price rather than specs. The version we tested (with mobile data on board) is competitively priced, and might lure in buyers who absolutely must have a mobile data-enabled tablet on the cheap. The price for that model of the Pop 8 is se... More


A nice-looking phone that provides a decent screen and an inoffensive Android skin

Alcatel One Touch Idol X

from Mobile Syrup (3 months ago)

This isn’t going to be one of those times where I end with, “…but the good parts make up for the bad.” The AOT Idol X is a nice-looking phone that provides a decent screen and an inoffensive Android skin. But its processing capabilities are appalling, which would be fine if... More


Great Phone for the price

Alcatel One Touch M'Pop

(2 months ago)

I lost my LG phone and bought this one based on price, to get me through my tab. I have to say I'm very pleased. Does everything I expected and more. Android 4.1 is basic which is a plus.. little customization to bog things down. It does everything as well as or better than my old LG. I no longer c... More


I didn't love this phone !

Alcatel One Touch Idol Mini

(2 months ago)

Battery power lasts about 14-15 hrs. Is cumbursom to use Not loud enough. I could go on. Not impressed.I returned the phone within 48 hrs of getting it.


Drops Calls

Alcatel A392G

(3 months ago)

I sent this phone back It needs a better antenna as the Bars keep fluctuating from no signal to 5 bars to no signal, I sent it back and ordered the Alcatel A382G Big Easy now I get a Strong Signal,it has most of the same feature but no Camera. Oh well I would rather be able to make reliable phone ca... More



Alcatel One Touch 3040

(3 months ago)

Bought phone and was assured that it is easy to use. The instruction leaflet is useless and the letters on the keyboard on the touch screen are not easy to use unless you have very slim fingers-pressing the letter c produces either A or B etc.One of my friends tried to text me several times and no... More


Its a very good mobile device

Alcatel One Touch Idol Mini

(4 months ago)


Spend a little more and get ALOT more.

Alcatel One Touch 3040

(4 months ago)

Do not buy this phone if you want to access the internet on the go.It's awfully slow, graphics on the web are clumsey and often doesn't work and you can't download any decent apps. Get the next model up of u really must as that does way more but personally I would go for a more reliable brand.


Cheap, Easy To Use, Does hat You Need

Alcatel 10.10

(4 months ago)

No-frills, unpretentious and not many extra features, which for a mere tenner on pay-as-you-go is no big deal. The built-in FM radio sounds pretty good for something this small (though I can't say its reception is anything to write home about) and the other features are all pretty by-the-numbers. M... More


After the upgrade I had a demo-phone which upset my ability to appreciate this phone!

Alcatel One Touch Idol Mini

(5 months ago)

I have moved up from an LG phone with flip out thumb typing to the Mini Idol with its virtual typing. Since I had learned on a new Apple MacPro to use the track pad I was well prepared. I love the phone. Too bad I can't get the same signal I used to get at home though. Lovely phone for a seni... More



Alcatel 1060

(5 months ago)

I have just hurled this phone accross the room in utter frustration. It certainly reflects that saying "You get what you pay for". It has a really awful predictive text function which appears to be designed to recognize Klingon as opposed to English. It's memory is can only store aroun... More


Not living up to expectations

Alcatel 2010

(7 months ago)

I bought this phone principally for the purpose of texting - nice big clear keypad and a reasonable size of screen. I also like a clamshell design because it switches on when opened, and the screen is protected from scratching. BUT - I can't find how to switch on predictive texting. I have tried... More


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