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Stylish and simple, but skippable

Acer Iconia Tab 8

from Cnet (9 days ago)

The Acer Iconia Tab 8 is sleek for a budget tablet, but good looks only get you so far. The tablet performed fine, but didn't excel in anything in particular enough for it to stand out in the crowded budget tablet scene. If you have no use for an HDMI connection and are willing to settle for a slate... More


Has a decent spec list, just don't try and make a call

Acer Liquid E3

from TechRadar (24 days ago)

After spending a lot of time with the Acer Liquid E3, there is no doubt that this handset has been aimed at younger students, those that are in high school rather than at University. The price tag screams of a handset that you won't mind if it gets bashed up on the playground, and the forward facing... More


Offers a lot of good hardware at a low cost

Acer Iconia Tab 8

from Notebookcheck (2 months ago)

With its high number of positive features in the areas of hardware and performance, the Acer Iconia Tab 8 A1-840FHD leaves a very good overall impression. Fresh out of its packaging, the Acer tablet already scores points for its attractive aluminum back cover, good manufacturing quality and almost n... More


Acer settles for too little

Acer Iconia Tab 7

from Digit (2 months ago)

In the 7 inch budget tablet world, the Acer Iconia Tab 7 does nothing out of the ordinary or different than its competition. It just settles for identical specs of what other manufacturers have to offer and also suffers from many shortcomings. Acer could have tried for a slimmer build or matte back... More


A somewhat unconvincing attempt to go upmarket

Acer Liquid E3

from Digital Versus (2 months ago)

The Liquid E3 is a big step forward for Acer. With its 4.7" screen and 13 Mpx camera, it's a top entry-level handset. Unfortunately, it's let down by poor screen brightness and a battery life not even good enough to guarantee a full day's use.


Offers a ton at a low cost

Acer Iconia One 7

from Notebookcheck (3 months ago)

We are fans of the 7-inch IPS display with HD resolution and good color representation. However, the display could be brighter -- as it is, the tablet is not always useable outdoors. Compared to other devices in its class, the device's application performance is good as well. For its price class, th... More


A Modest Improvement Over the Z3

Acer Liquid Z4

from Digital Versus (3 months ago)

The Acer Liquid Z4 certainly has its shortcomings, especially in the multimedia department, but as an entry-level smartphone, it's a reasonable buy. It isn't as spectacular a deal as the Z3 was when it came out, because so many competitors have come to squat the price range, but it has decent batter... More


Reasonably priced phone has outstanding features but disappoints

Acer Liquid E3

from PC Advisor (3 months ago)

The Acer Liquid E3 is a tough phone to rate because it has some really outstanding features like the camera options, the display and the front-facing speakers, but suffers from a slow processor, a design that won't appeal to everyone, old software and a lack of storage space or 4G. If you want a pho... More


A cheap and meek 7-inch slate

Acer Iconia One 7

from Cnet (4 months ago)

If you're on a shoestring budget, it's hard to argue against the Acer Iconia One 7's bargain basement starting price. At $129, it's $100 less than the top 7-inch tablets like the Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7, and if you just want a slate for basic tasks like checking email, browsing t... More


Good cost-benefit ratio

Acer Liquid E3

from Notebookcheck (4 months ago)

A key feature is definitively the Dual-SIM function. Unfortunately, there is no LTE. The large 4.7-inch HD screen can score in terms of resolution and brightness. On the other hand, system performance is rather decent, but sufficient for everyday use. With the camera it is possible to shoot nice pic... More


Dont now if I like it or not

Acer Liquid MT

(3 years ago)

I have had the phone now for 6 days and my battery wont charge, Although the light flashes and shows that its charging i have been charging it for almost 2 days and when i check to see what % its at still remains at 20%, I hope its my charger and not the phone but i dont think it is. Also its very s... More


now i'm stuck with it

Acer Liquid e

(3 years ago)

Didn't realise soon enough that this phone had so many problems, now i'm stuck with it for a couple years. Already waiting for a replacement but would rather get a different phone alltogether. Phone is sleek and looks great but keeps power off and rebooting clearing all entered data. what a pain.


It's a crappy phone

Acer Liquid e

(3 years ago)

I was very disappointed by this phone. The battery life does not last longer than a day or two at best. I followed the instruction to learn more about how to use the phone and the only instruction it gave was how to use the key pad. While I am speaking on the phone, it keeps dropping signal or th... More


Need skype on this phone

Acer beTouch E120

(3 years ago)

I really need to be able to have skype on my phone! Hope I'll one day be able to download it. The phone is tough and no manuel found!


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