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Passable all-round specs

Acer Liquid Jade

from What Mobile (5 days ago)

That last sentence sums up the Acer Liquid Jade. It’s the company’s best effort yet, but despite offering equal or even better specs on paper, it just cannot compete with the likes of the evergreen Motorola Moto G. Sure, you could buy it, and you might be satisfied with it, but there&rsq... More


Decent performance and battery life

Acer Liquid Jade S

from PhoneArena (about 1 month ago)

The Acer Liquid Jade S is a smartphone with evident strengths and weaknesses. For starters, its design qualities are above average. Its graceful body feels thin, light, sturdy, and very comfortable, although the back panel is on the slippery side. Meanwhile, the curved glass layer is straight-up pre... More


Three SIMs and not much else

Acer Liquid E700

from Digital Versus (about 1 month ago)

The Liquid E700 caught our attention due to its triple-SIM capacity and managed to hold our interest with its overall performance. We particularly liked its smooth, responsive interface, sizeable internal memory, reliable screen and its photo capture (when there was enough light). In the end, even i... More


The lack of a Windows button is just as inconceivable

Acer Iconia Tab 8W

from Notebookcheck (2 months ago)

The buyer gets a basic Windows 8.1 tablet in an 8-inch size with Acer's Iconia Tab 8 W W1-810-16HN. Apps run smoothly on the tablet and even playing Full HD videos are no problem for the device. Desktop applications can be run on the tablet because it comes with a full-blown Windows 8.1 operating sy... More


Good display and brilliant battery life but average performance

Acer Liquid E700

from Fone Arena (2 months ago)

The Acer Liquid E700 is a decent smartphone in its range and comes with several hardware and software features. The major disappointment is the camera, while is below average especially due to poor low-light performance. If you are looking for an Android smartphone with triple SIM support, but can c... More

Big tablet on a small budget

Acer Iconia Tab 8

from Android Community (3 months ago)

If you just need a tablet for light work/videos around the house and during your break at work, the Acer Iconia Tab 8 is a budget-minded tablet that will more than get you by. While the long list of pre-loaded apps isn't appealing to everyone, this is a decent tablet for well under $200. If you're l... More

Sports a fairly attractive plastic frame and full HD display at an affordable price

Acer Iconia Tab 8

from Laptop Magazine (3 months ago)

At $199, the Iconia Tab 8 looks, on paper, like it would be a decent deal for an 8-inch Android tablet. However, it doesn't last long enough on a charge, and the screen is too dim. While not as powerful, the Dell Venue 8 offers a brighter display and much longer battery life for the same price. If y... More


Functional but not fantastic

Acer Liquid Jade

from Pocket-lint (4 months ago)

The Acer Liquid Jade is the best looking smartphone to come from the company so far. The design is lightweight and slim, while offering a display that might not sport the highest of resolutions, but at its large 5-inch scale that makes light work of video playback and the like.Its 13-megapixel camer... More


Premium looks and feel but stubborn touch screen

Acer Iconia Tab 8

from PC Magazine (4 months ago)

It seems like you can't have it all when it comes to inexpensive full HD 8-inch tablets. The Acer Iconia Tab 8 has impressive multitasking performance for its $200 price, and its premium looks and feel sets it apart from the generic plastic exteriors that dress countless inexpensive tablets on the m... More


Stylish and simple, but skippable

Acer Iconia Tab 8

from Cnet (4 months ago)

The Acer Iconia Tab 8 is sleek for a budget tablet, but good looks only get you so far. The tablet performed fine, but didn't excel in anything in particular enough for it to stand out in the crowded budget tablet scene. If you have no use for an HDMI connection and are willing to settle for a slate... More


Battery dead? for only 3 months

Acer Iconia One 7

(6 days ago)

not sure if battery is dead, even when plug in, battery still show not charging, and tablet keeps on power off on its own. bought at costco at the end of december 2014, not even 3 months, cannot use the tablet now



Acer Liquid Z4

(13 days ago)

Don't waste your hard earned cash. Poor antenna, poor DAC. Poor volume level. No alt menu button for apps.


It's super cool and money's worth

Acer Liquid Jade

(2 months ago)

I've tried this smartphone and love its design. The phone also feels nice to hold with its smooth curves, thin design and 5-inches screen. The touch screen is very fluid and fast. It has 13MP camera which gives excellent snaps. The Magic Bright Mode in its camera can create a good photo and blur eff... More


It does the job nice and smooth.

Acer Liquid Z5

(2 months ago)

I gave it 10/10 because it does everything mentioned on the specs. This is not a high end phone with HD videos and amazing camera. However you can use a multitude of features even if the Android system is JellyBean... The Internet works very well, multimedia and social media apps are running smooth... More



Acer Liquid Jade

(3 months ago)

It goes down continuosly.


Dont now if I like it or not

Acer Liquid MT

(4 years ago)

I have had the phone now for 6 days and my battery wont charge, Although the light flashes and shows that its charging i have been charging it for almost 2 days and when i check to see what % its at still remains at 20%, I hope its my charger and not the phone but i dont think it is. Also its very s... More


now i'm stuck with it

Acer Liquid e

(4 years ago)

Didn't realise soon enough that this phone had so many problems, now i'm stuck with it for a couple years. Already waiting for a replacement but would rather get a different phone alltogether. Phone is sleek and looks great but keeps power off and rebooting clearing all entered data. what a pain.


It's a crappy phone

Acer Liquid e

(4 years ago)

I was very disappointed by this phone. The battery life does not last longer than a day or two at best. I followed the instruction to learn more about how to use the phone and the only instruction it gave was how to use the key pad. While I am speaking on the phone, it keeps dropping signal or th... More


Need skype on this phone

Acer beTouch E120

(4 years ago)

I really need to be able to have skype on my phone! Hope I'll one day be able to download it. The phone is tough and no manuel found!


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