What should you do if you lose your phone?

10 years ago

Some people lose things more than other people do. I lose my keys at least twice a day. I have actually maxed out my cell phone insurance policy -- they give you three replacements per year.

Not to overstate the obvious, but there is a procedure one must go through when a cell phone is lost.

You would not believe how many people think they are not held responsible for fraudulent calls made after they lose their phone. If you read the fine print of your contract, you will find that you are, in fact, responsible for calls made from your phone, unless they are made after you have called the service provider to report the phone missing.

You go out to the club, to work, to the grocery store or any other place you might go during a typical day. You realize at some point during the day that you don’t have your phone with you. You think it might be in the car. You check the car -- it’s not there. Maybe it’s in your desk drawer? You rush back up to the office to find no trace of your cell phone. You mentally retrace your steps. You had your phone on your way to work…you were using it in line at Starbucks…you think you had it after Starbucks, but you’re not sure. You think to yourself that you will stop by Starbucks on the way home and see if they have your phone.

Now here’s the big question:

When should you call your phone company and report your phone missing?

You should call them the minute you suspect your phone might be lost.

It may be inconvenient to miss a voicemail or two, but it’s even more inconvenient to have a $1,500 phone bill that you are now responsible for.

Here is the procedure:


  1. 1

    You think you may have lost your Cingular cell phone.

  2. 2

    You call them the moment you notice it’s missing.

  3. 3

    They temporarily suspend your service, and advise you that you have 30 days to find your phone, or get a new one before they cancel your service.


All of this is a pain in the neck, but it’s a lot better than the frustration of having to pay a huge phone bill Remember, the service provider will suspend your service at no charge when you lose your phone.

If you find it again, it only takes a minute or two for them to reinstate your service.

Also remember that while your service is in suspension, your contract is also suspended, meaning that if you suspend for thirty days, that time will be added to the end of your contract. It’s also important to note that you are not paying your monthly service charge while your service is in suspension. They will pro-rate your bill, and airtime.

If you suspend your service, you don’t have the same amount of minutes you would during a normal month.

Save yourself a hassle! Suspend your service when you lose your phone!

Tips & Warnings

  • If they cancel your service, and you are still under contract, they will still charge you an early termination fee, which is usually about $200.
  • They will offer you a new phone at a huge discount. Most phone companies have refurbished phones available at under $50 for people who have lost their phones. (If you take advantage of this offer, you will probably have to agree to a new one or two year contract.)
  • If you have insurance on your phone, this is a good time to use it. (Most insurance companies will still charge you a deductible, which is usually about $40.)
  • yvonne_76923 9 years ago

    thank you for this information.

  • YCM 8 years ago

    I recently lost my cell. And I've been with FIDO for at least 7-8 years. I just renew my contract a month ago for a 3 years plan. After I lost my phone. I want to find a solution to find a new phone. First, they couldn't get me a discount on any phone. Even if i asked them to find me a 2nd hand ones. Secondly, they force me to buy a new phone because if I don’t buy one, I will have to pay for 3 years phone bill without a cell phone. They wouldn’t even send me a new sim card except if I buy a new phone from them. I am already so frustrated and I give up and I brought a new phone from their company a few days later. After my purchase, they finally reply my e-mail and act like they already solved everything. I got more upset when they mention they can get me some kind of discount or whatever information they need to inform me when I lost my phone. When I lost my cell, I called them. No information except they said there is nothing they can do. When I e-mail them, no reply until I purchase my phone. I don’t know why FIDO will do this with a long time customer.

  • ROMANA 8 years ago

    I am 12 and i recently lost my £140 phone in the Euston Station about...well a week or so after I Purchased it. You see I was in the toilets wearing fingerless gloves. I wanted to wash my hand of tiolet bacteria so I put down my phone and my gloves. I turned around to put soap on my hands which wasnt really working properly so being me i decided to hurt it...yes i banged on it repeatedly until FINALLY some soap came out...in case you are wondering why i am telling you this story it is because it leads up to my phone being taken. So, this precdure took in all about 2 minutes? mabye one? Anyway i came out realised i forgot my phone and about 5 seconds later went back to where i was washing my hands. HOLY POOP! GUESS WHAT? yes thats right it wasnt there. WELL WELL WELL. I phoned it and ran about looking for its ringing. Later(we had been phoning it continually and i think the theif got a bit fed up) she turned it off. I know it was a she cos i was in the ladies toilets. So i left a lot of voice msgs ang txt msgs and it still hasnt turned up. I left all my details at the lost and found there. Thing is yeah, I had it pay as you go so i cant get it does that mean I cant get a new one off them then? From COMFUESED AND PEEDED OFF ROMANA.

  • ROMANA 8 years ago

    I meant Confused people.

  • Richard_85565 7 years ago

    I was walking down the street and i found a phone,after that i tried to find out who the owner was but could not find a name or anything so then i kept it and waited about a month to find out if somebody was about to call about the missing phone and nobody did so question now i do not know what to do i have this phone wich is not mine that works properly and nobody tried to find it so what should i do: keep it,wait till somebody calls or should i sell it,i just do not know what to do so if somebody can help please do.If you know what to do just post a comment on this page cause i will view it weekley

  • Branden S 7 years ago

    Richard, How did you manage to keep the phone powered on? Do you have a charger for that model? Anyway...it is likely that this phone has been reported to the carrier as lost or stolen. If that is the case, it will be flag (based on its electronic serial number) at the time of activation. So...because its unlikely you'll be able to activate it in the first place, I'd recommend you get in touch with the carrier. Let them know you found it and waited for someone to call but it never happened. If you share the serial number that is under the battery with them, they'll be able to notify what I'm sure will be a very grateful owner. Good luck and thanks for a good deed.

  • Richard_85565 7 years ago

    well,i bought a charger and as i said i tried to find the owner but still no and in the phonebook there are some names wich i tried to call and i asked each one of them if they lost a phone or if a friend lost a phone and none of them knew wahat i was talking of so now i am gonna wait another month to see if some one tries to get it back but if nobody shows up i think i will sell it or give it to one of my friends but i alredy have a phone so i do not know what to do with it so other than that i do not know what to do,but still thanks for the advice Branden.And i fsomebody knows anithing just leave a comment.Oh and the phone is a Samsung M300 so it was easy to find a charger and all of those things.

  • YCM 7 years ago

    Well, I lost several cellphones so I know how it feels to be the owner. First I have to say Richard, you did such a good thing. I think people nowadays won't even care if they pick up a cellphone. They jusy either leave it and take it, they won't even bother to look it up and see if the owner will come back and find it. Those numbers to them are useless but to the owner maybe it meant something, maybe a client's number or etc. I just check this out to see if it's my cellphone but apparently not. If there's more people like you, Richard. Maybe I can get back my lost cellphone someday.

  • Richard_85565 7 years ago

    Well,YCM what i did when i bought my phone was that i fit it with a GPS tracking Device wich if the phone was turned of it will still remain on for about 2 hours and it once got stolen i called the company that fited the GPS and they found the guy and he got aressted and now i think that he is doing about 3 months in jail and he has 4 months of comunity service cause he stole it if he had tried to rturn it i would have not pressed any charges or anything but he did not try so or if he had found it but the think is that he stole it.So i still have it.Lost it towice and got stolen once but with the GPS i found it back.So next time you buy a cell phone fit it with a GPS,it dose cost a bit(around 100$)but it allways works and they allways watch it and it costs 20 bucks a year for all the service and 100 the GPS.

  • krista_47228 7 years ago

    loosing your phone really sux...wat if you know who has your phone but you cant get it back?

  • Richard_85565 7 years ago

    Usualy i sue them cause the phone i have is a Blackberry i do not know wich model but it cost me 900$ just the phone so i sue them and i get my phone back and a award of sometimes 400$.

  • VJ 7 years ago

    OK, I read if you find a phone that you can call the carrier to help locate the owner.....That confuses me. A friend found a phone and wondered how she could find the owner to give it back but how would she know the carrier? The only thing you could know would be the brand of phone...LG, etc. So can someone please clarify that for me a little more? I actually just lost my phone this weekend in the SW corner of Colorado.....probably fell out at a gas station or convenience store.....it was out of service range so I had never even pulled it out of my purse but it could probably have fallen out while I was paying for gas, etc. I didn't know what to do and that's how I found this site. Thank you all for the info about reporting it for a suspension period as I plan to be back that way this weekend and am going to check the places I went.....keeping my fingers crossed! Anyway, a little more info on how to contact the carrier would sure be helpful. Thanks team!

  • lin1745 7 years ago

    i lost my phone and i still havent found it and it was here in my pocket and it disapered

  • Yazmin_34384 7 years ago

    I did exactly this as soon as I realized they stole my phone at a party, which was a week ago. My line is currently suspended. And I have just realized that my phone is ready for an upgrade anyways (since i have no insurance on it). But my question is, if I get a phone that is free, they will still charge me for the activation fee since my line is suspended???

  • Rebecca_36039 7 years ago

    I just lost my phone and I''m really worried. I thought it was at my friends house so i didnt bother trying to look for it, but when i went over there to get it, it wasnt there. I'm scared to tell my parents because I've lost my phone before, and I know they'll get really upset and mad at me. OH please, someone help me!

  • Alex_16682 7 years ago

    @ VJ: The SIM card is usually branded with the carriers logo etc, that's probably your best bet for finding the carrier.

  • chaser 7 years ago

    thankyou for the info. lost my phone lastnight.trying to retrace my steps but failing. cheers anyway.

  • junior_6907 7 years ago

    omg!! i went to the store i felt something in my pocket i thought it was my fone but when i get home i find that it was my wallet i run bakk to da store and i cant find it i might go 2morrow to look 4 it but i think i left it in the soda fridge im super scared!!!helpme plz!!

  • Marie Nicole 7 years ago

    what should i do? because me phone is gone i can't find it

  • Emily_69703 7 years ago

    Ive have lost so many phones in the past few years and have become so familiar with the procedures that need to be taken. Unfortunatley I never had a phone returned to me until I started using a lost and found recovery service. Since I have been with TrackItBack I have had 2 cellphones returned as well as my iPod. Overall I have save a few hundred bucks in the past 2 years.

  • holden 7 years ago

    I was walking in the snow i had my phone next thing i know i lost it i borrowed my mums phone I traced my footsteps and i couldnt find it i keep ringing it but no one answered i know someone has it because it was being used what should i do

  • alexis_69885 7 years ago

    Well, MAJOR crisis. i recently just lost my sidekick ID at school, and i havent found it today. i check with all my teachers and they havent found it. Im really worried, because i have soo many numbers on there. my mom knows about it, and she doesnt really know anything about lost cell phones. I really don't know what to do. I called it twice today, and it must be dead; knowing it went straight to voicemail. *I called just in case anybody were to answer...although it's on silent.* PLEASE help me, anybody!!

  • Nairi 6 years ago

    I went to the mall yesterday, because we had to return a couple of things,my brother wanted to go to his guy store and i wanted to go into a girly store because i dont like the guy store that my brother wanted to go into, so i went inside this store called Charlotte Russe, i was just looking around, and waiting for my brother to come back and get me, so I buy this necklace and then go and get my brother, i look through my purse to see where my phone is and realize i dont have it, i was going crazy and was about to cry,because it was a very nice phone the DARE from Verizon Wireless with a pink cover on it , we paid about $328.00 for the phone which i got just 2 days before!!! so we look all over the store,we cant find it,then we tell the cashier that if she came accross it to please give us a call, so we go home i just wanted to cry myself to sleep and then once we got home after my mom gave me a long lecture on how im irresponsible and that i cant get another phone,my best friend calls me,she says NAIRI DID YOU LOSE YOUR PHONE?!!,, and i was like yea, and she said this lady called me and said we found your phone and would like to return it,so i obviously called the lady back and asked her where we should meet,the lady said im in canoga park we can meet in the parking lot by my house , so we drove a long way to that parking lot to meet up with her, we waited 2 hours for the lady to show up ,and she never did,we tried to call her back and didnt pick up! They stole my phone and those crooks are making my phone bill higher!! WHAT SHOULD I DO??

  • ayla 6 years ago

    So, it was my boyfriend's birthday and his mom took him to mt. olympus and he invited me to go; I said yes. We went on a few rides, then went on Hades: the biggest ride there, and the 10th time, i noticed after the ride, I didn't have my phone, and I know I had it when I got on. I called it from another phone and it didn't go right to voicemail (it wasn't broke I'm assuming.) but I never did find it. My whole life was on there. I had so much stuff.

  • Juan_1195 6 years ago

    Thanks umm i left my phone at school and i didnt even bother checking, 'cause the people there, if they find a cellphone, they'll just keep it. Stupid retards. Anyway, thanks for the help!

  • natalie_76624 6 years ago

    i lost my phone 3 days ago and ive only had my phone 6 months its an lg ks360 im soo mad because its a really good phone and i really liked it and i have like loads of pics i got from internet and loads of amazin song from limewire i lost it at school and i really dont know wht to do what shall i do? my phone was on before i left it and someones put it on answerphone i left msgs on it by using my old phone im 13, so im like to young to knw the best option soo please help im soo mad at tht litttle sket who took it eurghhh :@

  • ABS_55419 6 years ago

    I WANT TO FIND MY PHONE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Teagan 6 years ago

    I lost my phone about a week ago or so, and it is certainly somewhere in my house, because I had left it right by my computer. Well me and my mum went to go shopping and I come back and my phone is not there anymore. I always leave it on silent or vibrate, and I called and called and couldn't see the light or hear the vibration. It is still on, suprisingly. I have no idea what to do?! I've searched everywhere in my house, even the cars.

  • brianna_74891 6 years ago


  • Smash 6 years ago

    I lost my phone last night. I bought it last week and i got used to it as soon as it slipped into my hands. it was easy to use and the number was easy to remember. Then, last night, I had somehow mislaid it. I had also lost it earlier that day, but i found it in the car. i was on holiday at the time, so i went up into the sand dunes to show my friends some videos on the built-in youtube. I was running down a steep slope with the phone in my hands. I definitly had my phone at that point. so, i had turned it off earlier after the video had finished. just before i went to sleep, my mum asked me where my phone was. i told her that i really didnt know. she searched but it was nowhere. the next day i wanted to phone my phone to hear the ringtune to try to lead me to it. i then remembered that it was turned off. we packed up the tent that day too, so it wasnt there. i went down to the camping office and they said if anyone handed it in they would tell me. i got back home today and checked my bags and all my clothes but no luck. my parents say that i have to save up £50 all over again. if you live in the waxham area of norfolk, please keep an eye out for my skypephone s2 with a yellow feather hanging off the side. thanks. Smash, 10 years old

  • HELP_55017 6 years ago

    ok. today at school i lost my phone. i was deathly scared to tell my parents but i knew i had to. so i called my mom and she is cool with it but my dad will be home soon and im scared to tell him. but anyway, i was checking the time on my cell to see when the bus would get here and when the bus came, i checked the time again to see when the bus arrives (its only the second day of school) and put it back in my pocket. on the bus, i turned it off so i do not get a detention in school. around second period, at gym, we were putting our combo locks on our lockers. i'm in eighth grade and have had experiance with people taking it and putting it in the lost and found so i went into my pocket to take out a marker to put my initials on it. and guess what? it was gone. i was devastated as it was a really nice phone (lg env2) and my parents spent a whole lot of money on it. i did the obvious and told the gym teacher. he told me to check the bleachers (where we were sitting waiting to be called to put the locks on) which i had spent 10 minutes looking through. so i spent another 5 minutes looking. he finally gave me a pass. i checked 1st period classroom where there was this 6th grade class and they all laughed because i lost my phone. so i go to the office and ask if anyone has turned it in. they said no, but they will notify me of any results. after school, i checked the lost and found, checked the first period class again, and checked the gym locker room (i forgot to do it before) i got home and called my mom. she suspended my line. i looked up at the bus stop and still found nothing. i am deathly afraid of losing the phone, the pics, the contacts, and everything else on it. it is the first time i have ever lost a phone and i am deeply scared and sad. i am about to cry and talking to my mom and typing this is reassuring the fact in my head that it is lost. where i live, people steal stuff regularly. i have contacts that cannot be replaced, pictures of people i will never see again in person. please give me any useful advice you have. :(

  • matt_99667 6 years ago

    my phone was stolen, the perp, probably took out my sim card and tossed it, but it was a brand new lg. i have the imei number and all that crap. IS THERE ANY WAY TO TRACK IT AND FIND OUT WHO IS USING MY PHONE AND WHERE THEY ARE AT?

  • Responsible 6 years ago

    I didnt lose my phone.

  • Nic_36362 6 years ago

    What are you trying to say? U never lost anything?on99

  • Hari_63001 6 years ago

    I am 14 and i have just lost my phone at hockey practice and the battery is dead.But i think i have insurence so what should i do now

  • Omg SO scared 6 years ago

    I lost my phone this morning at skool/ on the bus. What I mean by school/ bus is....well here's my story!! I got on the bus like usal, talked with my friends, listened 2 music and I was texting my friend. Once we got 2 skool I put my phone in my bag ( or at least I THOUGHT I did) and got off the bus. After school that same day I got on the bus, sat down and dug throught my bag 2 get my phone. I couldn't find it!!!! I took everything out and it wasn't there!!! What shud I do???!!!!??! I've NEVER lost my phone b 4!!! And I don't think any 1 wud steal it cuz its a razor ( pink...reeeeaaally old!!) so shud I ask my bus driver if she found it? And if not shud I check my locker?? And if it's not in there shud I just ask the main office at my school if they!be found any cell phones yesterday????? Plze help!!!! I can get a new 1 till the end of 8th grade ( I'm in 7th...and why u ask?? LOL cuz I have a 2 year contract) and my parents won't by me a new 1 till my contracts over. My moms just worried but my dad mite b mad.....PLZE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!

  • Josh_50892 6 years ago

    lol, it seems as if everyone who has posted here is either way too young to even make use of a cell phone, or someone who has a blackberry for their job. I lost my phone at school, and in a school of 3000+ kids there's nearly no way i will be able to get it back.

  • YCM 6 years ago

    Sorry to hear that. The thing you want to do now is to suspend you account first. You don't want to see $200 long distance calls in your bills. Worst case is if you can't find it, I suggest buy a 2nd hand phone and reactivate with your account. It's not that expensive and you can get a new one when you renew your contract. U can get 2nd hand phones at the store or maybe e-bay, it's not that expensive. Or maybe talk to your parents getting you a early christmas gift!

  • Zach_15575 6 years ago

    I lost my phone earlier this week and there was a gps on it or as far as i know. is it possible to track it to wherever it is and if someone stole it can it be found?

  • debrana 5 years ago

    i lost my phone on the school bus and i probaly never see it again and now im cryin everyday cuase i know my mother worked hard to get it and i got it for cristmas i really hope some one gives it back

  • Duh 5 years ago

    To all the kids lossing your phones at school, read the advice tahts all you can do. It's not that big of a deal stuff happens and maybe your just not ready to have a phone.(I got my first Phone in grade 11 I am now a in post secondary school and have had in my right pocket of my jeans sence. ) Report it do what the provider tells you, and thats all there is to it.

  • YCM 5 years ago

    Well, I got my first phone around my first year in University. And I doubt anyone here loses more phone than me. Maybe it's just the places that I went to, usually crowded with crooks. Hurts when you lose something that you treasured. Doesn't matter if it's a phone, car or a person.

  • Beast 5 years ago

    i lost my phone and it sucks! Still have not found it!

  • phoneloser 5 years ago

    im 12 n i lost my phone in my room XD but its dead so none can use it. ok heres how i lost it. my gma (grandma) was just yelling at me to take my stuff to my room n there was a bag so i put everything in there including my phone so ibring everything to my room n i swear it was in the bag but a couple hours later i got everything out n im not sure if it fell out but i looked in the bag and it wasnt there im still looking making sure it didnt fall out n making sure im not seeing things but i hope u help me plz do i need help o i lose my phone atleast 2 times a week xD

  • Rina_99429 5 years ago

    So I just recently lost my phone. It's a pay as you go phone from Rogers but would I get a replacement for losing it? Or not? Please help me. :(

  • Danica_73501 5 years ago

    Ok so i lost my phone like months ago. I lost my phone and had to replace it many times in the past. So i just kept it to myself. And never did anything about it. I really tried looking for it in the car, my room, and the whole house. And i remembered i probably had it at nordstrom last. But i knew it would be gone since it was that long i lost it. And now im going to highschool and i need a phone. But im just thinking like what if i loose it again ? i dont know. But i really need one right now and im also concerned about the fee and all the other stuff that comes with getting a replacement. i dont know what to do. and i dont want my parents to spend that much money. & i would also like to know the cost to put a tracker on my phone so i will know where my phone is if i loose it.

  • samantha_34036 5 years ago

    kayso, i lost my phone last night, and i'm a canadian, and i'm with koodo. but i don't have a contract. do you think they will still let me get a new phone ? because i have a tab, and i pay a little of that every month with my bill, and if you want a new phone (different than the one you have) you have to pay off the rest of your tab. so i'm wondering if i'll have to do that, in order for them to replace mine.. ?

  • alejandra 5 years ago

    what if you lost your phone and you think its at ur house? im really worried that i left it at school when i sat down. please help!

  • Alawna 5 years ago

    Ok here is my story.I was in my living room and i put my phone on the window ceal then i went with my cousins and started playing with them then my mom called me to tell me she wanted to go to my grandma's house so when i was ready to go i turne ack around to get my phone and it was not there i had jus got the phone it was 200 bucks i am so pissed!!! (:(

  • Seeking Help 5 years ago

    lost my phone out clubbing and i was drunk at the time someone help me? i think its in the club still =\ lost it 12 december sunday 2010.. =\

  • Cupcakesandco 5 years ago

    Hey. I've just lost my phone and I've called it and stuff but it goes straight to voicemail, therefore it either turned off or the battery's flat. And I don't think my insurance covers much. Please help!

  • Cartman_26887 5 years ago

    Ive lost my phone and my dad is really mad at me i think i lost it in theater and i'm waiting for a call and i I've bin in theater and they didn't seen him what should I do?

  • DJ Tez 4 years ago

    I lost my phone at school in a teacher's room. I know the teacher and he always locks his room before he leaves. He opened the room this morning and when I saw him later on he said he hadn't seen one around. Hopefully it'll turn up. There's only 200 kids at my school and I know most of them.

  • Poop_80624 4 years ago

    So I've recently lost my phone somewhere, it's a confusing story to explain . I'm in a family plan with my mom, if she cancels my phone, then it turns into a individual plan right ? So basically she'll be paying for her own phone . Then my phone is like, gone, there's nothing for me . Well, I've explained the problem to my dad that I lost my phone, and he's willing to buy me a new one . My mom is being bleh and saying she has 'No money' . Will I be able to get my old phone number back when I get a new phone ? |: .Then my dad will be paying for my bills o-o . Since he's buying me the new phone, my cousin says, that I'm switching plans so I won't be able to get my old phone# back . Is this making sense ?

  • faila 4 years ago

    i need to find a way to track my cellphone because my friend told me she keeps getting text messages from me when I don't even have it with me I actually lost it or as I'm starting to think it got stolen and so I'm trying to see if I can track my cellphone and also track the person who has it.

  • Malyny 4 years ago

    Everyone had their own story about losing phone. About me, it was even worse. I bought an iPhone 4S 16Go. The price is about 700Euros, it's around 1000 $US. I might dropped it while i was running toward my residence in the morning. But i just realised i lost it at night around 10PM. How crazy i am!!!! I really really felt upset. I do regret. I like that iPhone too much. I just used it around a month. I tried to reach the call but it was turn off. It's like the end of the world for me :'( .....

  • uurun 3 years ago

    Just desire to say your article is as astonishing. The clearness in your post is simply great and i could assume you are an expert on this subject. Fine with your permission allow me to grab your RSS feed to keep updated with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please carry on the enjoyable work.

  • Matt lynas 3 years ago

    I just lost my samsung s3 and it is christmas eve. I think i am going to Die.

  • Henry 2 years ago

    Try not to lose your smartphone, there's plenty of apps out there to help you track your cell phone and cool gadgets like Cubit.

  • Castiel 2 years ago

    Um... Hi. So I just lost my phone after hanging out with a friend. I know her very well and I seriously doubt she would steal (I'm still gonna question her tmmrw though) but this IS the first time she's been over. I don't have a gps or 3G or anything of that nature and I don't have find my mobile set up either. It's always on vibrate and the only time it's not is my alarm (mon-fri 6:40am) I'm not very scared cause I had it when I got home and I haven't left the house since. But I'd still feel a lot better if I got my phone back because I have to walk every day and it's winter and there's a high chance i will fall cause I have to.... You know what? That don't matter. Anyways. I also live in the shadier part of town so I'd feel a little more secure have phone on me. If someone could help I would REALLY Apreciate it!!! Thanks!! -Castiel

  • sonali gaware 2 years ago

    i m lost my cell phone..

  • Anil Gupta about 1 year ago

    I lost my mobile phone while riding on my bike suddenly I noticed that the mobile is missing from my pocket.

    Immediately I informed the Police Station and also requested to block the outgoing calls from my mobile and issue me a duplicate sim.

  • nikolas ignath about 1 year ago

    I am lose me phone end sim card you cant help me is me number phone for this phone lose please help me me number is you cant call me thank for help me

  • perrin moten 2 months ago

    Hello my name is Perrin well one day it was last week i was on my phone right so i had it and me and my daddy went to my auntie gayle house so i could not find my phone i donẗ know where it at and i finally lost .

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