The 5 Best Alternatives to Android's Default Browser

2 years ago

Android has many browser for its users to choose from. While some are more feature rich, while others provide ease of use and customizability, finding the right Android browser for you may depend on having a little bit of knowledge.

Depending on different users needs, you may use one, two, or all 5 of the browser we are about to compare. One thing's for sure, mobile browsing on Android just keeps getting better and better, so lets find out why!


Of all the browsers on this list, Dolphin was able to make a name for itself early on in Android's development. Before Android conquered the world with millions of activations a week, it was a raw and underdeveloped ecosystem. Along came Dolphin, the first viable and feature rich browser alternative to the stock Android Browser.

In its current incarnation Dolphin Browser is still cutting edge and feature-rich. From its innovative Sonar feature allows you to search the internet, connect with your friends on social networks, bookmark your favourite websites and navigate your entire phone or tablet by speaking instead of typing.

Maybe the most appealing feature of Dolphin is its extensive collection of add-ons. There are over 60 and counting that enable you to add a lot of muscle and agility to the browser.

Dolphin has made a name for itself in mobile with advanced browser features and add-ons and it looks like they are here to stay.

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Firefox was the first browser to take a nice size PC market share from one time juggernaut Internet Explorer. That is the type of legacy that Firefox looks to continue on Android.

While Firefox has many features worth mentioning, the attribute that I find that deserves the most attention is Firefox’s pure speed from page load times to panning and zooming on web pages, It does so with a crispness and responsiveness that can't be found anywhere else on Android.

Aside from the blazing speed, Firefox is also very intuitive to use. In what it calls it’s “Awesome Screen and Awesome Bar” the setup and usability of Firefox is top notch.

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Opera Browser is somewhat of a niche browser. It does not boast as many features as othes on this list, but the features it does have are unique to the Opera experience and focused on getting maximum performance out of as little horsepower as possible.

Opera has the ability to search at relatively high speed when your device does not have access to a broadband connection. It’s called “Off Road Mode”, and its awesome.

So remember, if you're in need of speed, with little to no bandwidth, bring out Opera and get back to whatever it was that you were doing.

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If you're the type of power user that wants as many options and points of customization then look no further than the ever flexible Boat Browser.

There is almost no aspect of the Boat Browser the a user can not modify or rearrange in some manner. From switching and moving the button layout of the browser, to the ability to change the visual theme of the browser, Boat allows you to mold it into the type of Browser you want. With many cool and well designed themes to choose from along with what seems like an endless array of ways to customize the working of Boat, power users will spend hours upon hours tinkering and modifying Boat to their hearts delight.

If you like to have full control and love to play with your browsers feature set then Boat is most definitely the browser for you.

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The way the tea leaves read, it would come as no surprise if Chrome became the default browser for Android in the not too distant future rather than an Android Browser alternative.

For the moment however, it does qualify as an alternative and a spectacular one at that. While Chrome does share all of the standard features of the other browser on this list, Chrome's biggest strength comes in its ability to sync up with Google. For many users that use the Chrome browser on their PC devices, using Chrome for Android is a no brainer.

With bookmarks, browsing history, log-in credentials, and site preferences all appearing just as it does on it PC cousin, Chrome for Android is easily the best cross platform browser to choose from on Android.

With all of your info perfectly synced up, you are free to take advantage of Chrome’s excellent speed and intuitive interface. Swiping between pages and a simple and easy to use menu make Chrome the most well rounded browser on Android. It may not have the customizable features of Dolphin or Boat, but the feature and information transference is unmatched.

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We hope you now have the knowledge to find your own favourite Android browser. Happy surfing.

  • shayanjameel 2 years ago

    Dolphin and chrome is such a fast and speed up browser whether it is official or personal . i appreciate you.. Dolphin has made a name for itself

  • Lucie Kruger 2 years ago

    Dolphin and Chrome they both are the best alternate for default android browser. If you want to have the best browsing experience then both browsers are excellent to use.

  • aryan about 1 year ago

    The top list browsers you have described are not keen to use.. The dolpin browser it crashes the most on using how can u suggest to be the best hold the top postion

  • 0lek about 1 year ago

    Thanks! Interesting article, as for me I prefer Dolphin Browser. Dolphin is realy fast.

  • Sheogorath 8 months ago

    Chrome isn't an alternative browser given that it's the default as of 4.4+.

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