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Wind Mobile plan

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About Wind Mobile

Voice network: GSM, UMTS
Data network: HSPA 1700/2100 MHz

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
207 Queens Quay West Suite 710 PO Box 114 Toronto, ON M5J 1A7 Canada


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Reviews (3/10 Avg. rating)

No fess, no contract and unlimited data even with tethering is a great deal

from myCELLmyTERMS (over 2 years ago)

We now have another choice in the market and competition will be good for the industry. I believe Wind will be a victim of great expectations and they will not be able to live up to them initially. With over $1 billion invested – they have to make money and repay their debts and obligations. ... More

Weak management and poorly trained customer service reps

from Digital Home (over 3 years ago)

Wind Mobile encourages deceiving the customer rather than admit problems - from the first sales rep I met to the second line tech support to the supervisor, I was told and promised information and feedback that was nothing more than a lie. The first Wind staffer told me there were better plans than... More

The staff lie and the customer serivice is none existent !

(3 days ago)

Data is NOT unlimited so why lie? It's 5GB and then o.21 kb/s download. DEad the zones all over greater Vancouver--including near the airport. Canada subway is DEAD--while everyone else is on their phones. I bought ny phone so now I can;t change it to another carrier as its signal is different.... More


Coverage is poor

(5 days ago)

My mother who is in Langara nursing home in Vancouver insisted on getting Wind which is cheaper, but we are disappointed in coverage which entails garbling and dropped calls and we are finally to the point which we will probably change to another service. The service reps at Oakridge Mall are nice.... More


It's cheap in price and quality!

(9 days ago)

for $40/ month it gives lot. But service quality is worst one can imagine.


Are you serious?! No help AT ALL!!

(9 days ago)

This is horrible!!!Everything was fine for a few months. Now my phone will receive texts and send them, also can make calls but I cannot connect to the internet or receive calls. Was hung up on by support, and the next person kept putting me on hold, never resolved my issue. They said they do not guarantee... More


Its unlimited and cheap however the data is slow and coverage isn't always great.

(11 days ago)


Excellent value, coverage and reception. Unbeatable roaming plans

(12 days ago)


Should be a 0/10 rating option!! Stay away from WIND!!

(12 days ago)

Tried to port my phone to a new provider because I had to stand near a window to get reception or sounding like I'm under water half the time. Service sucks and so do the customer service whose constant annoying "I'm so sorry" ..."but you cannot cancel your service until you... More


Worst customer service ever!

(13 days ago)

I have been with wind for a year or so. Man are they frustrating as hell. Seriously unprofessional people on the phones. Might I also add BRAINLESS. They make you wait, they don't help you with your issues, they don't even know how to deal with issues. I'm writing this after one of them... More


Do not buy from Wind Mobile big scammers

(18 days ago)

WIND MOBILE IS A SCAM I CANCLED MY SERVICE and I requested to get my phone unlocked which cost $33 and The person at the wind store said it will take at least 4 to 5 days for me to receive the unlock code from samsung. It had been 4 to 5 days and I go back to the store he said he would help me out if... More


Low Quality but Lower Price

(18 days ago)

Wind Mobile is amazingly cheap. But a low price does come with a lower quality of service. Calls are dropped often, it takes minutes to make a phone call after it fails multiple times, and their coverage is minimal outside of the GTA. But for the low price I pay, the sacrifices are worth it.


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