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About Wind Mobile

Voice network: GSM, UMTS
Data network: HSPA 1700/2100 MHz

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
207 Queens Quay West Suite 710 PO Box 114 Toronto, ON M5J 1A7 Canada


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Reviews (3/10 Avg. rating)

No fess, no contract and unlimited data even with tethering is a great deal

from myCELLmyTERMS (over 2 years ago)

We now have another choice in the market and competition will be good for the industry. I believe Wind will be a victim of great expectations and they will not be able to live up to them initially. With over $1 billion invested – they have to make money and repay their debts and obligations. ... More

Weak management and poorly trained customer service reps

from Digital Home (over 3 years ago)

Wind Mobile encourages deceiving the customer rather than admit problems - from the first sales rep I met to the second line tech support to the supervisor, I was told and promised information and feedback that was nothing more than a lie. The first Wind staffer told me there were better plans than... More

Wind mobile contract scam

(3 days ago)

Signed a 2 year contract in june 2012. Now I called (june 2014) to close my account because my mom is upset that my phone loses service and disconnects when I talk to her from maple ridge. ( bad service there even though they say its covered) Anyways they say I signed a 3 year contact and they didnt... More


You get what you pay for

(5 days ago)

really spotty reception i cant even connect long enough to add a 50$ voucher i bought


Cheap for a reason

(6 days ago)

nice a cheap, but spottie coverage in Vancouver and limited reception in my basement suite


PITA - lousy coverage and terrible phone

(10 days ago)

still trying to connect inside a wind home area - usually takes at least ten minutes and as many tries before the phone can register on the wind home network, and after that the battery life is crap - wastes away in the space of eight hours. i assume it loses the connection and then spends its energy... More


Extremely frustrated

(14 days ago)

My wife and I and our son signed up with Wind on June 2013.We thought, wow, the price is great for everything you get. Was I wrong. We have been getting roaming charges in the Edmonton area, which is supposed to be covered . I have phoned there customer service line on several occasions, which turned... More


Worst EVER !!!

(14 days ago)

I give a zero if I could. They said our area was in their coverage and it worked for about 3 weeks and all of a sudden it stopped working. When we spoke with anyone they said too bad! No refunds !! Now all we have is an expensive dust collector. We had to pay the $375 for the phone and extra charges... More



(14 days ago)

My experiences with WIND have been so horrible I cant believe I live in a society that allows companies like WIND to be legal. I purchased a phone from them over a year ago and when I got home I discovered the phone didn't receive reception anywhere within my building or even within a few hundred... More


Do not use Wind for the iPhone

(14 days ago)

In February, I bought an iPhone 5s and a nano sim from Wind with a very cheap unlimited plan. I put the nano sim into my iPhone, everything seemed to be working. Then I realized that iMessages and FaceTime weren't working. I decided to call Wind. The service centre is located in India and the man... More


Cheaper than the rest, and you get what you pay for.

(20 days ago)

Low price good, but: poor call quality, delayed texts, coverage holes, low customer service, spotty and slow "unlimited" data, intermittent network connection. Too bad.


Wind should not be allowed to sell mobile plans!

(30 days ago)

An absolute rip off and joke of a company!! The Wind corporation should be ashamed of the relentless lies about there service and quality... I cant believe Canada would allow such a terrible phone company to operate!! DO NOT SIGN UP WITH WIND MOBILE!!!!!!!!!


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