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Voice network: GSM, UMTS
Data network: HSPA 1700/2100 MHz

Wind Mobile Customer Service

Mailing Address:
207 Queens Quay West Suite 710 PO Box 114 Toronto, ON M5J 1A7 Canada


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Reviews (3.3/10 Avg. rating)

No fess, no contract and unlimited data even with tethering is a great deal

from myCELLmyTERMS (3 years ago)

We now have another choice in the market and competition will be good for the industry. I believe Wind will be a victim of great expectations and they will not be able to live up to them initially. With over $1 billion invested – they have to make money and repay their debts and obligations.&n... More

Weak management and poorly trained customer service reps

from Digital Home (4 years ago)

Wind Mobile encourages deceiving the customer rather than admit problems - from the first sales rep I met to the second line tech support to the supervisor, I was told and promised information and feedback that was nothing more than a lie. The first Wind staffer told me there were better plans... More

Worst service ever

(13 hours ago)

Been trying to get the Note 4 for almost 2 months now without any luck. I think it is ridiculous when you want to get a phone and the company cannot meet the demands.


Poor service

(3 days ago)

Live downtown Toronto and would drop calls. When calling wind they refuse to accept responsibility claiming it was our phones not their service. When calling in they gave me a service number to take into their store and when I gave the employee there the number he had no clue what it was for claimin... More


Worst cell provider

(4 days ago)

If you want terrible customer service, you want your service area changed 1 yr into your plan and not be told a tower was damaged in your area and there is no plans to replace it, and if you really love calling customer service every other day to be told a priority ticket was placed and 5months late... More


Reasonably priced

(4 days ago)


THE worst service in Canada

(6 days ago)

I cannot get the signal even within their full service area. Customer service is even worse. All they say is " Yes, I understand sir" when you call them. Will never recommend anybody to go to wind. I am stuck with them for 2 years now with no choice unless I want to pay the penalty to cancel my serv... More


Simply repulsive

(7 days ago)

This is the absolutely WORST MOBILE COMPANY I've ever had to deal with in my 25 years in Canada. Avoid like a plague (will explain several reasons). I got a phone for my wife last December (2014) and of course we were really exited and all with the low prices for unlimited everything, (DO NOT FALL F... More


WINDS sucks!

(8 days ago)

cannot get the service in YORKDALE !! dialing the phone # randomly gives you the message " this number is not in service" . Try to get any job interviews if people cannot even leave you a message


Poor cellphone service, worse customer service!

(11 days ago)

Even downtown the service is often unavailable where I work. In addition to that if you go above a certain floor in a building you won't have service either. If it worked it would be a great price... but IT DOESNT WORK so whats the point?


Wind mobile is the worst cell phone provider

(18 days ago)

WIND MOBILE is by far the worst cell phone provider. I opened an account back in December 2014....officially on dec 24th. I was not able to get data on my phone since switching to their network. After 5 trips back and forth to the store (a 20 mins drive each way=gas money and time), 4 SIM cards, an... More


Beware and Read this about WIND MOBILE first... Inform yourself...

(26 days ago)

Service plan offer is great IF service was not so sporadic . They have poor coverage, strength and up time. The SIM Cards they use are very cheap. They have punch out centers and I have gone through maybe about a dozen of them in the 3 years that I was with them. I did at one point when they upgra... More


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