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About Verizon

With their headquarters in Basking Ridge, N.J., Verizon Wireless boasts they are the nation’s most reliable wireless network. The company is a joint venture of Verizon Communications and Vodafone and they maintain that they are actually the largest U.S. wireless company and largest wireless data provider, based on revenues. Their claim to be the most reliable network stems from network studies performed by real-life testers who were the inspiration for their popular national advertising campaign. Verizon Wireless engineers conduct more than three million voice call attempts and more than 16 million data tests annually on their own network as well as the other national wireless carriers' networks to compare performance.

Voice network: AMPS, CDMA 800 / 1900 MHz
Data network: 1xRTT, EVDO Rev. A, LTE

Verizon Customer Service

Mailing Address:
Post Office Box 96082 Bellevue, WA 98009-9682

800-922-0204 (of *611 from your cell)
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Reviews (6.1/10 Avg. rating)

The best option for most

from The Wirecutter (about 1 month ago)

Verizon is currently the fastest, most reliable, and cheapest major network in the US, which made it the easy pick for most people. Of course, your mileage (or rather, coverage) may vary, but odds are it’ll be your best bet if you need a single-line phone plan.

Very good

(2 years ago)

I have Verizon's for 9 yrs very good. No complain. No drop call what so ever.


Very poor customer service

(2 years ago)

Have used verizon for 3 months in the winter when we are on vacation in Florida for 5 years and every year we get bills that make no sense and have a difficult time trying to correct it . example service required Jan 4th to April 4th and they want to bill us also for December also they didn't conne... More



(2 years ago)

I have been a Verizon customer for 11 years, they have always gone the extra mile to keep me happy even if the error was my fault, Prior to Verizon I was an AT&T customer, and let me tell all you doubters....Switch will be back after that contracts expires, no other company can compa... More


Don't take care of long time loyal customers

(4 years ago)

I have been a customer with Verizon wireless for 10 years and have the family plan with 5 phones! Recently activated an old unused phone for my daughter and now they are charging me $10.00 data package on the phone. When this phone was originally active, it didn't require a data package. I haven'... More


bad to loyal customer

(4 years ago)

i have been with verizon even before they became verizon used to be Air Touch , I forgot to sent in my payments and with out notice automatically suspended my phone line, am a cancer patient, and always in close contact with my Doctors, Verizon, where is the compassion, i guess that does not apply,... More


More application

(4 years ago)

I have been with Verizon for awhile but will be deciding whether I will switch to ATT because Verizon needs more apps on their phone and the iphone is and will be the future. I hope they get the iphone soon or I will have no choice but to switch..


VERIZON treated me, a 10-year customer like crap

(5 years ago)

I have been with Verizon when they were a nothing company. I recently switched to their unlimited call service plan, and specifically told their customer service that I wanted unlimited web browsing. I just got my bill and they charged me $200 for broad band or data usage. They claimed I declined... More


Best Company Ever

(5 years ago)

I've been with this company over a year and I love this company. They have excellent coverage and very good phones. I will never switch. Go Verizon



(5 years ago)

I love this phone and it is very reliable


samsung, gleam

(6 years ago)

The only phone that works in the area that I am at 1/4 of the time is the verizon. If you want service use the verizon net work.


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