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About Straight Talk

Voice network: CDMA, GSM
Data network: 1xRTT, EV-DO

Straight Talk Customer Service

Mailing Address:
Straight Talk, Inc, Executive Resolution Department, 9700 NW 112th Avenue, Miami, FL 33178


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Reviews (5.4/10 Avg. rating)

Affordable pre-paid wireless for smartphones

from GottaBeMobile (2 years ago)

Straight Talk delivers great coverage in many locations, including access to the fast AT&T “4G” network that is four times faster than Verizon 3G in my tests. The price is right, and the ability to use the latest phones, including the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and Lumia 900 as well as many... More

Great Phone, Great Signal, Poor Customer Service

(2 months ago)

I recently purchased a SIM card from Straight Talk to put in an unlocked phone I bought at The SIM uses AT&T towers and I get awesome service. I have dealt with customer service before and I have to say they are the smartest group of people, no technical knowledge what so ever.


Be VERY carefull with straigh talk. Could lose $

(4 months ago)

On Sunday June 15 2014, I went to the Straight Talk website and tried to activate new cellular service and port my existing ATT phone number for my cell phone. I followed all the direction provided on their website. I entered my billing information and ATT account info... More


Worse customer service ever and will rip you off be careful

(about 1 year ago)

Straight talk is the worse, they double billed me and insisted they did not even though on their own web site it said they did. Then they added a phone to my account with a different phone number that I never had or used and when I asked them to remove it they said they needed the serial number, I... More


Straight talk is false! !!!

(about 1 year ago)

I hate straight talk they lie so freaking much.they tell me that they will stop throttleing my internet speed when I get a new unlimited monthly card. Well my month was up and I got a card. Internet speed was normal for the first day and then they throttled me right back to very low speeds. I can't... More


Worst piece of crap phone company ever!! do not get go through them

(3 years ago)

I bought a $90 phone from walmart which was a straight talk phone and of was a defected phone!!! they mailed me a knew one and hey guess what that one was defected tooo.....soooo i gave them one more chance to send me a knew phone!......what a suprise!!!...this one doesnt work eit... More


Really happy

(3 years ago)

I had contracts and found it quite distastful, I moved to Straight Talk and have never been happier. First, I control what I pay, second, I have flexibility where I can change from one plan to another monthly without having to worry about contracts etc., third, I have a diverse group of plans to se... More


Don't Waste Your Money

(4 years ago)

This is the most God awful prepaid phone service on earth. It took me a week to get a phone number; when my prepaid time ran out, they didn't notify me like they said they would and they cut off my service. When I called to find out what happened, they said I would have to reinstate my phone service... More


The Best Cell Phone Service Around!!

(4 years ago)

No doubt ST is the best cell phone service around. Just like "all" the other cell phone services customer service is outsourced. Like others, I too had some minors issues (e.g. service disconnected, phone not working, phone lost/stolen, camera not working) but everytime ST came through. They even ha... More


Having some serious doubts about ST...

(4 years ago)

I've had the phone for three months and just beginning fourth. The coverage is about the same as with my Moto Q on Verizon but seems to more readily drop calls in problem areas than the Moto did. MY CONCERNS are with the SERVICE. 1. I have been notified in the MIDST of my month ($45 unlim plan)th... More


Great plan and reception, but poor customer service

(4 years ago)

I have Verizon for 10 years but hated the price. I switched over to ST in January. I do not see any reception difference. HOWEVER, their website does not allow a change in credit cards. I have contacted customer service 4 times to change the credit card. The rep was unable to access that part of my... More


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