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1 GB Data-only

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2 GB Data-only

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Que 5.0

Que 5.0

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Que 5.5

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About Roam Mobility

Voice network: GSM 850 / 1900 MHz, UMTS 1700 / 2100 MHz
Data network: GPRS, EDGE, HSPA, HSPA+

Roam Mobility Customer Service

Mailing Address:
400-311 Water St. Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 1B8


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Reviews (3.5/10 Avg. rating)

A no-brainer for travelers

from WordsByNowak (2 years ago)

Putting the speed and price together, Roam’s service had an interesting psychological effect on me. I’ve simply never had the luxury of a whopping nine GB of mobile data before. The more that sank in, the more I let myself go and the more I used my phone. It wasn’t long before I st... More

Their service is worth checking out

from iPhone in Canada (2 years ago)

After travelling in the US with Roam Mobility I can definitely say that their service is worth checking out. No matter how long you’ll be in the US or where you go while you’re there, you’ll be able to keep yourself connected without having to overpay for roaming packages from the... More

My best regards to Roam Mobility for doing the RIGHT thing!

(2 months ago)

I wrote a horrible review of Roam Mobility a couple of days ago, and since that time, they have completely refunded our three month pre-paid Snow Bird package fees. Thank you Roam Mobility for doing the RIGHT thing!!!



(2 months ago)

Purchased a three month Snowbird plan - prepay option ONLY - so once they have your money - you're basically screwed. COULD NOT MAKE OUTGOING CALLS TO CANADA!!!! We were able to text and receive calls, but could not call home. After more than a week of dealing with the call centre which is appare... More



(4 months ago)

I wish there was a 0 rating.. Purchased the phone online after speaking with them on the phone. The Phone did not arrive before I needed it (took over 10 days) so I purchased a ROAM phone at staples. When the phone finally was delivered (too late) I was out of the country. I did not even open the... More


Roam Mobility is not at all caring

(5 months ago)

Worst experience ever, very unprofessional. service never worked, they assigned blame on me even though SIM was assigned by them to two different accounts. Twice promised refund and it never came through, every time I called, got a different run around story. stay away!


Terrible, Horific Service or Lack Of It!

(5 months ago)

I purchased 3 days of service for my sim card on S3 and purchased Roam phone. This was in mid-April. During the entire time we had no service availablew whatsoever! Call-chatted 4 times from late April up to 3 weeks ago and was assured each time that "my supervisor will call you tomorrow to remedy t... More


HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! had to prove that SIM card was defective

(5 months ago)

Purchased a Roam Mobility SIM card, based off a good recommendation. (READ READ READ REVIEWS in future) Unlocked my phone; paid for 3months of service. Card didn't work..called company after 2 days, only to be told that my phone was no good(Samsung Galaxy S4). To prove to the customer service REP,... More


Works Great

(6 months ago)

Travelled extensively through Washington stae and Las Vegas with no issues. Works as stated on my S3. Would recommend it for anyone travelling to the US.


Return policy dismal

(7 months ago)

I have tried for 4 days to get an answer about returning a defective Que phone to no avail. I have spoken to their customer service team twice and they tell me it takes a least two days for a response on how to send it back. Day four and counting, do not, I repeat do not deal with them for purchasi... More


Unresponsive company

(7 months ago)

I purchase 8 days of service while roaming in New York State and Vermont and never did get the phone to work in spite of their technical support attempting to fix the problem three separate times. Asking for a refund, I get nothing...silence...totally unresponsive. I launched a BBB complaint and sti... More


Look hard for other providers.

(8 months ago)

do not buy any of their hot spots. If you can not put their sim card directly into your IPAD don't even get their data service. I purchased on of their Hot Spot devices and didn't work from day one. so I put the Hot Spot sim card into my IPAD AIR and worked most of the time. It is terrible. I... More


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