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Voice network: CDMA
Data network: 1xRTT

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877-999-5055 (or *611 from your cell)

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Reviews (4/10 Avg. rating)

Unlimited plans with cheap phones targeted at the urban, ethnic communities

from myCELLmyTERMS (5 years ago)

Public Mobile doesn’t claim to be anything that it is not. Simple no frills phones targeted at those looking for fixed unlimited plans all within their local areas. And for this Public Mobile does its job. For those who are looking to Public Mobile to be a replacement for Bell, Rogers and Telus, I s... More

See the big picture early, and avoid smartphones altogether.

(2 months ago)

My plan is Unlimited Canada Wide for 25 plus tax. My service has been PEREFECT to my recollection. I had already chosen Telus in the beginning when I went with Koodo, which I found acceptable, but expensive for what I got, so the news about Public Mobile was great to me for cellphone service, but... More


Good rate

(2 months ago)

I,m with public mobile almost two years i have plan 65 dollars with 2 gbs and my daughter 25 dollars we are very happy with public mobile why pay 200 or 300 dollars with rogers or bell just to use a line it not worth i,m very happy



(3 months ago)

I hope everybody reads these reviews, for their own protection. I've been trying to get service from them for a couple of weeks now, but so far only bullshit. They finally took my home phone number the declared my account expired and I can't get my number back. I paid with BMO master card. They say... More



(3 months ago)

Zero customer service/support - seriously... Only a handful of countries for international texting/calling Marketed as the Telus brand but self serve, total lie Other carriers have the same prices for BYOD plans coupled with international services and actual customer care! Don't waste your time.


Nobody to talk to on the phone

(4 months ago)

This provider is for young people who do everything online. anything you want to do you need to do online. I have been on hold to talk to someone over an hour . don't chose public mobile unless you are computer savvy.


This sucks and they won't let it go to the end of the month

(4 months ago)

why let go to the end of the month.I'am a senior and I have to set here all weekend with out a phone. I met go to another phone service



(6 months ago)


Roaming in USA

(8 months ago)

No communication outside of Canada


I hate this phone company for selling to tellus!

(8 months ago)

The only way you can get service for your phone is by phone or on line and it's not always possible; I say good bye to Public Mobile and Telus for not being able to solve my problem without having to pay a premium; You should be a shame of yourselves for being so money hungry!! from a frustrated... More


The worst

(9 months ago)

bad customer service, just the not use...honestly


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