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About PC Mobile

Voice network: CDMA 800/1900 MHz, UMTS
Data network: 1xRTT, EVDO, HSPA, HSPA+

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Mailing Address:
1 President's Choice Circle, 2nd floor NW, Brampton, Ontario, L6Y 5S5


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Reviews (3.9/10 Avg. rating)

Darn, there are no reviews yet for this carrier.

No complaints at all .......

(about 1 month ago)

Purchased pay as you go phones for my two teenaged sons. Had switched one to another provider because PC did not have the phone he wanted. Ended up paying to have the phone unlocked so we could return to PC. They only use the phone to text and the occasional phone call and PC has the best plan fo... More


Total Waste of time and money

(about 1 month ago)

Do not waste your time and money on so called PC Mobile! There is no company and no service or support. You will be stuck with nothing buy payment for no service or functioning device.


Do NOT get PC Mobile!!

(about 1 month ago)

This phone simply does not work and there is NO support!


Quick service, good price.

(2 months ago)


Crappy customer care

(3 months ago)

My gf is with this company and I'd always having her phone cut off saying she owes. She calls and straightens it out but again it happens every Month... I wouldn't suggest this carrier to anyone.. they suck and are rip off artists.. F*** you PC


These guys suck....my bill is never right....time to switch providers

(4 months ago)


Worst call in service I have ever had.

(5 months ago)

The cell phone works fine, however I had to call in to have everything transferred to a new SIM and it takes forever to go through their choices. Then you have to tell an automated service all your information, following with it says: if all the information is correct it will work tomorrow, otherwi... More


Customer Service is Terrible, Phone died after 2 weeks

(5 months ago)

I bought the Samsung Galaxy S4. 16 days later with no warning at all the screen went green, then turned to black and the phone died. Went into the Amherst, NS PC store where I had bought the phone, the manager was rude and unsympathetic. I was past the 15 day deadline to return the phone no questi... More


3 year customer and they now jacked up the rates

(5 months ago)

Been with pcmobile for 3 years. Originally had long distance at .20$ a minute.......its now double that. They added a shit ton of hidden fees. Tempted to cancel


I DON'T love this because I ( and my spouse) were traveling in north-western Ontario and had ZERO service

(8 months ago)

When we were finally able to access our phones, the customer service represent (Diane), was of ZERO help to us. She did not deviate from her scripted responses to even TRY to help. She simply kept repeating that there was no problem with my service and I must has been using the phone wrong!! Sh... More


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