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Huawei Ascend Y530

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About PC Mobile

Voice network: CDMA 800/1900 MHz, UMTS
Data network: 1xRTT, EVDO, HSPA, HSPA+

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Mailing Address:
1 President's Choice Circle, 2nd floor NW, Brampton, Ontario, L6Y 5S5


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Reviews (4/10 Avg. rating)

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Left With No Working Phone

(14 days ago)

Bought a PC Mobile SIM from Canada Superstore. Called their customer service to initiate service and port my existing number over. Gave verbal affirmation cutting service with the other network. However, could only make Emergency Calls. Rep. puzzled and said tech dept. would be in touch shortly. Ha... More


I need to retract my first review!

(3 months ago)

The store that I got my phone was far from being ok. "But" when I called customer service it all changed. The person fixed all my problems is short order. I can't take back my first review but I hope this helps.


Just got it & Hate it.

(3 months ago)

Just got my PC phone working. Well sort of working,, 2 bars. The PC / (BS) salesman told me I could pick my number. Not true. This was a bad idea. Stuck with it now. PC should stick to food!!!!!!!!!!! Canada needs the USA Company , "tracfone" :(


Still pay 5,40$ per month for unlimited data

(5 months ago)

Got my phones 2 years ago. It's prepaid and it takes 5,40$ a month for unlimited data. Even without a contract, the monthly charge never increased.


I hate PC

(5 months ago)

Rude customer service and they over charge you!


Easily to top up

(6 months ago)


All lies

(9 months ago)

this company is nothing but lies. They keep promising the problem is fixed when it is not. They just constantly lie to their customers. This company is wrong than roger bell or virgin. Their customer service and help is deplorable. I would not even recommend this company to my worst friend.


PC Mobile is great!

(10 months ago)

I have no issues with there service at all. Calling them on the other hand...well. They are the only provider that offers free mobile to mobile calling. All others I have researched charge you extra for this. For $15 each, my wife and two kids get unlimited nation wide messaging and free calling to... More


Some people...

(10 months ago)

PC Mobile's service is just fine if some people knew how to manage their talk time. If prepaid is too expensive then go postpaid. I have no problems with my bill because I chose to opt out of the overages. If I use my alotted minutes or data for the month, it simply won't let me use any more until t... More


Customer Service Rip offs. they lie!

(10 months ago)

Got a Nokia 520/windows 8 OS. SO UNHAPPY WITH CELL, asked to up-grade talked to customer service, CSR told me in a rude way that I am stuck with this piece of shyt cell for the next year until my plan is up... Never again am I dealing with Pc as a provider I have A Virgin cell aswel service is excel... More


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