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$110 Minute Manager Business

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MTS plan

$119.40 Family Time

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About MTS

Voice network: CDMA, UMTS
Data network: 1xRTT, EVDO, HSPA, HSPA+

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Rm. CC11B, P.O. Box 6666, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 3V6

800-883-2054 (or 611 from your cell)

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Reviews (4/10 Avg. rating)

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(2 months ago)

I choose MTS because of their unlimited data plan. As a rural customer without many options, I thought this would be a good fit and confirmed before signing the contract that a high use of tethered data wouldn't be a problem. I understood that after 10GB I would be throttled during peak hours... More



(4 months ago)

Fine when it works, but they seem to enjoy giving their customers curve-balls. Horrible customer-service and even though I live in Manitoba, I am not going to tolerate their behavior any-more.


M.T.S. Is Not The Way To Go.

(6 months ago)

Double Billing, Wrong Name On Account, Don't Receive All Calls, Dishonest Customer Service Reps., Poor Reception, Charged For Same Item Twice. Took Over 2 Months And A Lot Of Calls To Get The Right Name On Account And Set Up Auto Payments. Very Stress Full And Frustrating. My Wife And I Were Told... More


MTS sucks!

(7 months ago)

MTS is the worst phone company you could possibly use! they just try and scam all the money they can get out of everyone! they are very disorganized, the bills are always different amounts, they are always overcharging, their customer service is horrible, they have no respect for the customers concerns,... More


I am with telus 1991 to 2013

(8 months ago)

i have plan for 63.00 a month unlimited talk and text in Canada plus 1gb internet , i use about 6000 min a month with long distance min too . i get a free phone every 2 years i have a Nokia 620 . with 24 hours help


Terrible Service

(8 months ago)

Verizon can't come to Canada fast enough. Service is very poor and no help at problem solving at all.


Absolute Crap.

(8 months ago)

I got a plan with MTS with a blackberry, the track pad on it breaks within a few months. They ask for a credit card when I went to turn it in for repairs but I don't have one so I set out to get one but in that time, I had dropped my phone, leaving the screen to not be able to use at all. They refuse... More



(9 months ago)

Mts service sucks, same with the fact they drop every other call, and if you have an existing contract they can change it at any given time and hold you responsible to pay the extra costs of it. Go to Rogers or Koodo Ive been with Mts for 5 years and the problems have just gotten worse and more hard... More


Rip off!

(10 months ago)

The customer service employees need better training for one. I ended up paying out my plan (which was over 1000 dollars to get out of apparently) because I spent all my free time calling them to fix my bill. They lied to me about using my phone in Saskatchewan and their supervisors never call you back.... More



(11 months ago)

We need better customer support for personal services. When i call for the business account i'm on hold for a minute or so. But when i call for my personal account i can be on hold up to an hour. It's actually easier to go to a centre to do something!!


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