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About Fido

Fido Solutions offers Personal Communications Services (PCS) and wireless data services to more than 1.3 million subscribers in major centers across Canada. They were previously known as Microcell Telecommunications until being bought out by Rogers Wireless in 2004. Fido was the first carrier in Canada to launch a GSM-based network and they were the first wireless service provider in North America to offer General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) on their network. With over 300 roaming partners in over 180 countries around the world, they continue to be a leader among North American wireless operators in international roaming capabilities.

Voice network: GSM 850 / 1900 MHz
Data network: GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA, HSPA+

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
800 de la Gauchetiere West, Suite 4000 Montreal, Quebec H5A 1K3

888-481-3436 (or 611 from your cell)
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Reviews (3/10 Avg. rating)

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Worst cell phone carrier

(6 days ago)

I get missed calls all the time everywhere. Iphone 5s is in my hand , 2 or 3 bars or full reception. Someone calls and it does not ring , then I receive the missed call text message. Tried iphone 4s , 5s , note 2 ,.. It is not the phone , Fido sucks. My friend has Telus and absolutely no missed cal... More



(17 days ago)

Great deals, super cheap plans


Service is good, but deals are really bad.

(2 months ago)

Fido is straight up bs



(2 months ago)

their plans are cheap as heck! I used to be with telus and I paid $672 + tax per year now I pay way less. I paid $352 to buy out my telus contract just to go back to fido because i love fido THAT much. The plans are amazing and I love how you can use your FidoDollars for travel packs! I feel like telus... More


$45 ulimited calls canada wide + 3gb!

(3 months ago)

Fido is my 4th carrier to date and the best one. I have 3 gb, unlimited calls canada wide, unlimited sms international + mms, fido dollars, call display and voice mail for $45/month. They gave me the Motorola Moto X for free with it. Great services!


Fido Office Of president resolved my issue

(4 months ago)

As i mentioned on below comments we were so mad at Fido for charging us 512$ for canceling our contact couple of weeks earlier and the worse was the customer service at first place. we decided to call them back and ask for the copy of contract this time the customer service was so different and he... More


Fido sucks, never trust them

(4 months ago)

Terrible customer service specially if you end your Contract with them. This is what happened to us: My husband and I are Fido customers for 6 years. On Jan 2010 we got our new iPhone 6 months before the first contract ends you are eligible to apply for renewal. No one though told us that this... More


Fido dollars are worth nothing!

(4 months ago)

Only if you are getting a new phone and they charge you when you need to use their dollars. Its only $10 they charge...but if I have over $200 in Fido dollars why do I still have to pay? Their billing suck and the customer service is even worse! I already know where I am going when my contract expires!... More



(4 months ago)

I moved over from Rogers to Fido and stayed with them simply because their customer service is way better. However, in recent time, I am very concern with their billing system. I've discovered that they are not very clear in outlining their billing and when I call to get clarification, the CS agent... More



(4 months ago)

They have very nice, and fast customer service, but Wow Canadians are paying through the nose!


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