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About Chatr

A division of Rogers Communications, Chatr is a discount brand designed to compete with newer Canadian discount carriers such as Wind, Mobilicity and Public Mobile.

Voice network: GSM
Data network: GPRS

Chatr Customer Service

Mailing Address:
Chatr Wireless, 34 Eglinton Avenue W., Suite 316, Toronto, ON M4R 2H6

1-800-485-9745 (or *611 from your cell)
Want to speak with a human?

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Reviews (5.3/10 Avg. rating)

No real surprises and nothing innovative here

from myCELLmyTERMS (5 years ago)

So it seems to me that Chatr is simply a copy of what’s already there in market – no real surprises and nothing innovative here, its essentially Rogers response to a space that they do not play very well in. Do I blame them, no! This was in the works for a some time and while it provides an addition... More

I am using chatr for 2 yyears its good.

(2 months ago)

No words to say . Its awesome


Big Liers , Bunch of unprofessional ppl running the company

(2 months ago)

hi , how are you all ? well me and my wife both have very bad experience with CHATR prepaid phone plan service . we switched to chatr almost 1.5 yr ago . got a good promotion of @20.00 ( 50 text , unlimited local calling , caller id , call waiting etc ) THEY NEVER SAID this promotion will change or... More



(2 months ago)

I just topped up my balance last week. the use the money that you put towards the $40 pland plus $25 for the internet. If you go over your internet gb then they will you the time $40 plan towards it. i am reccommending not to get the internet on the phone. plus you dont get the full 2gb of internet... More


Mislead customers, lie to customers

(3 months ago)

The chatr reps at the locations are ignorant, rude and not very informative. They are careless and when the customer asks a question they lie to you.


Great Value, Get what you pay for

(5 months ago)

I have been with chatr almost 3 years now. You get what you pay for, no gimmicks or lies, very good value for your buck, everything for under $60 which includes data. Nice array of numbers to choose from, 604 to 778. Network for me has been reliable since day 1, never experienced a outage. Recommen... More


It is what it is

(7 months ago)

Simple Prepaid. I was on Chatr for a year and a half. Never had a connection problem outside of the home but signal cuts out alot inside homes which is annoying. No hidden fees or charges, always straight forward with costs and you get what you paid for. Customer Service is friendly never had an i... More


I like it

(8 months ago)

It works. Every time I use it it works. I called in few times and they were fast and polite. I recommend especially after being with Wind


You get what you pay for

(9 months ago)

No contract and no credit check. Unlimited calling truly is unlimited. Unlimited texting truly is unlimited. They let you bring your own unlocked phone - so make sure its compatible. Reception is good, very good, in fact. Customer service was bilingual and friendly. Compared to competition they are... More


Lost $230 dollars a day as a supply teacher on call because of Chatr service cut off

(9 months ago)

The last rep did not update my credit card info for permanent withdrawal so for the upcoming month, the line got cut off and i lost the system calls from the board of education i`m with as a supply teacher and lost for today $230 per day. It really sucksssssssssssssssss.


Chatr service dead for a week

(about 1 year ago)

I took chatr because it was a good package. Since, I don't travel, I thought that the service would be good in Montreal region. But since last week, I am not able to make a receive calls saying that I don't have sufficient balance although I am in autopay (35$ plan) which gives me unlimited talk an... More


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