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About Alltel

Headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, Alltel is an American telecommunications company that provides coverage in all 50 states, voice and data coverage in parts of Canada and voice coverage in parts of Mexico. The fifth largest US carrier, Alltel's success is due in large part to aggressive growth and acquisitions. In 2006 Alltel added 640,000 new customers from its own efforts, representing an 87% increase. At the end of 2007 Alltel had just under 13 million customers.

Alltel distributes their products and services through retail stores, kiosks, independent dealers and direct sales representatives. They provide a full wireless solution from sales to customer maintenance, and offer a competitive product mix from a variety of major equipment manufacturers, including LG, Motorola, RIM, Nokia, HTC and others.

Alltel is noted for being the first wireless company to poke fun at its competitors through its television advertising.

Voice network: AMPS, CDMA 800 / 1900 MHz
Data network: 1xRTT, EVDO Rev. A

Alltel Customer Service

Mailing Address:
Building 4, Fifth Floor One Allied Drive Little Rock, AR 72202-2099

800-255-8351 (or *611 from your cell)
Want to speak with a human?

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Reviews (4.5/10 Avg. rating)

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alltel ruined my credit score and after 2 solid days of searching I cannot find a phone # for them

(3 years ago)

I went to my local electric company to have my electric transferred they said I had an outstanding bill of $813.42. Since I had paid my bill off in 2007 I knew this was not correct in attempting to get it staightened out I have been trying for 2 days to find out a phone number to get the problem st... More


Alltel - The greatest liars on the planet...

(4 years ago)

OK, maybe no one single employee is the biggest liar on the planet but when it comes to being honest with its customers Alltel is a brilliant, shining pillar of colossal deception. I don't care what kind of phones they offer or how good their reception is supposed to be in a given area you have to... More


Forget customer service. User friendly? Not.

(5 years ago)

just try contacting them through the website. "contact us" just takes you back to the log in page. big help that is if you cant log in.


Alltel is the best

(5 years ago)

I have had Alltell for over five years now and had no problems with them. Friendly reps at customer service and great coverage in the hills. I love Alltel



(5 years ago)

I had a wireless internet card from was excellent where I opened the service but because I am in the military I could no longer remain in the area. I only got the thing so that it would be able to travel with me to different mission statewide, and go where ever I went to be stationed, o... More



(5 years ago)

Alltel has the worst customer service ever, definitely a joke. They also sell you crappy phones that break within 2 months of getting them with no physical trauma and then they say the issues with the phone are beyond the warranty scope. In a period of less than a year I had a Krazr, the phone work... More


Love, Love, Love

(5 years ago)

I absolutely LOVE Alltel and would never choose any other company. Traveling throughout the nation you will see very little problems with coverage. There isn't a perfect wirless company out there, but at least with Alltel there are very few issues. People who have issues with billing really shoul... More


Alltel, worst cell phone service ever!

(5 years ago)

I moved to Missoula a few months back and switched from tmoble to alltel. The reception was just OK, but I had no real problems until the first bill. It was for $130 and I realized by reading the fine print that the Alltel rep had ignored my request to moved the nightime minutes from 9pm to 7pm (... More


Alltel service? What service?

(5 years ago)

We've been with Alltel for over a year. Went through 4 bad phones, terrible service. Needed a new phone, & was going to go w/ another carrier. We called Alltel & told about bad service. We got GABBY- I should have ran for my life because we've been in hell since. We had 2 witnesses. Gabby apologized... More


Absolutely Crazy

(6 years ago)

I have had many carriers to include all the national carriers. I have also been a salesperson for just about every national carrier as well as the national prepaid providers. Alltel is by far the best of the best wireless carriers due to the size of it's network, the strength of it's signal, and the... More


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