Motorola PEBL (Pink)

AKA: Motorola PEBL U6, PEBL V6

Available at: Fido, Rogers

6.7/10 AVG.
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Specs summary


The Motorola PEBL (Pink)'s screen resolution is 176 x 220 pixels.


The phone runs on the Other operating system (OS).

VGA (640 x 480)
You can take photos or capture video with the phone's onboard VGA (640 x 480) camera. There's no secondary front camera.
5 MB

Internal memory is 5 MB. No external card slot is available for expansion.


The phone is powered by a Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery. Motorola's performance ratings are 10.5 days standby time, 400 minutes talk time.

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Reviews (6.7/10 Avg. rating)

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Great phone

(7 years ago)

I've had this phone for 2 and a half years, and i like it a lot. Mine broke twice in the 1st year while it was still under warinty, and both times they gave me a new phone but since then it has worked wonderfully. i like the buttons because my fingers just slide over them as i am texting, and they a... More


Uh, no!

(7 years ago)

I own one, and its okay for talking, but I text more, and this ohones keys are too small! Its magnets are cool at first, but then they just get annoying! It has horrible reception, I can barely get reception in my own house let alone down my street. The top screen is now crooked from opening it, and... More



(8 years ago)

Good Reception, Excellent camera, nice loud ring, Button on side sometimes cancels ring if you have a bunch on junk in you pocket



from Yahoo (8 years ago)

Pro: none Con: EVERYTHING it breaks all the time. i had to send mine back to tmobile 6 times and they were all broken!



from Amazon (8 years ago)

This has to be the absolute worst phone in the world. Menus suck, reception is lousy, it has problems with bluetooth signal quality and is constantly telling me to switch to the handset, the battery life is good for about an hour or two at most of talking, the keypad is hard to use because the dire... More


Impractical and buggy

(8 years ago)

While the PEBL is definitely the most stylish phone out there and I do appreciate its design and feel, I've had big problems with it. I've had it about eight months and all along there have been weird things, like entries in my phone book randomly disappearing (!) and the ringer often not working.... More



(8 years ago)

Pro: For the most part it is a good phone, but i find i get alot of dropped calls and for the first month the ringer didn't work and I missed alot of calls. I enjoy the cute design and the easy flip mechanism, but it is still slow in scrolling, sending messages, etc.


Sleek and stylish, but missing a feature or two

from Amazon (8 years ago)

Got this phone to replace a V551 (also Motorola) Pro's looks good easy to hold cool in general stays in pocket better than the boxy razr or krazr, and doesn't "poke" you with its corners or antenna scratches less easily b/c of rubberized coating has a "name dial' voice activiated dial function that... More


nothing but trouble so far

(9 years ago)

I've had mine for about 5 weeks and have had nothing but trouble. First the ringer often won't work resulting in a lot of missed calls (I have it set at 'vibrate then ring' set at maximum volume). Then the bluetooth wouldn't work. Then when answering or making a call I couldn't hear the caller or be... More


For better or worse, it's a Motorola...

from Amazon (9 years ago)

I have to admit I like Motorola's phone designs. The PEBL has a very solid feel to it, and I really like its whole magnetic opening/closing mechanism. Unfortunately, the software running on Motorola's phones has always been pretty weak, and the PEBL software doesn't offer any noticeable improvemen... More


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