LG Reveal

Available at: Bell, SaskTel

7.0/10 AVG.
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Specs summary


The LG Reveal's screen is 2.4 inches with 320 x 240 pixels resolution.


The phone runs on the Other operating system (OS).

2+ MP
You can take photos or capture video with the phone's onboard 2+ megapixel camera. There's no secondary front camera.

Internal memory is Unknown. An external, MicroSD (up to 8 GB) expansion slot is available for increased storage capacity.


The phone is powered by a Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery. LG's performance ratings are 5.5 days standby time, 150 minutes talk time.

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Lg Ke970 Pink Shine Unlocked GSM Phone

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  • Condition: New
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Contract: No

Lg Ke970 Pink Shine Unlocked GSM Phone

from Amazon Merchant

  • Condition: Used
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Contract: No


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Reviews (7/10 Avg. rating)

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Really Annoying.

(4 years ago)

I've had this phone 2 WEEKS and I hate it with a passion already. A few nice things: 1. You can have up to 600 contacts. 2. The 2 mega pixel camera is very good. 3. You only need to charge it every 2-3 days. Now, unfortunately, the good things don't balance out the bad things. Bad things: 1. Even if... More


i dont really like this phone becuase its to touchy..

(4 years ago)

Sometimes out of no where the phone will turn off on its on. The screen will fall off (mine did). On the other hand..the phone will stay charged for up to 3 days. The internet is fast. It has great storgae.



(4 years ago)

I got this phone just last year and since then it has went down twice ! here is what it sucks so bad!!! 1:went down twice for no reason 2. always says failure to send msg 3. the w on my key bored never worked! so i have to always put 2 v`s togeather vv how stupid is that 4. cell servace sucks so ba... More


love it

(4 years ago)

I've had this phone for 2 and a half years and still adore it! Personally, i never had any troubles with "phantom internet surfing" .. ever. And i never had any pocket pictures either. I think the quality is great, and i'm a super fast texter and this phone has always been great for me. Sometimes it... More


Don't be fooled by appearances!

(5 years ago)

I've had this phone for almost 2 years and I have hated it since the 2nd day! I tried to return it, but Bell wouldn't take it back because I had used 15 min and 20 sec of talk time, and their limit is 15 min for returns! I bought the phone because it was super girly and came in purple. Unfortunatly... More


Good texting phone

(5 years ago)

I've had this phone for about 6 months. I love texting with it, the only thing i dont like is having to flip it open because i text a lot. and its a little slow to keep up with my texting. liked the shape because i could text with one hand. not excellent but good picture quality. For what i paid f... More


Great Phone

(5 years ago)

I got this phone 3 months ago for very cheap on ebay, thinking i just needed a replacment phone as i had lost my old one, once i read the reviews i thought oh no whats this phone going to do. But i've only had minor problems some times it freezes if i shut down the internet to fast. I've had people... More


Awful phone! Surfs the Net By Itself

(5 years ago)

This phone is a real dud! I've had it for over a year and it's been nothing but trouble. Two months after purchasing the phone, it started surfing the internet on its own - every hour on the hour for about 30-60 seconds. When I called Bell, they were very rude and told me that I would have to pay fo... More


Good Phone Crappy Service

(5 years ago)

The L G Reveal is a good phone. My wife and I both have one.I like the idea of the sd slot and the music player really cranks out. Texting is good the keyboard is very functional. One of the downfalls is the phone should have a sim card so you can get away from Bell. I think Bells service really suc... More



(5 years ago)

My previous phone crapped out on me so I went and got this a bit sooner than I was ready. Instead of paying the full price, I think I got it for about $180 and I locked in for another 3 years with Hell... I mean Bell. That was back in May 2009, it's now August 2010, which means out of warranty.Now i... More


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