INQ Chat 3G

Available at: Koodo Mobile, Telus

3.8/10 AVG.
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The INQ Chat 3G mimics an impressive amount of all the features of a true smartphone.

- Ben Sillis , Electricpig 

Specs summary


The INQ Chat 3G's screen is 2.8 inches with 320 x 240 pixels resolution.


The phone runs on the Brew Mobile Platform 4.0 operating system (OS).

3+ MP
You can take photos or capture video with the phone's onboard 3+ megapixel camera. There's no secondary front camera.
100 MB

Internal memory is 100 MB. An external, MicroSD (up to 4 GB) expansion slot is available for increased storage capacity.


The phone is powered by a 1150 mAh Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery. INQ's performance ratings are 15 days standby time, 540 minutes talk time.

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inq chat 3g unlocked

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  • Contract: No
  • Located in: USA


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Reviews (3.8/10 Avg. rating)

The INQ Chat 3G is being billed as “Canada’s Ultimate Social Phone”

from Mobile Syrup (5 years ago)

Overall, this device is an entry level QWERTY that’s perfect for messaging and keeping connected. Sometimes while in use I felt the phone lagged a bit and was responding slow. It’s available at TELUS but if you have $80 I would splurge get the HTC Desire instead. However it’s a... More

It's worth considering If you're looking for an inexpensive phone for social networking

from Tracy and Matt (5 years ago)

If you are looking for an inexpensive phone for chatting to your friends on Facbook, Twitter, MSN or Skype then the INQ Chat 3G may well be worth considering.If, however, you want a phone that can do a bit more on the internet and do more than just the odd bit of web browsing then there are devices... More

The sheer amount of things it can do is astounding

from TechRadar (6 years ago)

Overall the INQ Chat 3G is a real Jekyll and Hyde phone. On the one hand, the sheer amount of things it can do is astounding - Facebook, Twitter, Skype et al, and all for under £100. And it functions as a modem to boot - something we really like.However, it's just so slow and pokey sometimes t... More


Surprisingly stylish for an inexpensive phone

from Cnet (6 years ago)

The INQ Chat 3G is surprisingly stylish for an inexpensive phone, and its Qwerty keyboard and simple user interface make it a doddle to use. But it's up against some stiff competition from the similar-looking BlackBerry Curve 8520, and, apart from its handy social-networking apps, it has few feature... More


A perfectly adequate device for general messaging and phone use

from TrustedReviews (6 years ago)

The cheap and colourful INQ Chat 3G is a perfectly adequate device for general messaging and phone use with an impressive keyboard and decent call quality. But the budget phone's 2.4in screen only has a resolution of 320 x 240 and its operating system is generally slow so not the best device for web... More


Shockingly good value

from Electricpig (6 years ago)

For next to nothing, the INQ Chat 3G mimics an impressive amount of all the features of a true smartphone. If you’ve got reception, you’d be mad to skip this for any Samsung or LG messaging dumbphone.


A phone that will get you connected quickly and cheaply

from Pocket-lint (6 years ago)

No, this isn't the Apple iPhone or the HTC Hero, it's not trying to be that. This is a phone that will get you connected quickly and cheaply. If that sounds like what you are after, then this is worth a look.


Quite possibly the worst phone created.

(3 years ago)

The main problem is its speed. It lags terribly, from startup and all the way to when it is fully functioning. Popups, menus and the like are all delayed from when you actually select them. The phone saves texts, and has a cap of 500. It is frustrating to have to delete a bucketload of messages (o... More


Crap phone really crap

(3 years ago)

I can't believe how crappy this phone is. Keyboard is useless, when typing odd letter just pop up like hit the "I" and it will type a "Q"or some other letter. If you have the haptic feedback on sometimes it will continue to vibrate. more times than not it will just freeze up and you need to remove... More


Crap quality!

(3 years ago)

We have had our INQ chat phone for just under a year. My husband was talking to me when the phone suddenly cut out. Then, the screen was black and nothing happened. We took it back to Telus to get fixed and the company came back and said that it wasn't fixable and it was our fault, but they want... More


Not even worth a rating

(4 years ago)

Im only on here to let people know that if you buy this phone you will regret long before your plan is over! it definitely is not even worth 0/10. this phone takes soo long to turn on, it freezes when you type too fast ( then turns off ), and if you bump it on the top of the phone it shuts off as w... More


i love this phone..BUT

(4 years ago)

The life on the battey is driving me crazy,there is just no life span on it.. I call Koodo they gave me a new one and i still have the same problem.. This dam battery is no good..


I hate this phone...

(4 years ago)

I hate this phone.. My inbox text message time is off by three hours .. I can't change it.. sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't ..


i have a inQ cell how do you erase ur text msgs

(4 years ago)

heo do you erase ur text msgs


Worst. Phone. Ever.

(5 years ago)

I purchased this phone through Telus, and it's the worst phone I've ever seen/used in my life... The phone lags and has a short battery life, which makes it very frustrating.


Don't get this phone.

(5 years ago)

This is the worst phone I have ever had. I am a patient person, but this phone lags at insane amounts, and especially when I need to text someone quickly or snap a picture in the moment. The camera quality is terrible, and like I said, it's slow and lags. Veeery slow. I highly recommend not getting... More


I Advise Avoiding This Phone

(5 years ago)

This phone has a significant software problem when sending SMS text messages on the Telus network. I live in BC-- despite the phone's clock being set properly to correct local time (Pacific Time Zone), text messages are time stamped three hours ahead (i.e. Toronto time). Two different models of th... More


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