zoshab 4 years ago

How much is the security deposit for Koodo Mobile phones?

what is the usual security deposit amount for the Koodo Mobile phones?


  • If you want to get service with Koodo, no security deposit is required. In order to be a Koodo customer you need to be of legal age. If it is not the case, an adult can open the account (account responsible) and you can appear as a subscriber. You can activate the phone and perform the credit check at a Koodo Kiosk/Retail partner:

    You will need to provide:
    • Full legal name
    • Current address (If less than 2 years at the present address, previous address is also required)
    • Contact phone numbers
    • Date of birth
    • Photo identification if activating at a retailer or kiosk

    Plus any two of the following:
    • Permanent/Temporary Canadian Social Insurance Number (optional, but preferred)
    • Canadian major credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express)
    • Canadian Driver's license

    Once you have a Koodo phone, you can activate it directly from the Koodo kiosk or the activating retail partners. Here are Koodo's activating retail partners: Best Buy, Cellular Point, Dumoulin, Future Shop, London Drugs, and Wal-Mart.

  • mbk 4 years ago

    what i dont have a good credit can i be with koodo?...and wat is the procedures

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